A Review Of Vincent Parascandola’s Career At AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors is a renowned financial services company that specializes in global insurance and investment management. With presence in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, the company has made history as the first insurance company in the globe to have a growth rate of 14 percent. Over the years, the company has gained immense expertise in navigating the complex international market processes while complying with laws and regulations from different countries. AXA Advisors’ financial services seek to protect their clients’ future while offering them a peace of mind about their investments. They are also keen to play their social roles in society where they participate in various charitable initiatives aimed at improving lives through research. Vincent “Vinny” Parascandola is the force behind the company’s overwhelming success and sound corporate culture.

Vinny Parascandola serves as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors. Vinny, who has a deep sense of duty, oversees the growth and development of more than 225 financial experts in Central New Jersey area. He is mandated with the duty of recruiting and training new advisors while increasing productivity of the existing employees to attain overall sales growth. Vinny is also credited for augmenting the company’s profit margins. Previously, he served as the chief sales officer and president of Continental Division of AXA Advisors. He was responsible for enhancing the productivity, profitability margins of the corporation and overseeing 46 AXA Advisors offices in the US. In addition, Vinny served as the president of the Northern Division.

According to crunchbase.com, Parascandola holds a BS in computer science from Pace University, Lubin School of Business, where he featured as a key note speaker in 2014. He began his career by working as an agent for Prudential in 1987. While here, Vincent Parascandola demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in his duties. Due to his excellent performance, he was named the National Rookie of the Year. In 1990, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he assumed various regional management positions. In 2004, the executive joined AXA Advisors as the chairman of the Advantage Group, AXA’s unit. Notably, Vinny chaired the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. Parascandola is the recipient of the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award. Subscribe to Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo account to learn more about finance.




New “Scandal” Gets Added To Lime Crime’s Velvetine Lipsitck Series

The popular cosmetics brand “LimeCrime” has added a brand new addition to their line of Velvetine lipstick products and its name is “Scandal”. It features the same formula used for the other products in the line including being completely vegan and free from any animal products with a new Violet color scheme.

According to the CEO Doe Deere “Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge & have that don’t-care attitude”. The company seems to be aiming for a more alternative group of women with Scandal. With enough eye liner and other makeup, this lipstick would be perfect for anyone aiming to have a more gothic look or for those who want to stand out and look, well, scandalous.

Lime Crime is a company that’s stationed in California which has been setting fashion trends for years now and that doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Given the nature of the brand and the products they create, it only sounds to reason that the best products to work with the Scandal lipstick are other Makeup products by the same company. A popular example being the “Trip Diamond Crusher”.

Throwing some black Venus eyeliner helps create a more gothic look for someone and really helps you stand out. If you’re looking to dye your hair with it, why not look at their “Gargoyle” line? There’s a large number of possibilities and any makeup combination you’re looking for, it is guaranteed that they can provide it. They’ve been preparing for this and it shows.

When searching for makeup, many people are becoming more socially conscious and concerned about our impact on our environment, in particular, the other lifeforms that we share our world with. Many makeup companies, little do many people know, actually use a variety of animal based products or use some form of animal cruelty to make their products.

For those who are concerned about that here, you’re finally in luck, as Lime Crime is a completely vegan animal cruelty-free makeup company. Not only are you going to be getting great products, but you’ll be getting great products without harming anyone else in the process. They are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

James Dondero Pushes For Change In His Community

Quality education is so important. Unfortunately, the opportunity for equal education is not afforded to all children. Factors like finances, residential location and transportation often influence the options available to families for education. The opportunities for education should be unrestricted, giving all children the opportunity to learn without influence from outside factors.

James Dondero, co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., has dedicated his life and career to improving the educational opportunities for families in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. After graduating from the University of Virginia with honors, he set his sights on entrepreneurship. He quickly established himself in the world of healthcare and became the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank.

As both a successful businessman and passionate philanthropist, James Dondero has invested in far more than just the financial arena. Through financial donations, community action and volunteer work, James Dondero and the team at Highland Capital Management continue to serve their communities and improve the options for quality education.

Aside from their countless contributions to education in their community, James Dondero and Highland Capital also have an interest in improving healthcare and veteran’s affairs. Highland contributes more than $3 million annually to charitable organizations. Some of these beneficiaries include the Center for Brain Health and The American Heart Association. With their shared interest in philanthropy and community improvement, the team at Highland Capital Management, under the leadership of James Dondero have created a dedicated network of passionate philanthropists who are ready to make a change.

Creating A Better Future: Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer has affected us all at some point in our lives or another. This can be directly as well as indirectly. This deadly disease has ravaged the lives of people of every race, culture and creed. Luckily, there is some good news when dealing with this stressful illness, and this good news come in the form of antibody-drug conjugates. These are some of the most powerful and innovative cancer fighting drugs of all-time. They fall under the category of antibody-based therapies. The company that’s responsible for producing these valuable products is known as Seattle Genetics, and it’s saving lives at a much higher rate than before.

The Bothell, Washington, based company has been visited by former Vice President Joe Biden, it’s one of the biggest job producers in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s being run by Dr. Clay Siegall. This guy is a man on a mission thanks to his love of the craft. Saving lives is the priority here and nobody does it better than Seattle Genetics. Siegall is a man of many talents thanks to his broad educational background. The guy is known as:

  • A Doctor
  • A Philanthropist
  • An Author
  • A Scientist
  • And many more

Just off of his accolades along, people can see just how well-rounded he is. Siegall has been in the industry for many years, and he’s worked with numerous prominent names. This includes the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Information is vital, especially when you’re trying to deliver it to the masses. Siegall does a wonderful job by keeping the general public “in the know.” His personal blog speaks on a wide range of topics rather its politics, sports or science. One of his recent posts spoke on the hot topic of the Paris Climate Agreement. Other posts were about general news within the NPR. Dr. Clay Siegall is an American hero, and that’s why he is creating a better future for all.

Samuel Strauch And His Rise As A Real Estate Developer

Samuel Strauch is one of the fresh faced leaders in the real estate industry. Strauch graduated from Hofstra University back in New York before going on to study at both Erasmus U and Harvard. Strauch started out as a banker before taking a headlong dive into the real estate realm thanks to an integral trip to Miami, FL that opened up his eyes.

Strauch visited Miami on a business trip and noticed immediately how many real estate developments were moving in. He also noted that the city was undergoing a transformation — a true tourist destination. We can dive into Strauch’s thoughts in order to find out how he succeeded in the way that he did.

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Strauch starts out each day by focusing on strengthening the most important aspect of his work in real estate: relationships with people. Strauch knows that the real estate game is almost completely run by who you know, how well you know them, and how well you get along with them. Strauch starts each day by looking through his business meeting list and preparing extensively in order to mingle, work toward better relationships, and find tips that lead to new opportunities.

Any prolonged look into Samuel Strauch will lead you to understand that he is completely focused on implementing the best team possible. Strauch says of his company, Metrik Real Estate, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.” Samuel Strauch goes on to applaud his team and focus on how he delegates resources to certain tasks. Strauch believes that it is absolutely critical to be willing to put in the groundwork to actually complete a task.

Samuel Strauch is the President and CEO of Metrik Real Estate. The company was established in 2002 and is succeeding as one of the foremost real estate developers in Florida and abroad.

Learn more about samuel Strauch: http://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/Samuel-Strauch_Miami-Beach_FL__967574027

The Exemplary Career Life of Gregory Aziz

Career experts often say that a smart mind is a crucial component when it comes to achieving the best in the fully-occupied market. Gregory Aziz is among the few individuals in the motor industry whose career story attests to the experts’ saying. Gregory, in spite of his Canadian nativity, has managed to win a credible reputation in Hamilton and across the globe.

Gregory Aziz James serves today as the President, CEO and the Chairman to the board of directors of National Steel Car. The company has a credible reputation when it comes to the delivering of quality railroad freight cars. Across the borders, and under Gregory’s leadership, National Steel Car has managed to win the hearts of the world’s market. The company takes pride for being in the game for more than a century having been established in 1912, a period that has enabled it to understand the market in detail.


As professionals would, the key to growth is understanding the client’s needs as they are subjected to changes and National Steel Car boasts of owning the trick. The engineering company has continued to design freight cars based on an in-depth research meant to understand the changing needs and caliber of its clientele. Therefore, the company has always remained relevant, a legacy that Gregory continues to deliver as the new CEO.

As stated earlier, the respected CEO is of Canadian origin and was born in Ontario. His childhood was just like that of other kids. Since childhood, Gregory portrayed a character of a smart individual and always tried new things. Gregory attended the Ridley College to pursue his career dream. After graduating, the successful CEO went ahead and joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.


Gregory J Aziz was brought up in a business environment as his family owned a food business. Therefore, on acquiring his papers, Gregory did not hesitate to join his family venture in 1971. Affiliated foods, Gregory’s family investment would soon win an excellent reputation as a top provider of fresh foods in the US and Eastern Canada.

However, Gregory’s dream did not just cease upon serving his family’s business. In fact, the smart CEO was just using the opportunity as a platform to shoot for higher margins. After several decades of service at Affiliated foods, Gregory had accumulated more than enough wealth and sought to venture solo. The talented CEO went ahead and bought National Steel Car Limited from Dofasco and set his new task to reigniting the great company.

Today, under the ownership of Aziz and his outward leads, National Steel Car has grown to incredible margins. Within half a decade, Gregory’s company increased its manufacturing capabilities by triple which means business. Over the past few decades, Aziz’s company has been receiving the TTX SECO top award, an assurance that Gregory is the man with the key to the company’s success door.


Tony Petrello Brings Positive Attitude to the Oil Industry

The oil industry has not always been the most positive place for people who want to be successful. In fact, it is filled with a lot of greed and a lot of problems that come directly from the people who are running the oil companies. Tony Petrello didn’t want his oil company to be like that so he chose to begin running it in a way that was reflective of the past that he had. While Tony Petrello was not necessarily a poor person growing up, he did come from a humble beginning. He knew that this humble upbringing would be what made him successful in the end. He wanted to be sure the company could stay successful and he felt doing things the right way would be the only way he could do that without causing major problems in industry. He also knew that using his past experiences would be the right way that he could help make the company better.

As the CEO, Tony Petrello had a lot of say in the decisions that the company was making. In fact, he was one of the only people who made most of the decisions. He felt that his influence on the oil industry was positive and he knew he could make all of the right choices that would allow him the chance to show other people what they could get and how their lives could be better thanks to experiences that he had in different industries. It was what gave him the chance to be as successful as possible

For Tony Petrello to do all of this, he knew he would have to make some major decisions for the company. He also knew things would only get better as long as he was making the right choices. As things continued to get better in the industry and as Tony Petrello knew what he was doing more confidently, he knew he could try to bring enjoyment to different areas and to different aspects of oil industry.

Tony Petrello continues to be successful as the CEO of Nabors, Inc. He knows what he needs to do and he sticks to it all the time. He also knows that his company will only get better if he can actually help with different things. He tries his best to stay involved with the company. Tony Petrello knows that, even though he is the CEO, he should also try to play an active part in the company. He wants to help others with the experiences they can get out of the oil industry and out of the things that he has to offer them from the oil industry even if he does not stay committed in different ways.

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Succeeding In Law By Karl Heideck

There are various components that go into getting to be and remaining a fruitful legal advisor, as per Heideck.

A fruitful legal counselor has very much sharpened relational abilities. This incorporates both solid composed and verbal relational abilities.

An effective attorney is sorted out. Actually numerous attorneys wind up confronting issues with their customers not as a result of oversights in the law, but rather due to issues established in managerial and authoritative issues.

Another sign of a fruitful lawyer is that he or she is continually learning and staying up to date with patterns in the law. Actually law is continually advancing. Regardless of whether this is a result of court choices, or statutes go by authoritative bodies, laws over the district of Pennsylvania, and around the United States, are dependably in a condition of progress.

An effective lawyer should likewise be gifted at working with others. Transaction is a noteworthy attempted in way extraordinary ranges of the lawful calling. This incorporates a prosecution lawyer who commonly spends a decent arrangement of his or her chance consulting in the interest of his of her customers.

Karl Heideck has specialized in legal matters for a long time. His law office is headquartered in Philadelphia and he speaks to customers from over the federation of Pennsylvania.

Heideck acquired his law degree from the Temple University School of Law. He got his four year certification from Swarthmore College. While at Swarthmore, his major was English dialect and writing, with an attention on letters.

Heideck rehearses in various ranges, including as an effective litigator. He likewise speaks to customers with work law, items risk law, and business law issues. Karl Heideck is additionally talented in giving customers portrayal as to administrative consistence and hazard administration. Heideck has a solid foundation in legitimate research and composing also.

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How Equities First Holdings was Established

For those that are struggling with a personal or commercial loan, they should worry no more. Equities First Holdings has come to their rescue as it is offering stock based loans. The good thing about their loans is that you don’t need pre-qualification, unlike other financial institutions. Also, a loan from Equities First Holdings can be used to a purpose beyond which the loan was taken for. This is not the same for a loan from a financial institution. It must be used for the reasons it was borrowed for. Equities First Holdings was established in the year 2002 by Al Christy.

Long before we knew Equities First Holdings, the institution used to be called Meridian Equity Partners. It changed its name to Equity First Holdings through the help of a law firm known as Morgan Lewis. Back then, Chris Harrison used to lead the negotiations for EFH. Other lawyers that were crucial to EFH include Katrina Heal and Kate Habershon. These two specialized with advising the company on tax related issues. Other lawyers that were crucial in the establishment of the company were Iain Wright, Sergey Kvitkin, and Vinay Varma. The headquarters of Equities First Holdings are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Beyond the United States, Equity First Holdings has other subsidiaries in places like Australia, Canada, South Africa and Hog Kong. Equity First Holdings Singapore is also their subsidiary. In Australia alone, Equity First Holdings has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. In the USA, EFH has another subsidiary in New York City.

http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/equities-first-holdings-experiences-rapid-international-growth-in-2013-establishes-offices-and-furthers-reach-into-europe-and-asia-pacific-241281021.html for more information.

Fabletics Mastering Review-Centric Marketing from the Start

Marketing changes and evolves together with consumer behavior and for the highly saturated world of business, figuring out and leveraging the behavior of consumers is an essential aspect of having a successful business.


One of the retail brands that are savvy enough to take advantage of that knowledge is Fabletics. The brand has grown by over 200% since it had its launch in 2013 and it currently has a yearly revenue of $235 million. Fabletics has more than one million subscribers and buyers. The Corporate Marketing Officer of the business, Mr. Shawn Gold, offers some insight into the success of Fabletics so far and explains the power of the crowd. When potential buyers are considering a purchase, they tend to read as many reviews as possible both on the site and on outside sources. They try to learn about the experience with other buyers and the information they come across often determines whether they will be making a purchase or not. That is many of the marketing strategies today are based on reviews and testimonials. Consumer reviews are a powerful tool in the growth of any business. Consumer reviews prompt more sales and they also strengthen the trust between the brand and the potential buyer. As a result that creates a lasting loyalty and created returning customers.


Crowd sourcing plays the largest part in the decision-making process of potential buyers. They truly trust the reviews online when they make a final decision. According to a recent research, 84% of the potential buyers put as much trust into online reviews as they would into a recommendation by a family member or a friend. The survey is from a few years ago, and since then that number has been increasing every year that the study is renewed. Doing research on a brand is also something buyers do quite frequently. In a survey, 60% of the people shared that they consider the overall reputation of a business and it if it is negative then they will abstain from purchasing from it.


Leveraging the power of reviews is essential for the growth of a business. With positive reviews also come more clients and thus a larger revenue. The companies that have figured out the importance of leveraging the crowd and the feedback from buyers display user reviews underneath each product and service. Not only that, but many businesses have started adding features that allow consumers to compare products. Allowing customers to use both the advantages and disadvantages of an individual product or a service builds up that extra bit of trust, and it also provides the additional information necessary.


Fabletics has been able to utilize all of the sweet spots of marketing from its pre-launch campaign till now. The company is known for its expert marketing team as it has been onto every detail of consumer behavior since the pre-launch. The power of the crowd gave a huge push to Fabletics. They utilized a review-centric marketing strategy for their pre-launch campaign as well, and they continue to make great use of it still.