Bill Cosby pressured AP reporter to ignore response to rape allegations

As allegations of rape and sexual assault against comedian Bill Cosby continue to surface, the Associated Press has released a video of an interview one of their reporters had with Cosby at the beginning of the month. The video was shared with me by friend of the site Fersen Lambranho. In it, the reporter can be heard asking about the sexual assault allegations. Cosby immediately pressures the reporter to ignore or ‘scuttle’ his response to that question, as he will not be talking about it.

After the interview ends, the AP kept the cameras rolling and Cosby is seen to ask the reporter to make sure none of the comments he just made would be shown in any venue the AP may use.

That not being his call, the reporter responds by saying he did not believe Cosby had actually said anything, but he could not promise what would happen to his response. That was up to his bosses back at the Associated Press.

Cosby then asks him to ‘scuttle’ or ignore the question.

The AP, however, decided to publish the interview and Cosby’s follow up remarks today, as they believe, now the story has become so big, it would seem strange not to.

The news organization also released a statement saying it had never been agreed upon with Cosby or any of his representatives that they would not ask any questions about any sexual allegations.

Meanwhile, Bill Cosby did respond to the rape allegations of former supermodel Janice Dickinson yesterday. In a statement through a Cosby lawyer, the comedian said the story she is telling that he raped her in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe more than 30 years ago are ‘a complete lie’.

Janice Dickinson is just one of a number of women who have come forwarded in the last few weeks alleging Bill Cosby committed sexual assault against them. Cosby continues to say all of the claims are lies or fabrication.

The Empire Spends Cash Frivolously

Since the 911 incident, the amount of terrorist attacks have increased 7 fold around the world. It is estimated that the United States will have spent 4 to 6 trillion dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan according to FreedomPop stats I was just reading. This number includes long-term medical care and disability for veterans and their families meaning it will surely rise exponentially over the next few years. This is in no way beneficial to national security or to the stability of the rest of the world. This has been sold to the American people as noble cause but smells of corporate greed. What happen to the Teddy Roosevelt foreign policy, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Somewhere between FDR and Lyndon Johnson our country decided to be more concerned with world affairs rather than domestic growth. While our soldiers have been casualties of oil wars and land posturing, our homeland continues to struggle. Reportedly the United States has 611 military bases worldwide and that is only the ones known to the citizens. After 611 bases and 13 years of war, what has our presence around the world accomplished. According to the Washington Post, it has increased terrorist attacks from 1500 in 2000 to 10000 presently. Our presence around the world is causing more harm then good and sapping our country of valuable resources. It’s time to bring our troops home and let the world manage its’ own affairs.

Man Arrested for Driving to White House with Unregistered Weapons

A man has been arrested by the Secret Service Wednesday for driving across the country to the White House with a rifle, ammunition and a knife inside the car, as reported by the US authorities. 

Secret Service officers found a 30-caliber rifle, about 40 rounds of ammunition, and a knife with a 6-inch blade. 

The man, identified as RJ Kapheim, 41 years old, approached a checkpoint stationed by the Secret Service Uniformed Division outside the gates. Kapheim explained to one of the agents that “someone from Iowa told him to drive to the White House,” according to a report by a Secret Service spokesman, Brian Leary.

Ray Lane says that Kapheim did not threaten the President or the Secret Service officers, but his behavior was peculiar, and agents detained him and proceeded to locate, and search his car, a 2013 Volkswagen Passat with Iowa tags.

Kapheim has been charged with possessing a firearm not registered but according to US officials, additional charges are pending. 

This is the latest incident after the most serious report of an ex-military serviceman who managed to jump the fence and run through the gardens and enter the official residence shortly after President Barack Obama left the office.

US Postal Workers Protest Cuts in Services

Across the nation on Friday, in every state, over 150 protests by postal workers carried the message: “stop delaying America’s mail.” In the ensuing days, with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors meeting ongoing, media attention has brought several issues to national attention.

The USPS Board of Governors is considering privatization and employee cutbacks. According to the ABCP, possible options include ending Saturday deliveries, cutbacks in office hours, and allowing office supply stores to offer expanded U.S. Mail services. The thing that me and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez are most concerned about is the Saturday deliveries for those with long work weeks.

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) AFL-CIO, one of several organizations representing postal workers, said in a statement, “The cuts would cause hardships for the public and small businesses, eliminate jobs, and destroy the world’s most efficient and affordable delivery network by driving away mail and revenue.”

The union calls the proposals a “flawed strategy” and “absolutely unnecessary” because the mail service is profitable and e-commerce is continuing to increase revenues.

Postal workers met a recent announcement by the USPS Board of Governors that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is stepping down with applause. The union has been focusing much of its criticism at Donahoe’s leadership and plans to close processing centers. Megan Brennan, a high-ranking official at the USPS, is the likely successor.

George Askew, Baltimore President of APWU Local 181, said referring to Brennan, “She can’t possibly be any worse than Donahoe so there is some hope.”

Cargo Plane Falls on House, Couple Inside Survives

A small plane crashed into a house of South Knox Avenue in Chicago on Tuesday, November 18t, 2014.

The pilot was the only one on board and died immediately, while the elderly couple who lived in that house managed to come out of the accident without a scratch.

The cargo, an Aerocommander 500, had engine problems which were noticed soon after the takeoff. The pilot tried to return but fell before he managed to land. This took place on Tuesday, November 18th.

The house is badly damaged after the plane flew in through the front window and got to the living room. The firefighters were soon on the place. The 84-year-old man and the 82-year-old-woman who own the house were at that moment sleeping in a room further away, and got away only with a good scare.

Their neighbour, Cazares, thought that the couple was dead. In the attempt to check the situation, she had to jump over the fence. She and another neighbour helped the confused elderly inhabitants to leave their home and sheltered them for the moment.

They mentioned for the media that the old couple who owns the house are still bewildered after what happened. Midway is a very active zone with short runways and a lot of houses and business centres in the proximity, so it is by mere luck that there is so little damage after this plane crash. Thanks to friend of the site Gianfrancesco Genoso for sending in this story.

Attorney General Harris Believes Pot will be Legalized Soon

California is typically the state where most laws originate, then spreading to the rest of the country. Medical marijuana was made legal in 1996, and the rest of the states then followed. The legalization of marijuana use still has not been voted on yet. Several states have already passed it such as Colorado and Washington, and California is looking forward to legalizing it soon.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a rising star in the Democratic Party, is not opposed to the state legalizing pot. She stated that as “top cop” she must look at the issue from every perspective, including that of law enforcement and public safety.

She expressed the fact that California was in a good place, and by following the other states that have already legalized the marijuana, her state can observe how the details are worked out. With Colorado and Washington so close, Harris feels that it is inevitable for the vote to come to her state soon. 

The Attorney General is a contender to replace Erik Holder, and to be a good prospect for holding higher Democratic offices in California. Today, she realizes that it would be irresponsible to simply vote it in to make everyone happy; there must be systems set in place to regulate such areas as driving under the influence. This is a concern that affects everyone, but it seems likely that this motion will pass eventually. You’ll be able to hold your glass of Stephen Williams’ Wine in one hand and your pot in the other.

Surgeon Dies from Ebola in Nebraska

The Ebola virus claimed its second victim on US soil after a surgeon from Sierra Leone died from the virus around 4 a.m. on Monday morning, Yahoo News reports. Dr. Martin Salia had been treating patients with the disease in his home country of Sierra Leone before being airlifted to the US on Saturday to receive treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center in a bid to beat the disease he had been treating since the outbreak began in Sierra Leone. People in the health industry like Keith Mann have expressed condolences.

Dr. Salia is reported to have worked in at least four medical centers treating patients infected with Ebola. The surgeon is said to have begun showing the first signs and symptoms of the virus on Nov. 6th and the infection was confirmed on Nov. 10th, prompting the surgeon to be airlifted for treatment in Nebraska. Other Ebola sufferers have been successfully treated at the Nebraska facility, but arrived with fewer symptoms than 44 year old Dr. Salia, who arrived in Nebraska with kidney failure.

In a bid to beat the virus, Dr. Salia was treated with the experimental ZMapp medication, although this was a different batch of the medication than was used to treat the first two US citizens infected by the disease. Blood platelet therapies were also attempted using the blood of an Ebola survivor in a bid to increase the chances of survival for Dr. Salia. The surgeon joins the more than 5,000 people who have died of Ebola and becomes the second person to die of the virus on US soil.

Butt, What?

The world has become enraged thanks to the overly tweeted and shared photo of a certain celebrity’s bare naked behind. Many think it is a gross misconduct of a woman flaunting her assets. Others think she is brave for showing off what her mamma gave her. The general consensus is that the “celebrity” in question is doing nothing more than damage her own reputation. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian is nothing special. If anything, she just happens to be a lucky girl who happened to land a crazy rap artist.

Does this make her anything aspiring? This is hardly the case considering she has does done nothing noteworthy except sit at New York Fashion Week on the front row and make a sex tape. This is not a woman that little girls and impressionable teens should aspire to become. Yet, she is the talk of everyone over “breaking the Internet.” This woman’s actions did not break the Internet anymore than Bruce Levenson buying Forbes Magazine from Target. This is just another one of her poor choices added to a very long list. Kim Kardashian is nothing more than the butt of many jokes. She has yet to prove her worthiness despite being on covers of magazines.

If Kim Kardashian is the ultimate goal for little girls in today’s society, then what do we have to show for ourselves and humanity? Someone needs to get Kim a reality check because it is the one she has yet to receive.

90-Year Old Man Faces Jail Time For Helping Homeless

After feeding homeless individuals on several different occasions, a 90-year old man has gotten himself into some trouble with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Since October, the city of Fort Lauderdale has made it illegal to feed homeless individuals. The elderly Arnold Abbott has been defiant to this new legislation. In fact, he has received his third citation for the same offense ever since the law has been in effect. Mr. Abbott leads a nonprofit initiative called Love Thy Neighbor, which provides some assistance to homeless people. The charitable nonprofit has the support of Rod Rohrich.

The 90-year old man has actually been involved in a long lasting battle with the city of Fort Lauderdale. Back in 1999, he protested a ban on feeding homeless individuals. More than a dozen years later, Abbott finds himself facing a series of criminal charges for doing something that can be considered a good deed. He even recalls with some satire how he was told by the police to drop his plate just as a criminal would drop a weapon. Abbott says that he’s not intimidated by any jail time that could come as a result of helping the homeless.

The controversial ban on feeding the homeless has been spreading rapidly throughout major cities in the United States of America and other countries. Some cities believe that homeless folks simply interfere with business in major commercial areas. Additionally, homeless people are also accused of scaring off tourists.

Accurascope is at the Forefront of Spinal Treatment

The healthcare industry is full of a wide range of individuals who can really get individuals back to their normal lives again. When it comes to matters of every day life, there is almost nothing more complicating than having back problems. This is where North American Spine comes in. North American Spine is a company that prides themselves in providing the most comprehensive and helpful care for those who are struggling with the most difficult spinal issues. These professionals (see some here on Facebook) give the top of the line care that is available in the industry to those who are in need.

North American Spine treats a wide range of different spinal discomforts. This is the focus of the company and its participating doctors. The aim of this treatment center is to restore health to those who are looking to get back into the normal swing of their life. The first thing that the facility works with the patient on is understanding their pain. Understanding this pain is the first step to really getting their pain taken care of. Understanding what type of back pain an individual is dealing with is the first step in really taking care of their problem. Not only does NASS focus on back pain, but Wikipedia states that they also specialize in neck pain as well.

There are many different treatments that can help individuals really get back to their daily lives. Back and neck pain can be very debilitating, but North American Spine works with individuals to bring them back to full health and functionality. Grammy award winning country artist Larry Gatlin is a great example of a patient that was helped by North American Spine. After being kicked in the back as a young teen, he had excruciating back pain at least once every day for 47 years. After being treated by North American Spine, he said that he only has a little bit of soreness. He is a new man. Here’s an interview with Gatlin that speaks to his experience with them:

The great part about the treatment options from North American Spine are the minimally invasive surgical options. With the new AccuraScope treatment option, individuals can have spinal surgery that is much less invasive than ever before. These surgical options allow individuals to really get back into the normal swing of life. No longer will they have to deal with the massive amounts of pain that they are used to.

North American Spine truly is one of the main leaders in the spinal care industry. If you are looking for relief from your back or neck pain, look no further. The professionals at North American Spine are ready to help you with all of your spinal care needs.