The changes being effected at Innovacare top leadership

Health is usually one of the main challenges in the countries that haven’t fully developed. The lack of proper managed healthcare services was one of the major issues in Puerto Rico in the past. However, things seem to be changing and the latest improvement has been the introduction of companies like Innovacare to offer managed healthcare. The company has been operating in the country for a number of years now and they are now considering taking their services global as a result of the success they have experienced so far. In a bid to improve the delivery of their services, the top management team was changed and the new appointees included Richard Shinto for the CEO position and Penelope Kokkinides for chief administrative officer position.

Richard Shinto

Richard was appointed to the post of CEO in 2012. He has been managing the company for the past five years and during this time, he has come up with changes in policy that have helped improve the profile of the company as a caregiver. Before he started working with Innovacare, he was engaged with Aventa Medicare Group, also as the CEO. He also worked with a number of other Medicare and Medicaid companies. Richard is a graduate of the New York State University, where he studied medicine. In addition to his great leadership qualities, Shinto is also a great scholar in medicine and has written several papers on clinical medicine. He is the perfect man for the position.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope took over as the chief administrative officer. Her experience in the field spans many years. For instance, she has worked with government aided Medicare and Medicaid plans. She was once the CEO at Centerlight Limited, which is a startup dealing with the provision of Medicare services. There are other companies that she has worked with, including the United Health Group, the Touchstone Health Group and others. This has given her a wealth of experience when it comes to the provision of Medicare. She is therefore the perfect candidate to take up the chief administrative officer post.View her infographic resume at


The company opened their offices in Puerto Rico in 2012. They had the vision of making a huge difference in the Puerto Rican Health Industry. So far, they have managed to create a provider base of about 7500 people, making them a force to reckon with. The company is laying strategies that will help them go beyond borders and broaden their outlook.

Talk Fusion-Making the World a Better Place

Thanks to over a year of planning and countless hours of work, prospective customers can now get full access to Talk Fusion’s video marketing first-hand. Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing solutions and just launched its 30 day Free Trials that are available in over 140 countries and in nine different languages. Their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is absolutely risk-free for over 30 days. Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is confident that there is no company that comes close to the value that the company provides to their customers. He wants to get Talk Fusion’s products to as many peoples as possible because once they see how effective it is, they will want to buy it.

The benefits of Talk Fusion are available to charities, businesses, and individuals through the easy-to-use When signing up, it will not request any personal or credit card information. A name and email address is all you need and you are set. After the initial sign-up process, Free Trial Users get to explore Video Newsletters, Video Email, Live Meetings, Sign-Up Forms, and the 2016 Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat. These powerful marketing tools will give its user great advantages over the competition. Talk Fusion also offers a comprehensive virtual library with its Free Trials. This library includes limitless easy-to-understand video product tutorials, step-by-step guides, and many helpful tips designed specifically to boost the efficiency of any business.

Talk Fusion has been designed to help businesses grow and to be successful through the use of their video technology. Their innovative products are marketed by independent Associates in over 140 countries, person-to-person. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina, CEO and Founder, and is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Reina is a very strong believer that” with great success comes greater responsibility.” Talk Fusion also has a strong commitment to give back to family, friends, animal charities, and to the community to help endorse a more positive change in the world. Talk Fusion is for anyone wanting to gain an edge on the competition.

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Medicated Lip Balm with a Fruity Twist

EOS lips balms provide unparalleled moisture and smoothness along with refreshing, long lasting flavor. Formulated with all natural ingredients to include shea butter and jojoba oil, this deeply nourishing lip balm glides on silkily without ever feeling heavy or tacky. There’s a flavor to suit every taste, even those needing a little more TLC.

Medicated Tangerine EOS lip balm is the perfect solution for lips that need extra care and attention without having to make a sacrifice on the signature EOS lip balm sweetness. The essence of juicy tangerine couples with a soothing medicated salve to give relief to dry and cracked lips. Never before has a medicated lip balm been available with such mouth-watering, fresh-picked fruit flavor. The Medicated Tangerine EOS lip balm sphere is designed for smooth application, which means all you will feel is comfort when you skim on this revitalizing lip remedy.

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Lips in search of rich moisture and relief can find it just about anywhere. EOS Medicated Tangerine lip balm may be found at several grocery stores such as your local Well and Walmart, department stores, pharmacies, beauty outlets, and online retailers. You can find them in singles as well as multi-packs. Feeling adventurous? Try out the many other flavors of EOS lip balm and find your favorite.


Reasons to Search Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a group that fits the bill for any firm that is seeking highly professional aesthetic specialists. The group has about 80 doctors who have advanced studies in various types of anesthesia. Their broad scope of services includes general anesthetics, pediatric, cardiovascular, obstetric, local, regional and more. A hospital or doctor’s office should have providers with only the highest level of skills on their team. Obtaining services from a group like Capitol Anesthesiology is the productive option for many reasons.




Client Safety and Security

Using seasoned professionals will cut down on anesthesia mishaps and accidents. The facility can remain lawsuit free by working with providers who know what’s best for each client.




Positive Reputation

Any Texas facility that employs a team of professionals is going to see that decision reflected in its feedback from patients. Other medical institutions will most likely follow suit.




Peace of Mind for All

Everyone who uses specialists from Capitol Anesthesia Association@capanesth can experience an inner peace that will flow outward to new patients and clients. That peace will create a positive atmosphere for everyone.



Interested persons can find experts and facilities through a search. Providers are available in all fields of Anesthesiology.

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James Dondero Increases Highland Capital’s Stock Interest in Affiliate Fund


James Dondero, a reputable SEC-registered investment advisor residing in Dallas, TX increased Highland Capital Management’s stake in affiliate fund, NexPoint Credit Strategies. By the end of 2016, the investment advisory firm is managing more than $2 billion in assets for companies, endowments, influential people, financial institutions, and others. Highland Capital and James Dondero are the second largest stakeholders in the fund, reporting $11.7 million in ownership. Morgan Stanley is the largest stakeholder, owning $16.7 million of the fund’s shares. Mr. Dondero is the owner of 3 million shares and NexPoint is the owner of 793,036 shares.



NexPoint Advisors, L.P. is an affiliate of Highland Capital and manages the NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. James Dondero serves as President for NexPoint Advisors and Highland Capital. He co-founded Highland Capital, in 1990, as Protective Life Insurance Corporation which evolved to Protective Asset Management Company, in 1993. An acquisition of Protective Life resulted in the formation of Ranger Asset Management, four years later. Rangers Asset name was changed in 1998 to Highland Capital Management, L.P.



Highland’s SEC filing for the end of 2016 Third Quarter showed the firm acquired 20,286 new shares of NexPoint’s stock. NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund is the top 10 percent of CEFs (Closed End Funds). The fund has two public-traded companies, NexPoint Resident Trust, Inc. and NexPoint Credit Strategies, the end of March 2016. The fund’s portfolio is valued at $600 million and includes over $300 million in net assets. NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund was able to increase its real estate assets through Highland’s affiliates, Highland Real Estate Capital REIT, REITs, and Freedom REIT.



James Dondero is co-founder of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. and serves as Chairman of the Board, since 2015. NexPoint Residential Trust is a public-traded REIT and advised by NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. The company specializes in acquisition, disposition, and asset management of residential assets in Texas and southeast of the country. Mr. Dondero oversees the operations of Highland Capital Management and has ownership interest in all its affiliates, including NexPoint Credit Strategies, NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Capital, and NexPoint Residential Trust. Library for Smart Investors reported NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund had five percent of outstanding common stock the end of 2016 Third Quarter.




OSI Group And Customer Satisfaction

OSI Group is an American organization that provides retail and food enterprises on a universal level. It started in 1909 when a German foreigner opened a family meat place in Illinois. In 1917, his business was extended to the meat business and was now known as Otto and Sons in 1928. Following a very long while, the organization had built up as a quality neighborhood business.

McDonald’s was opened in 1955, picked Otto and Sons as its first provider of hamburger patties. The CEO and the children of Otto and Sons developed a stable relationship throughout the years, and in a couple of years taking after their arrangement, McDonald’s got to be Otto and Sons principle business.

In 1973, flying high on their prosperity, Otto and Sons opened its first broad-scale meat plant. They also framed a different unit, called Glenmark. Glenmark was the place they dealt with non-McDonald’s business. There they took care of little neighborhood ventures such as providing nearby eateries and grocery stores.

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In 1975, the firm changed its name to OSI Industries and filled in as McDonald’s particular provider as McDonald’s developed in its size and riches. As McDonald’s developed a geographic level, OSI Group established with them.

In 1999, OSI gave Best Chicago Meat Co. the permit to utilize the Glenmark. In 2011, Glenmark was ultimately gained by Best Chicago Meat. Around the same time, OSI Group was named 136th biggest privately owned business on a rundown made by Forbes. It had an income of $3 billion. In 2016, OSI Group was named #58 on a similar review, with income of $6.1 billion.

To the extent their customers are concerned, OSI goes well beyond. They will make custom items and go past the nuts and bolts on each request and desire. OSI Group are known as one of the world’s debut inventory network administrators because of their purchasing power on a worldwide scale and the long-standing connections they hold with the best providers in the business.

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A Look At The Philanthropy Of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a noted philanthropist in the United States, in particular for educational, cultural, and artistic causes. She is also the co-founder and Chairwoman of The Windquest Group which invests in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. She is married to Dick DeVos and together they created a charitable foundation called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Betsy and Dick founded The Windquest Group in 1989. Among their clean energy ventures is one called The Green Machine which converts heat that would otherwise be wasted during the manufacturing of products to instead be turned into electricity. The company looks at sustainability through the lens of economic viability. If a venture is not economically viable, due to such factors as being too reliant on subsidies or tax credits, then it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run.

Among the recipients of donations by the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ( is the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, of which Betsy DeVos is a former member of the Board of Directors. The focus of their donation to the center was to train the next generation of managers and board directors in the art field to learn how to fundraise and manage the organizations they would be leading. Another art-related project that they have given to is ArtPrize which hold an annual international art competition.

The family’s foundation has supported a wide range of educational opportunities for young people. They award students working to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration at Northwood University through the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The Foundation For Excellence in Education which is a think tank in Florida that is focused on educational reform is where Betsy also serves on the board.

In her home state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a tuition-free school the Devos’ founded where high school age children across the area can learn the skills needed to one day enter the field of aviation. The academy, opened in 2010, is located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. The academy has experienced rapid growth and can now teach up to 500 students each year. In addition to teaching kids the skills they need they also teach them character values such as respect and trust. The rigorous educational standards that the academy holds to prepares the students for success in life and career. Visit Betsy’s website here:

2017 Guide to Magnises Membership Benefits

Life in the big Apple has never been easy for newcomers to thrive in without any social connections. A man with an entrepreneurial spirit was well aware of this problem and came up with a turnkey solution. His name is Billy McFarland and this article will describe more about him and his company. #. (McFarland’s Background) Billy McFarland was born in the big apple, a place that is known for producing successful entrepreneurs. Before he turned 16 he started an online sourcing company that connected designers with customers. He spent a few years at Bucknell University, but dropped out to pursue an even bigger dream. In 2013 Billy founded Magnises and a special type of card the next year after. #. (Magnesis Membership Benefits) Magnesis is a service aimed at integrating millennials. Members get to enjoy a variety of benefits that make life in the city much more pleasurable. For example, they can get access to two of New York City’s best clubs six nights per week. Entrance is effortless and free of any additional fees at the door. Club pass members can bring guest for additional fees and get discounts on helicopter trips to the Hamptons. #. (Lifestyle) this article would not be complete without including the lifestyle that members enjoy.  Click here for more details. With a membership a person can visit the one of the best bars, restaurants or private concerts in the city. Rubbing shoulders with the elite is typical amongst members. An app has just been launched to help members find activities and deals. #. (Summary) Many newcomers find the New York lifestyle difficult to adjust to unfortunately. However, that is slowly changing as Billy McFarland’s company Magnises provides millennials with a fun community, luxurious lifestyle and discounts for affordable membership fees. Visit website for more information.

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Securus Technologies – Building Technology That Saves Lives

Securus Technologies’ contributions in the field of civil, crime and crime prevention segment have been tremendous. The applications and products of the company help in the field of corrections, public safety, investigation, crime prevention, and monitoring. As the crime rate is increasing across the globe, especially in the underdeveloped countries and even underprivileged regions of developed countries, I personally feel that the technology can help in promoting better security and ensure that the criminals know that they are being tracked, watched and monitored, so that they think twice before committing any crime.



And, this is the kind of technology that Securus Technologies offer, which serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, police and public safety agencies. The technology offered by the company also serves over 1,200,000 inmates spanning across North America. As the company recently took out a stream of comments that its customers sent them, I went through them and felt much safer already. The technology offered by Securus, which has received an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), helps in putting criminals behind bars by providing justice system with sufficient evidence against them. It helps the public safety agencies to prevent crime in many different ways, which includes monitoring and surveillance.



Few of the services offered by Securus Technologies include biometric analysis, information management, public information, emergency response, monitoring services, surveillance systems, communication, incident management, and so on. When I was in incarceration a couple of years back, I have personally experienced how technology helps in keeping things in order and ensure safety even within the jail, which has the potential to be dangerous, even for the most seasoned criminals.



The rate of inmate-on-inmate crimes has dropped effectively with the help of technologies provided by Securus. The company is very transparent about what it does and is confident about its products and services. This is why it has also given an open invitation to investors and potential clients to visits its technology center in Dallas, Texas for a presentation.


Thor Halvorssen Sets His Sight On North Korea

Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his lie to fighting oppressive dictators around the globe and standing up for the human rights. As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), he has now set his sights on North Korea.

The ironically named Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been ruled by the Kim family for more than 70 years. Currently, the country is under the despotic rule of Kim Jong Un and has suffered through one of the worst famines in history.

Halvorssen and HRF are doing their part to draw more attention to the atrocities that are taking place and to empower the citizens as much as they can. Along with groups of Korean defectors, he has conducted “hackathons” in the country for some time now.

These groups, with the help of Halvorssen, have come up with ingenious ways to smuggle clandestine products and information into the country. These efforts include using giant slingshots to fire contraband over a river from China.

When the Hermit Kingdom expressed its disapproval of the film The Interview and launched a cyber attack on Sony Pictures, it was Thor Halvorssen and the HRF who launched a “Hack Them Back” protest that they hoped would raise one million dollars that they would give to defector groups who are on the front lines in fighting the repressive Kim government.

Thor Halvorssen grew up in an activist household. His parents were both anti-Chavez activists in Venezuela, where Halvorssen was born. His father spent time in prison after exposing government corruption and his mother was shot during an anti-Chaves protest.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 and has at is sole purpose the protection of human rights for all citizens across the globe, with a focus on closed societies like North Korea. Halvorssen and company will continue the fight against Kim Jong Un and other tyrants until they are relegated to the dustbin of history.