The Controversy of Rebel Wilson’s Name and Age

Is it really that big of deal of shave years off your age, and reinvent your history to be successful in Hollywood? Apparently, Yes, you do need to fudge your life story in order to move ahead.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has become a source of controversy over her name, age, and a lot of her background story.

Wilson is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, but recently a former schoolmate outed her real age and name, which precipitated journalists to dig a little deeper.

Although the actress claimed her real name was Rebel, turns out her birth name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Did she lie about her name? Depends on how you look at it. People change their name all the time and when they do, they consider their new moniker the real name.

Business records were searched in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission that record Rebel’s birthdate as March 2, 1980, not not February 3, 1986 as claimed by Wilson.

InsiderMonkey even said that’s not so shocking, since many celebrities typically change their birthdate to appear younger.

Wilson has also claimed that she grew up an Australian ghetto, when in fact, she lived in Castle Hill, a upper class area of Australia, and attended Tara Anglican School, which is even more privileged than you think.

In recent days, Wilson has done her best to nonchalantly cover up this controversy with her comedy, but the tabloids won’t let it go. Headlines that yell out “Old As Hell” certainly explain why a celebrity would shave a few years off their age.

If you’ve seen Rebel Wilson in Pitch 1 or 2, and enjoyed her comedy, does her name, age, and background really matter?

Beneful Reigns Among the Competition

What Beneful has done for dog food these days is simply phenomenal. There are not any other brands that offer this same type of variety. That is why I have become a huge fan of this Beneful brand of dog food. I have tried the others, and I would never go back to these others brands. Beneful offers both wet and dry dog foods so it works well for the various dogs that I have at my home.

I can truly say that Beneful has exposed me to plethora of different dog food treats that I did not even know were available. There are vegetable medleys and other dog food snacks that have peanut butter. There is a diverse amount of food from Beneful that can satisfy the picky dogs without a problem. There are some foods that are made with whole grains. The chicken and tomato with rice, for example, is one of the most popular brands of dog food in my household. I have also have dogs that have longed for the Incredibites dry food. This is some of the best on the market because it is a protein rich food.

There are also some dog foods from Beneful that are great for active dogs. This may be one of the main reasons that I chose to look a little further into this brand. Some of the Beneful brands like the Beneful Playful Dog Food has been carved out for all the dogs that really like to play hard. This is such a wonderful things because I have some dogs that go wild in the back yard. They need the type of food that can provide the energy it takes to run around for long periods.

The creators of the Beneful dog food really have thought of everything when they developed this type of dog food. They didn’t leave anything out. There is dog food available for different activity levels. The brand caters to dry and wet dog food lovers as well. There are even a variety of different ingredients that provide a diverse menu for animals. All of this has given Beneful the edge of all the other competing dog food companies that are out there.

There are other brands on the market, but few of the other dog food brands please my dogs. Beneful is the brand that I can always depend on for my pets.

Nine Dead in Texas Shootout

Law Enforcement in Waco are still trying to figure out what happened during a gunfight between rival motorcycle gangs that left nine people dead and 18 injured at a busy sports bar Sunday afternoon. Amazedly, no bystanders or law enforcement were injured in the melee. Police have arrested between 165 and 175 bikers and charged them with engaging in organized criminal activity.

It is not fully understood why the meeting was taking place at the Twin Peaks Bar & Grill located on the outskirts of Waco. Brian Torchin found it interesting that police knew in advance that motorcycle gangs would be gathering at the restaurant and were stationed outside when the fight began. An argument began over a dispute about parking and quickly escalated as weapons were drawn. The fracas spilled over into the parking lot as gang members opened fire which was returned by the police. Whether the victims were killed by police or by other gang members is yet to be determined.

While officials believe that up to five motorcycle gangs were involved in the shootout, the nine individuals killed during the fight were members of the Banditos and Cossacks motorcycle gangs. This latest episode is part of an ongoing turf war between the two groups there in Texas.Your text to link… Local papers reported that these groups were notorious organized criminal enterprises that made profited from drug dealings, extortion, larceny and violence.

How Social Media is Changing the Way We Socialize

Almost everyone is getting on the social media bandwagon because of the fact that it enables them to keep in touch with family, friends and coworkers from the comforts of home. Social media is also quite popular for the reason that it allows you to put up pictures, videos and other things related to your lifestyle that people can look at and admire. The problem with social media is that it is changing the way that we as a society interact with each other. It’s easier now to send a message on social media to a family member than to call them up or visit them personally. Because of this, there is more of a distance between people than ever before.

For those who rely exclusively on social media to interact with their loved ones, it is important that you find a balance between having fun and staying in touch with actually having a good relationship with that person. That is what Matt Landis recommends. When you find this balance, it is a lot easier for you to enjoy social media and use it for the purpose it was intended for in the first place. While it’s great that social media is connecting people who may not live near to each other, it is also tending to replace the relationships you might have otherwise had if it weren’t for your social media page and using it on a daily basis.

Remembering the King of Blues

A legendary musician, B.B. King, passed away from natural causes at a hospice in Las Vegas late last week at the age of 89. People around the world celebrated his musical contributions. During his career, he produced over 40 albums and sold millions of records, winning Grammy Awards 15 times. His hit songs included “You Know I Love You” and “Woke Up This Morning”.

Born Riley B. King in rural Mississippi in 1925, B.B. King was the son of a sharecropper. He worked on farms for much of early career and was self-taught as a guitar player. He married Martha Lee Denton in 1942. He served in the U. S. Army in 1943 during World War II. Later, he worked as a disc jockey in Memphis, Tennessee. His recording career began in 1949. Three years later, he enjoyed his first popular success with “3 O’Clock Blues.”

His first marriage ended in divorce in 1950. Eight years later, he re-married, this time to Sue Carol Hall. That marriage also eventually ended in divorce in 1966. During his life, he claimed to have fathered 15 children with several different women.

Widely known as the “King of Blues,” B.B. King’s exceptional guitar playing and skill as a blues artist brought him international acclaim. Adam Sender can remember hearing him early in his life. In 1980 he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. He was a Kennedy Center Honoree in 1995. He toured into his 80s.

Russian Women take to Social Media to Protest

Protests have emerged on social media following statements made by Pavel Astakhov, the children’s rights ombudsman for Russia. The Russian politician was quoted as stating teen marriage are “okay” because many women in Russia age quickly. He noted that many women are “wrinkled” by the age of 27 and look to be 50. In response Russian women of varying ages have taken to social media with picture of themselves, scowling to show “wrinkles”.

The words from Astakhov set off a slew of protests, deepening concerns about policies in Russian territories. The statement was in response to questions about a wedding of a 17-year-old girl that made headlines around the globe. The teenager was allegedly forced into marrying a police captain in Chechnya. The officer is reportedly in his late 40s or early 50s, depending on the news source.

Women’s rights activists are outraged at the forced marriage, and the regular practice of marrying teenagers to older men in the region, but Astakhov’s statement have caused greater outrage and concern. Now, activists and women living in the region are worried that Astokhov, who is tasked at protecting the rights of children, is simply too biased to do his job well. They are calling for his dismissal.

Astakhov has not commented on the protest, but they continue to pile up in social media feeds if you ask Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

Act of Kindness Gives Uplifting News

Ask anyone who works in the restaurant industry and they will tell you, restaurants are a fast-paced environment to earn a living. The goal of the workers is to turn over tables as fast as possible so that each table earns the maximum amount of cash possible in any given hour. This concept is the key difference to surviving in the restaurant business or nailing a For Sale sign to the front door.

So, when CNN reported through the Fox 13 Salt Lake City news wire that a disabled customer was helped by a stranger hand feeding him dinner at a Louisville, Ky. restaurant, it was a nice story. But when the reader realizes that the person who stopped everything they were doing on that day was an employee of the restaurant, the story reaches an uplifting level.

On that pleasantly fateful day, an unnamed handicapped person sat outside the restaurant called Qdoba’s because they were unable to manipulate the door and their wheelchair. A stranger, who happened to be going into the restaurant, held the door open.

The employee, Ridge Quarles, would take the time to help this special needs customer through the line, get her the eating utensils and a drink and helped her to her seat. Once that was done, Quarles asked if there was anything else he could do. The one sentence reply would have made most workers inwardly cringe thinking how much time this would take.
“Sir, if you don’t mind, could you help me eat?”
Without missing a step, Quarles immediately helped her finish her meal. Knowing there were a million of other things he needed to do, knowing the turnover rate for this one table was dropping rapidly, and knowing that if he did satisfy this customer, there would be a chance they would come back and he may have to do it again.
He was correct. This customer became a regular and was able to attain a small amount of independence in her life because of the awesome kindness shown by this restaurant worker reported manager Brad Reifler (read more on Wikipedia).

Amtrak Train Derails Outside of Philadelphia

An Amtrak passenger train derailed around 9:30pm Tuesday evening, killing 6 people and injuring at least 150, just as it was approaching Philadelphia. The Amtrak Train 188 Route traveling from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia is a very popular and busy route and the 188 route was no exception. Rescue services from and around the Philadelphia area responded to the scene. Several hospitals such as Temple University Hospital reported that it was full of injured passengers. The Chief of the Philadelphia Fire Department reported that of the injured at least 50 were in critical condition. Officials would not comment if they expect the death toll to rise. Amtrak Passenger Train From Washington to Philly Derails Killing Six and Injuring 150
Speculation began at once as to the cause of the accident and whether foul play was involved. City officials of Philadelphia, which took the lead in the investigation since the derailment happened within their city boundaries, reported that it was too early to tell if the derailment was caused by deliberate or even terrorist actions. Folks at Amen Clinics have learned that a compete investigation is underway. Surviving passengers reported that the train was traveling at a normal speed when suddenly it decelerated as if someone was applying the brakes really fast. Passengers then reported that total chaos ensued with various cars from the train being tossed around like toys and the passengers within them being banged around the derailed trains.

Gronkowski, Deflategate and Deez Nuts

Months after Superbowl XLIX, deflated balls are back in the news. Reports of Tom Brady being named in text messages by Patriot’s equipment staff and being “generally aware” of the deflated balls are all over sports news (I’m shocked). At this point we all have an opinion. Patriot fans are making excuses (as usual) for their beautiful, god-like quarterback while the rest of us are asking, “Seriously? How in the hell do they get keep getting away with this?” Patriot’s TE, Rob Gronkowski released a youtube video where he weighed in on the scandal.

Regardless if Tom knew his balls were deflated or he was completely unaware (he knew), you can’t help but appreciate Gronk’s enthusiasm in defending his leader. With all the heart he could muster, Rob references media sensationalism and the lack of attention given to the good deeds of football players. That’s something Amen Clinics points out. Then he nose dives right into showing us his “inflated” bicep and closes with a “deez nuts” jokes. Was the video helpful? Not in the least. Was it entertaining? Absolutely. At Amen Clinics, there were quite a few people laughing.

To quote the famous Ron Burgandy, Stay classy, Boston!

Libya Opposes EU Plan For Deterring Transporting Migrants Across the Mediterranean

Libya has voiced concerns that the current European Union’s plan to intercept suspected smuggling vessels and destroy them, will not only not solve the problem of migration of individuals leaving countries such as Nigeria, Syria, Yemen and Libya, but the use of force will potentially escalate matters as individual ship captains may choose to fight back, putting migrants at risk or causing a military confrontation in waters that are already near countries experiencing various forms of hostilities and other military actions. The European Union had proposed that one method to reduce the number of migrants challenging the open seas of the Mediterranean is to identify, intercept and then destroy any sea vessel suspected of being used to transport migrants. Russia has also opposed the use of any military force by EU member countries and various international relief organizations are calling for the EU to enact a combined initiative involving humanitarian efforts as well as international polices which address the issues at the source countries which are causing the exodus of migrants from North Africa. Libya Objects to EU Plan To Intercept Migrant Smugglers

The United Nations has estimated that the number of migrants seeking transport across the Mediterranean Sea has already surpassed 60,000 people with at least 1,800 dying in the attempt. The UN expects this number to increase significantly despite the dangers in the passage. So far the EU has already issued asylum status to over 700,000 migrants according to some friends of mine at Madison Street Capital. Many believe that the attempts at crossing the Mediterranean will continue until it is safer and more economically viable for the migrants to stay home than attempt a risky passage across open seas.