The Success of Organo Gold Under The Leadership of Bernado Chua

In the twenty first century, it is necessary for business people to come up with products that are best suited to the lifestyle of most people today. By doing this, the businesses are able not only to stay afloat but to grow the business exponentially. One of the companies that have managed to provide good quality products suited for their customers is Organo Gold which is a global network marketing company. The products distributed to people around the world include premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products used by different people all over the world.

The success of this business is greatly credit to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company who is Mr. Bernardo Chua who brought ancient Chinese herb called the Ganoderma into the products sold by the company. This is one of the most revered Chinese herb that has been in use for over a century by the ancient people of China due to its effective health benefits. The success of the company can be attributed to the vision by the CEO of ensuring that the lives of people across the world are in good health, prosperity and finding balance in their respective lives.

The growth of this powerful global network marketing company dates back to half a decade ago when the company was founded in Richmond, B.C, Canada with only three employees. It started by producing good quality coffee to its consumers. The success and commitment of the founders of this company has steered the company to its growth and subsequent operations in over thirty five countries around the world. Organo produces good quality black coffee, the King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme and Hot chocolate. It also provides good quality tea like the Green Tea, Black Ice and the Red Tea.

As part of corporate social responsibility, this company hasn’t been left either. It has significantly been involved in charitable work. Notably, Organo Gold sponsors OG Cares Foundation, which a non-profit organization that significantly helps in enriching the lives of young people as the leaders of tomorrow. Having been influenced by the priceless knowledge acquired by reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the company is donating all proceeds from the sales of the collector’s Edition of Think and Grow Rich to the Napoleon Hill Foundation. These are some of the philanthropic work that the company has been involved in since it began its operations in 2008 in Canada.

The success of the company is largely attributed to its founder who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is one of the most successful people in the direct sales industry. He grew up in the Philippines where he started by bringing the ancient Chinese herb and eventually ventured in North America. During his tenure at the company, Bernardo Chua has received awards that reflect their success in the direct sales industry.  Wikipedia has more background on Chua and what he’s doing with his career from here.

Brian Bomar Still A Shining Example In Financial Sector

June 2010 was a great month for Brian Bonar. The successful leader was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the category of Finance. This was a great achievement for the man who is the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. From the pool of people nominated, only two male and two female members go on to be named Executives of the year in each discipline in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. The honorees are chosen by the selection committee based on various factors that include leadership abilities, professional accomplishments, and academic achievements – The New Frontier.

Brian Bonar enjoys almost three decades of professional management experience in the financial sector. This places him in a perfect position to manage and oversee all the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has served as the CEO for over ten years. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

This position has seen him bear the responsibility of a wide range of employee as well as employer benefits and aftermarket products.

The company is in the business of supplying a wide range of employee programs to its clients that lead to an increase in business efficiency. In other words, they act as a Market Liaison. The services on offer include risk management insurance (which features worker compensation and business liability), employee benefits, promotional and business management services, and financial management.

Apart from his role at Dalrada, Mr. Bonar also serves Smart-Tek Automated Services as the Chairman and CEO and Allegiant Professional Business Service as the company president.

Brian Bonar is a much sought-after leader. Bonar has served as a director of Dalrada Financial Corporation since August 1995. In December of 1999, he rose to become the Chairman of the Board of the company.

Bonar was the Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994, after which he was appointed to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, a huge step for him. In September 1994, Bonar became the Executive Vice President of the company. Three years later in 1997, he was named as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He later assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer in 1998.

According to Equilar, Between 1991 and 1992, Brian Bonar served Bezier Systems as the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. The company dealt in the manufacture and sale of laser printers.

Brian Bonar worked for Adaptec Inc. as the Worldwide Sales Manager. For Rastek Corporation, Brian was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing between 1988 and 1990. Six years prior, he worked as the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS between 1984 and 1988. Before serving in all these companies, Brian Bomar was an employee of IBM for an estimated 17 years.


Kyle Bass’ Recent Career Choices

Kyle Bass believes that there is 40-50% chance of a recession in the United States. Bass who is known for predicting financial trends. He is the founder and owner of Hayman Capital Management and made a fortune for himself when he predicted the global financial crisis that occurred between 2007-2008. He earned $ 4 billion by betting against the mortgages. In early 2006, he played a very crucial role in the eventual collapse and close of Bear Stearns. He gave a warning to the top company officials about the firms’ financial stability that was ignored. When he appeared at the Wall Street Week, he indicated that it was him who actually cast doubt in the firms’ balance sheet.

Stories about Bear Stearns leaked and its competitors used this information against it thus damaging its reputation. According to Kyle Bass, Bear Stearns, tried to leverage its balance sheet over 33 times with high risk mortgages. He says that they were either stupid or took the risks knowing the implications of it. The collapse of Bear Stearns led to what was later to be known as the Great Recession. If what was happening in Bear Stearns had not been leaked the firm would have been acquired by JP Morgan. Kyle Bass involvement and role in the collapse and final closure of Bear Stearns was revealed during the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission investigations and was also made public through its public records.

Despite being described as a genius in predicting the performance of financial markets, he seems to be making wrong career choices. The global financial crisis put him on the mark and people have been watching him closely. Questions have been raised on his career choices. Kyle Bass has recently been on the forefront defending Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is worth noting that Argentina has been experiencing some financial challenges with its President being accused of defaulting in the country’s debt in the past thirteen years. Kyle Bass says that attacking her is basically holding it hostage bearing in mind it’s a poor country.

He has also initiated campaigns that seek to discredit some drug patents and has lodged complaints at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. His ties with the late Chris Kyle and the subsequent legal suit against one of employees is a clear indicator of the downward trend of Kyle Bass career choices. It has been said that if his career was to fail eventually, he is likely to find solace in Argentina.

Recognizing the World Around You

Image recognition software is something that a lot of people have only seen in television, or movies. Super spies and law enforcement use it to catch their bad guys all the time. In recent times, the idea of image recognition software has become more mainstream.

Recognition systems have been the primary focus of a lot of artificial intelligence projects. Until recently, the technology had only been able to perform basic tasks, such as identifying a standout object in an image; now, researchers have been able to program the AI to identify scenes. The computer processes the information, and explains the scene in a small blurb.

Artificial intelligence isn’t the only branch of this tech, however. Real world applications of image recognition technology are seemingly endless: finding objects in images and videos, using images as search criteria, counting and measuring applications, and now, shopping.

Slyce, a leading company in the field of image recognition, has partnered with brands like Neiman Marcus to introduce a new application for the software. Take a picture of anything from a barcode, billboard, or an actual item of clothing, and the software will pull up matching items from the corresponding catalog, most of which are available for immediate purchase.

A variety of companies have worked on similar technology, for everything from entertainment and similar shopping apps, to a more research-driven use. One emerging company has even made software that gathers public Instagram data in order to provide traveling guides; combining expression recognition, with geo-tags and background comparisons, Jetpac has been able to create lists like ‘the happiest places in town’, or scenic hiking trails.

Image recognition technology is constantly growing and evolving, these days. As the programming expands, the world can expect their favorite apps, websites, and stores to become smarter, and more in tune with what they want.

It’s Good To Be Queen

Queens of Drama is a reality television series starring several former soap opera actresses. The premise of the show is the group’s attempt to develop, produce, and star in their own show with an ultimate goal of getting a network contract for their project. The cameras follow the women as they tackle their new project from the very beginning. Starring Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills, the show first aired in April of 2015 on POP.

With her extensive experience and talent as an actress, Crystal Hunt takes a lead role in the series premiere as she, Vanessa Marcil, and Lindsay Hartley pitch the idea of creating their new drama series to Donna Mills. Throughout the series, the Facebook fans say Crystal plays her role to perfection. Never one to be overlooked or afraid to share her opinion, Crystal lends an air of authenticity to the show while also providing a hearty dose of humor. The first season is comprised of ten episodes and culminates with the drama series finally being pitched to a major network.  Crystal’s personal highlight reel from the show is available on YouTube.

Born on February 5, 1985, the American actress and photographer possessed a rather long list of notable roles even before Queens of Drama. Although she had previously appeared in numerous commercials, Crystal landed her first major television role at only 17 years old when she was chosen to portray Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap opera Guiding Light. It was this role that earned the young actress an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005, according to SoapOperaNetwork. Since her introductory role, she has gone on to appear in several movies as well as making a return to soap operas with the character of Stacy Morasco on the daytime series One Life To Live. In addition to acting, she also co-produced her first feature film in 2014.

The Art Of Compliance By Helane Morrison

The old saying “ask forgiveness, not permission” is an expensive proposition when it comes to running a business, and abiding by laws. Infractions cost millions, and through the 1990s and 2000s, many companies were caught, fined, and some were even completely dismantled. There is also a saying, largely used in the financial industry, called “willful blindness.” The gist of the saying is that you can’t just claim that you had no clue as to what you were supposed to be doing, or that you were unaware you were doing something wrong. It does not work like that, and for that reason, many companies have gone the route of hiring a compliance officer to oversee matters.

Housing and the financial industries had to be revamped after our entire economy nearly collapsed through the 2009 reverse-and-unwind of the messy mortgage crisis. As those industries regrouped, many unrelated companies started to follow suit, and compliance officers who had been a bit lax previously, started working much more diligently. This all came to pass because some people at the top of companies started getting jail sentences for corrupt operations.

One of the major compliance officers in our country is Helane Morrison. She has been around for many years, providing safeguards for businesses, and making sure the public is protected by ensuring that brokers, financial professionals, and even real estate agents are doing their jobs properly. Having attended Northwestern University, and graduating with a Journalism degree, and then going to the University of California Berkeley School of Law, the knowledge she amassed was crucial to her professional success.

Keeping companies on the straight-and-narrow is no easy task, yet Helane Morrison seems to do this with ease. Having maintained ethical integrity throughout her life, she remains very influential and powerful in compliance circles. Currently she works for Hall Capital Partners where she is a Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel. In addition to holding those titles, she is also on the firm’s executive committee. Prior to joining Hall, Ms. Morrison worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1999 to 2007.

That near-decade was one of the most tumultuous our markets had ever seen. There was a run-up, and subsequent reversal, to Y2K, and then we had 9/11, where the markets were shaken to their core. Just as we started to move beyond 9/11, the recession of 2003-2004 took hold. For these reasons, she is a seasoned professional, who brings a lot to the table, and is able to keep companies heading in the right direction, and effectively sidestepping trouble.

Sanjay Shah Names Two New Trustees To Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a successful businessman, philanthropist and family man. His charity Autism Rocks recently made headlines on the PR Newswire when Shah appointed two new members to the board of trustees. Long time University friends Will and Pete Best bring their own expertise to the foundation.

Pete Best is most notably known for his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the brokerage firm Icap. His career in the financial industry spans over 21 years bringing the financial reliability and investment expertise needs to distribute the foundations funds. Now semi retired Mr. best has turned his eye to more philanthropical pursuits.

Will Best began his music industry career at Kings University organizing underground shows. Mr. Best worked as a music television host both internationally and in the United Kingdom. His many years in the entertainment industry makes him an invaluable asset to Autism Rocks various concert events.

Sanjay Shah grew up in an affluent area of central London and attended Kings College University. He began his education as a medical student before switching his course of studies to accounting. After graduating from Kings University, Sanjay Shah began working for Credits Suisse. He also worked for such notable companies as ING, Barclay’s Bank, Merill Lynch and Varengold Bank to name a few.

During the financial down turn, Sanjay Shah took a gamble and opened his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital. He started out with a small office and a handful of staff. Today Solo Capital has a net worth of $280 million, it’s headquarters are located in London and Dubai. Solo Capital has acquired an estimated 39 companies located in such areas as the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Kenya and Germany. Now semi retired Sanjay turned his focus to Autism Rocks.

When Sanjay’s son Nikhil was just four years old he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Upon learning of the five year waiting lists for treatment Sanjay hired an autism staff to care for his son around the clock. He also wanted to help the families who could not afford that luxury. He began Autism Rocks, a foundation which promotes research and autism awareness.

VTA Publications Provides Blog Posts and Updates

Preparing for your financial future can seem like a daunting task. While most people have decades to prepare and save for retirement, the process of saving enough and investing wisely can be a significant challenge. Fortunately, there are some companies that provide tools and services that can help you to better prepare for your financial future.

One company that is well known for providing quality products and services that can provide you with the tools you need to succeed is VTA Publications. VTA Publications is best known for its books and DVD programs that are designed to help people improve their investment return. Each program has a different focus, one of which is a system on how a novice investor can learn how to read charts in order to make better investment decisions. Another system is a high-level investment planning booklet that describes different strategies that one can use to prepare for the future.

Besides selling products that can help someone better prepare and build a personal nest egg, the company also writes regular blogs to provide additional tips for investors, and they have a large contact network. The latest blog posts provide quality tips to help motivate individuals to start planning for their financial future sooner, how to keep their eye on their investments, and how to make necessary changes to their portfolio and investment strategy when it is necessary. has full details on VTA Publications and their offerings.

A New Chance At Education Thanks To Keith Mann

Besides being a writer, Keith Mann is also an animal rights campaigner. He was a Briton at the top of the Animal Liberation Front Movement list in 2005. At the time, Keith was determined to consider all animal’s rights and hence would take extreme action. Additionally, Keith is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners in the investment industry. This company is amongst the executive search firms in the business.

This company was launched in 2002 and has now gained professional experience after putting together a network of experts in different categories of the profession. Additionally, Keith Mann has been in the industry long enough to have acquired the expertise needed in staffing and hiring and the compensation of hedge funds. As the Managing Director, he is in charge of all the daily managerial operations within the company.

Recently Keith announced a scholarship that he was offering to students in their final senior year. This scholarship was to ensure that students from less fortunate backgrounds not only join various colleges in the state but also make it to graduation. Only one student could get this scholarship at a time. To qualify, the applicant was expected to write a 1,000word essay explaining the importance of a degree in the individual’s career. The competition lasted until 29th February, and the results were released at the end of March.

The scholarship included $5,000 that was put into the college fee of the student. According to the Businesswire, the partnership with the Uncommon Schools was a great step to enhancing education and narrowing the schooling gap between the poor and the wealthy students. The Uncommon Schools were 44 in total, and they were putting up yet another institution in Brooklyn.
As the philanthropist that he is, Keith Mann is focused on picking out the leaders coming from low-income backgrounds and putting them into higher learning institutions to help tap out the talent of every student. In other words, this man is giving the less fortunate students a common play field to nurture their abilities. Additionally, this award is formulated to bring out the upcoming generation of business leaders who are innovative. Together with the Uncommon Schools, the Dynamic Search Partners will have the chance to put up a great team of leaders in the future.

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Avi Weisfogel Sets up a GoFundMe Campaign to Benefit Children

Operation Smile, an international medical charity organization that provides free surgical procedures for children, will benefit from a GoFundMe Campaign worth $2000. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards helping Operation Smile reach more children globally.

Operation Smile has been providing free surgical procedures and medical care for children and young adults suffering from cleft palate, cleft lips among other facial deformities. Operation Smile seeks to provide every child hope for a better and brighter future by providing them with the chance to afford a beautiful smile.
Speaking during a recent interview, Avi Weisfogel was of the opinion that every child deserves an equal chance. According to Weisfogel, all children deserve to be treated the same, as if they are our own. Operation Smile seeks to ensure that every child knows that there is always hope, no matter what life throws at it.
Avi Weisfogel also stated his belief that all children are entitled to the very best medical care available. He spoke of his background and passion, saying that they were his reason for selecting Operation Smile to benefit from his GoFundMe Campaign.
Founded in 1982, Operation Smile partners with local medical professionals, governments, and hospitals among other organizations to achieve its goal. The organization, with the help of other stakeholders, identifies the most effective solutions that will enable it reach as many children as possible.
The noble organization, which is a product of Bill and Kathy Magee undertakes medical missions in different locations around the globe annually. The organization works hand in hand with the local health providers to provide the much needed surgical services and patient care in the most comfortable state possible. The missions demand different logistics, sometimes involving the importation of medical equipment and expertise depending on the location.
The first task the organization undertook involved helping children in the Philippines. Over the years, the organization has built a global network of supporters and partners, attracting volunteers from 80 nations. Over the period of its existence, Operation Smile has positively influenced the lives of 220,000 souls through free surgical procedures.
Avi Weisfogel is a cosmetic dentist, who has been bright smiles to patients for over 15 years. Avi is based in East Brunswick, NJ where he specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants among other dental conditions. He attended New York University College of Dentistry where he learned his trade. Avi Weisfogel has also studied the subject of sleep disorders and is currently one of the best-established sleep doctors. Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!