Mega Investor Kyle Bass Thinks Negative Interest Rates Aren’t Working In Japan


Japan has the fifth largest economy in the world, and according to hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, Japan needs to use unconventional tactics to get their economy moving again. The Japanese economy has been in a slump for at least the last ten years. The Bank of Japan has tried to stimulate the economy using quantitative easing, which lowered the value of the yen. There are several issues that have created an economic downturn in Japan, according to Bass. The first issue is Japanese companies are moving production offshore to lower cost countries, or they are moving manufacturing facilities to markets that sell their products like Toyota and Nissan did in the United States. Bass also said Japanese electronics are not as competitive on the world market as they have been in the past, plus Japan’s agriculture industry is outdated and must be modernized.



Kyle Bass bet that the Japanese yen would lose its value against the dollar, and he won that bet. He believes the Bank of Japan will have to try some radical, unconventional methods to get the economy moving again. But what those radical, unconventional methods are is not clear. Being clear is something that gets lost in a conversation with Kyle Bass. Bass has a tendency to talk in numbers that can be confusing to people that don’t invest on a daily basis. Bass is also having a difficult time producing the kind of returns his Hayman Capital Management hedge fund produced before 2014. The last two years have been disappointing years for Hayman Capital partners, and Bass is trying to pull out of his self-created nosedive by betting on risky ventures.



When Kyle Bass and Hayman Capital’s investment record is analyzed by UsefulStooges, it’s safe to say that Bass has made some enemies over the last eight years. The General Motors ignition and steering mechanism debacles created some ill will when Kyle Bass defended the GM rather than the victims. Pharmaceutical companies are mumbling his name in a not so nice way for shorting drug stocks using inside information. And Chris Kyles widow isn’t happy with her relationship with Hayman Capital either.

Vlogger Tries On 24 Shades of Lime Crime’s Velvetines

Lime Crime makeup, created by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, has made a name for itself with its wide array of amazing cosmetics that come in a huge range of fabulous colors. Beauty blogger Celia Leslie recently posted a youtube video devoted solely to lovely Ms. Leslie trying on all of Lime Crime’s Velvetines’ Lip Colors, to show off the truly amazing range of colors this “liquid to matte” lipstick comes in.

This highly watchable video is amazing in the depth of colors Ms. Leslie is able to showcase on her amazingly large and beautiful lips. The colors in this innovative lip color line are nothing short of stunning, from Teddy Bear Lilac to Deep Cranberry Red, Wicked Deep Red, Fetish Plum, Trouble Olive, and many more metallic superfoils. All of these colors look truly lovely on this beautiful model, with lips that make for a perfect lipstick palette.

The Velvetines’ Lip color line has been a huge success story for the Lime Crime brand. It’s one of the brand’s top selling products, and beyond the incredible range of colors available from Velvetines, this lip color also has the advantage of drying to a matte finish that doesn’t crumble. This gorgeous lip color is also certified 100 percent vegan, which is a quality that Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere is rightly proud of.

Deere created the Velvetines’ lip color in a lab, working closely with a dedicated chemist. The result has been a top-selling lip color that has also spawned many imitators. The truth, however, is the Velvetines is the very first lip color to go on liquid and then set to a matte finish. Take a look at the incredible color choices available on UrbanOutfitters, and then explore all that this beautiful lip color has to offer.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Roadmap for Making Your Millions from Every Market Crash

Whenever you hear someone praying for a market crash, do not jump into the conclusion that the fellow is foolish because many sudden millionaires emerged during hard times. Jim Hunt gives us a clue to this fabulous idea.

Jim Hunt is a VTA Publications advisor. He recently launched a strategy built around falling stock market through which anyone can make millions overnight which he tagged as “Wealth Wave”. He liken the whole idea to being on a surfer and looking out for the perfect timing to catch oncoming wave and riding all the way to success.

In this game, timing is everything. Spotting the exact time the downward wave occurs gives you the advantage. Jim emphasized the fact that no dine leaves the circulation even during period of market crashes, the money only find their way into the hands of few individuals or somewhere few people know about.

Jim Hunt seems to hold people hands through the entire process sometimes via email or phone. It does not matter if you are new to the stock market. When you are through with the DVD training videos and series of webinars, you will have no problem making you millions and even training others to do same.

You can be one of the smart investors using proven signals from Jim Hunt that have been tried and tested over time for decoding when money is teetering on market edge and about to nose-dive. For more information, visit

About VTA Publications:

VTA Publications has been in the business of dishing out up-to-date information for years. Visitors to the sites consistently benefit from inputs of skill professionals like Jim Hunt who teach people how to make good money by anticipating the perfect time to trade in the stock market.

Don’t Miss Out The Opportunity To Save For College

Parents are frustrated with the rising cost of college tuition because they can remember a time when college was more affordable. Students are finding themselves knee deep in debt and they aren’t sure if college is a solution when they graduate high school. They can’t pay for college without saving options and those are very hard to come by. However, in a recent PRN News article NexBank the fastest growing online bank account in the industry has recent merged with College Savings Bank based in New Jersey to continue bringing college students and parents at least 568+ college savings options to choose from.

NexBank is the leader in online banking services and are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They proudly serve their customers locally and offer them a reasonably affordable online banking option that gives you all the privileges of a land based bank. You’ll avoid the Friday check cashing lines and the expense of having to commute to a bank to deposit money. There are a number of ways that you can save your money, save for college expenses, and earn interest on your money in savings. NexBank is the superior banking choices for millions of customers worldwide.

NexBank Features Available To Customers Online

– IRA accounts
– Free deposit
– Direct deposit
– Mortgage accounts
and much more….

Finding a new vehicle can be hard enough, but finding a reliable method to finance your dreams of a new car can be even more difficult. There is a number of methods that will allow you to finance a new car with NexBank. They offer their customers flexibility and the option of having low monthly down payments. You’re invited to visit the official NexBank website for more details on how to save money and get the benefits that allow you to maximize your money too.

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Behind every whispered story, some piece of information is right, no matter how small it may seem. Rumors had it that Soros had financed the Blacks Lives Matter movement. Such a rumor had an adamant basis and could not just come from someone who did not understand the character of Soros. Rumors are just a series of words uttered and in that case an eavesdropper will only hear a part of and because they have no courage of confirming what they heard from who said, they pass the information as received to others. People’s belief in Soros’ capability to fund the movement was due to their view of him as a humane, caring man concerned with the well-being of others.

Being a survivor of the world war, George Soros was able to do what other people could not and rather perceive as impossible. He dedicated his efforts towards improvement of the quality of life for the financially unstable and ensured that justice was served. He participated towards the promotion of unity among communities through the exchange of culture between the blacks and the Westerners.

George Soros perceived there was a need to educate the masses, hence the establishment of the university. The education was meant to sharpen their wits hence would become less independent of their country for assistance and rather be resourceful. He worked towards the fulfillment of dreams by providing school fees for the promising students. It was meant to improve the morale of citizens from poor areas, hence would fully exploit their potential educationally.

Read more:
The Daily Beast

New Europe

Soros is greatly concerned about the globe, and he is therefore contributed to its prosperity through writing books and essays. His books cover issues currently happening in the nation and will, therefore, provide guidance information for the current leaders at His expertise is based on open markets, globalization, politics, economy and philanthropy.

He has continued to promote the development of the nation compassionately. George Soros’ articles make the top headlines in the most famous global magazines as his information is up-to-date. There is the promotion of transparency because his ideas are stated in a clear and concise manner with no hidden crucial information. He has therefore become a success to his nation and to the world as a whole where his ideas are used to shape the countries.

How Jose Manuel Gonzalez is Redefining Venezuelan Geopolitics

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has emerged as one of the most outspoken Venezuelan public figures. He is also a successful agricultural entrepreneur, and a deputy in the South American country’s National Assembly. He represents Guárico State. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez recently shared his views on why agriculture and politics are complementary to each other. His insightful views clearly portray why he is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable Venezuelan statesmen.

According to Mr. Gonzalez, Venezuela’s agricultural sector has stagnated. The country’s production has slowed down, a situation that denies it the much needed foreign exchange. Lack of foreign exchange has in turn relegated the country to a roller coaster supply. Little progress can be achieved in such a situation since no imports can be made to boost the sector. Poor management of government agencies mandated with overseeing the sector is condemning farmers to poverty every day. The distorted nature of foreign exchange rates is hurting the sector all the more since its agricultural output is sold at throwaway prices in the international market.

Gonzalez points out that the political elite have resorted to bickering instead of hitting the ground running to solve issues that face the country. The country is currently run by a fragile coalition government, which is bedeviled with red tape bureaucracy. This makes it quite difficult for leaders to consult and come up with measures that will revive the sector. Insecurity also remains a matter of serious concern in Venezuela. Up to ten kidnapping are reported on a weekly basis, something that exemplifies the precarious security situation. Gonzalez asserts that the government needs to stamp its authority, and deal with such issues to avoid economic ruin.

Jose Manuel’s Résumé

Mr. Gonzalez created a niche for himself by being a successful farmer. His popularity has seen him serve as the president of FEDECAMARAS. He is also renowned for standing up to government policies that affect farmers in the South American country, majority of whom live below the poverty line. At the national assembly, he has distinguished himself for being savvy, and for having an exceptional ability to articulate issues. His forthright nature has made him the de facto leader of small scale farmers in the country.

The Success Story of Jennifer Walden

Recently, one of the best female plastic surgeons was featured in Harper’s Magazine as one of the best 24 beauty surgeons in the world. She acknowledged her success to the effort she put throughout the years. Her success story began in Austin, a small town in Texas where she studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Unlike many other plastic surgeons, Walden exclusively focused on specific parts such as breasts, face-lifts and nose jobs since the time she was in school. In addition, she’s among the few 180 of the women who decided to join American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, life wasn’t as easy as it sounds for her.

Most may argue that Jennifer Walden love for surgery was as a result of her parents. Her dad was a dentist and her mother was a surgeon. In her early years in school, she began to get interested in science and ultimately graduated with a degree in Biology. Her successful completion allowed her to join a Manhattan hospital that dealt with surgery where she worked for seven years. This allowed her to get enough exposure and expertise in the field which became a crucial aspect in building her own cosmetic surgery hospital.

This experience allowed her to be elected as one of the Board of Directors in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With time, she was able to own her own business in Cosmetic Surgery where she employed a competent team who have always ensure that only the best service is offered.


Learn more about Jennifer Walden:

The Rise of Athletic Wear with Don Ressler

Over the past few years, women’s apparel has been booming. More females than ever before are interested in playing sports. There are a lot of people who are thinking about buying top of the line clothing to help support their athletic needs. Don Ressler is a leading figure in this industry. As the CEO of companies like Just Fab, he knows what it takes to connect with the core customer. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who will join the ranks of starting a business in this industry. Don Ressler knows the tip and tricks needed to take that to the next level.

Starting an Apparel Business

There are a lot of people who are interested in starting their own clothing business. Although it seems simple, there are really a lot more things to consider than many people realize. A business requires capital on the front end. In addition, a lot of times the business will not be profitable for the first few years. If business owners do not have another source of income, they will have trouble surviving on just the income from the business. This is something that many people learn the hard way when starting out. See:

Don Ressler

During the course of his career, Don Ressler has been able to make a huge impact in the fashion industry. There are many people who do not understand how he has been able to achieve such high levels of success. He is always passionate about his work, and he works very hard to make sure that all of his goals are accomplished. Don Ressler is an inspiration to anyone who is working in the industry to start up an empire.

With his great work ethic, Don Ressler has been able to take several companies to the next level. Scaling up a business is not as easy as many people think. Instead of borrowing money to enhance growth, he has always focused on making sure the customer is satisfied with the product or service that is offered. This is a formula that has worked really well for him and his companies in the past. Anyone who is interested in starting up a high-tech clothing company should look at the great results that he has in this business. In a short time, he is now one of the most influential people in the industry, and this influence will only grow in the future.

Malini Saba: The Path to Greatness

A self-made billionaire, Malini Saba, is a unique business woman and philanthropist who was born in Malaysia. With only $200 in her pocket, she moved to the United States at the age of 19. She received valuable insight into the investment world by attending lectures at Stanford University and sneaking into business gatherings to pick the brains of investment bankers.

Unable to get into a venture capital group, she founded Saban in 1990. The company has a diversified portfolio that includes technology, real estate, oil and gas companies in the United States, Australia, and China.

Malini is a forward thinker and a risk-taker. When most people were backing away from real estate, she invested in it. “I have always looked at market trends and done the opposite. I look at where the world will be 3-5 years out based on what we are doing now,” she said. Throughout the 90s, Malini invested in more than 20 Silicon Valley technology companies, including PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Inc., and Sycamore Networks, Inc.

Later, she founded the non-profit organization, Stree, which has donated millions of dollars to help low-income women and at-risk children imagine themselves as contributing members of society. Recognized by Queen Noor of Jordan and the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Stree, provides healthcare access, educational opportunities, and legal services. Additionally, the organization holds seminars to assist grassroots groups with public policy campaigns in Africa, India, Eastern Europe and Central America.

After seeing first-hand the damage caused by the 2004 Tsunami, Malini vowed to give $10 million to the victims in India and Sri Lanka. In 2005, she donated $1 million to El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA to form the Heart Research Center for South Asians. It is the first hospital in existence to address heart disease and diabetes from a cultural perspective for the descendants of those from the southern region of Asia.

Malini Saba has had to move a few obstacles out of her way as she became successful. However, she says, she doesn’t believe in walking away from a fight. She once engaged in a 4-year legal battle to win back a piece of land that caused her company to close some of its mines. As she recalls Steve Jobs, she said, “He was a fighter. He stood his ground on what he believed in. He used all hurdles to his success. It takes a lot of self-belief and vision to be on that path.”

How Forefront Capital Makes Money For The Middle Class

When Brad Reifler’s father-in-law turned eighty, he requested that Reifler would invest his life savings for him. What shocked Reifler, though, was that his father-in-law, who was not part of the top one percent in wealth and considered a non-accredited investor, had very few options in investing his money. Due to this, Reifler sought out to find an option for the rest of the ninety-nine percent to invest in. From there, he founded Forefront Capital, a company based on investment plans for non-accredited investors.

Though standards for accredited investors had been designed to protect shareholders, the thirty year old rules have become outdated and ignore how the public has become more knowledgeable about the stock market. The Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Advisory Committee has recommended significant updates for these standards, but until action is taken the public can be sure they have an investment option with Forefront Capital.

Reifler’s Forefront Income Trust company is directed as an investment option for the middle class. The fund requires a minimum of only two thousand and five hundred dollars. In addition, clients can be assured their overall portfolios will be well diversified since the products are not correlated with the stock market.

Though no investment can be guaranteed risk-free, Reifler works hard to reduce any risk. His team sculpts paths to reduce the risk that would normally be involved with higher return investments. Along with this, an experienced group of professionals help to maneuver as much risk as possible from these investments.

In respect to commission, Reifler was quoted saying, “unlike Wall Street that makes money regardless if the client’s investments are successful or not, we don’t make any money until our clients make an 8 percent return.” He then added, “we want to be a firm for the people.”

In all, Reifler’s Forefront Capital is a company designed to cater to investors of the middle class. Reifler works hard to supply options for non-accredited investors while reducing risk using a team of professionals. The company design was made for the people.  Brad’s official website has more information.