Californians Reduce Water Use

Finally some progress in reducing water use in California. Cities were able to see a 28.9% reduction in the month of May. Fresno, which in March still had people watering every day, implemented a postcard campaign in April. The postcards informed residents they might have a leak and asked them to call for an inspection. According to Handy, just one month later they were seeing results, with 2500 homes calling in and reducing water usage. Fresno was a leading community in the May overall state reduction.

California is experiencing its driest period since the late 1940s. The Governor has mandated a 25% reduction in water use statewide. Another successful community is Santa Margarita just south of Los Angeles. They initiated an outreach campaign that had district employees out knocking on doors to inform the community, and holding events at a local coffee shop. They also had conversations with local homeowners associations who tend to use a lot of water for grassy park areas. Their campaign garnered them an 18% decrease where before they had been seeing only a 3% decrease. California is now gearing up for another hot and dry summer. The full story can be found here.

Fallon Takes a Fumble

Nightly talk show host Jimmy Fallon almost took his finger completely off from his hand late last week. The taping of Jimmy’s popular show on The Tonight Show had been cancelled for the evening and put on a hiatus. The talk show host sent his fans a tweet capturing a heavily bandaged hand that was covering the wound. Jimmy went on to explain in the next tweet how he suffered the incident. At his home Jimmy Fallon tripped and caught his fall. While catching himself was a good thing Jimmy did not expect to get up and see that his ring had caught the side of a table and almost took his finger completely off. TMZ followed the story and explained that the incident took place at Jimmy’s apartment early Friday morning.


The night before Jimmy had been traveling around New York City and was having dinner at an Upper East Side restaurant called Scalinatella. Jimmy was his usual self and was posing with fans and being friendly with other guests. CipherCloud thought that nothing was different at all. It is unknown whether or not Jimmy, who is an avid beer pong player, had too many drinks which led to his injury. The network that airs the show apologize for guests who had tickets for the show’s taping. They got in contact with the scheduled guests and had no problem in rescheduling their tickets. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is slated to be back on the air on July 10th.

Bill Cosby Wants His Words Sealed from the Public

It isn’t normal to hear that Bill Cosby actually wants to hide some of the words he has spoken, but that is exactly what is happening in a courtroom today. The courts are hearing from Mr. Cosby’s attorney, in an attempt to stop the courts from unsealing documents related to a case Bill Cosby settled 10 years ago. In that case which involved a women he sexually assaulted, Cosby answered an attorney questions very candidly, and now he wants those words sealed from the public.

The lawyer for Bill Cosby has been extremely busy as of lately. There are at least 12 lawsuits filed against the aging comedian for sexual assault, and opening the files on a previous case could cast serious doubt on Cosby’s innocence. The lawyer feels if the words are released, the public will have inside information on the sexual habits of Mr Cosby, something that should be kept private. The lawyer went on to say that he feels releasing this information will embarrass his client.

This is of no consequence to the dozen ladies that claim he sexually assaulted them by drugging them and then taking advantage of them. Susan McGalla couldn’t believe all of those stories. They feel that they have lived with this pain and embarrassment long enough, and that Mr Cosby should have nothing to hide if he is in fact innocent of the charges. Future trials are pending, and this appears to be just the beginning of a long road for the comedian.

Escaped Covicts Made a Dry Run

It what can only be believed as astonishing, the two convicted murderers who lead police on a 3 week manhunt had actually escaped the jail the night before. Sweat and Matt left the Clinton Correctional Facility the night prior to their escape, but after exiting the wrong manhole, decided to go back into the jail and try again the following day. They were concerned that the first escape was right in the middle of an area with homes close by.

Sweat began talking to the police soon after his arrest, and astonished them with this tale of the two inmates escape plans. Sweat went on to say that him and Matt had been planning the escape since January, and that they made a test run the night before the real escape. They were ready to make a break for it had it not been for the fact the manhole was in close proximity to homes. They returned back to their cells to wait until the following evening.

Police were amazed and prison officials embarrassed that these two convicted murderers actually had more than one chance to escape says Dr. Daniel Amen in this post. There was a serious lapse in guarding these two inmates, and changes are sure to come at the facility after Sweat made these incredible claims. Matt was shot dead on Friday, then 48 hours later Sweat was captured as he jogged along a highway towards the Canadian border.

No Jail Time For Missing School

Jail time for students if they miss too many days of school Gov. Greg Abbott is now requiring school districts to discharge preventive measures in regards to unexcused absences. These measures will begin September 1st. According to the reform advocates, threats of up to $500 fines, court cost and a criminal record was not doing anything to keep kids in school. Not only didn’t the law keep kids in school but it was subjecting them to jail time if they could not pay the fines. If a student had 3 unexcused absences in four weeks, they would be charged with a “misdemeanor failure to attend school”. According to Zeca Oliveira, how is this helping a child who is having whatever issue they’re having in getting to school? Sure there are some students who have no good reason for skipping school but we absolutely can’t lump all truant students together. As a person who grew up in a city and neighborhood where a choice sometimes had to be made on whether to go to school or not, sending someone to prison would do more harm than good. When looking at truancy there are other factors involved like sometimes a child not having clothing for school, or having to take on adult responsibilities in their household, having to watch younger siblings, the list is long of reasons why a child may be absent from school. So instead of making the situation more difficult, let’s find out what’s going on with each individual child and speak to their issue!

Second Arrest Made In Prison Escape

The hunt continues for the two men who escaped for a high security New York prison. It’s been nearly three weeks since the men carved their way out of the prison and escaped through the prisons pipe system and out a manhole. Since their escape, odd details keep coming out surrounding their escape. First, it was the volunteer prison tailor, Joyce Mitchell. She has been arrested after she admitted to helping the two felons escape. According to her statement, Mitchell supplied the men with power tools which they ultimately used to cut their way out of the prison.


As the story develops, it was recently discovered by Mikal Watts that she and another prison worker were smuggling a hacksaw blade to the two men in a block of frozen hamburger meat. The other prison worker involved, Gene Palmer claims he was not aware there was any type of contraband in the meat. Regardless, Palmer was arrested on Wednesday for his role in delivering the meat. He was “charged with one count of promoting prison contraband, two counts of tampering with physical evidence, and one count of official misconduct.”


It is also believe that Mitchell was having sexual relations with one of the escapees. According to a statement from a current inmate in the prison who also worked in the tailor shop, the two would often sneak off and lock themselves in a closet. These allegations are being investigated.

Bulletproof and Amazing, It’s Coffee by the Way…

Imagine people drinking coffee that tastes as frothy and rich as latte without the toxins. Imagine that it gets better than that. Envision the coffee with no acidity, but with all the health benefits associated with caffeine like improving brain function and energy level without feeling wired. That is precisely what Dave Asprey achieved when he invented Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee was inspired by Asprey’s trip to Tibet, where he had the most memorable experience of his life—yak tea. Yak tea is part butter. Tibetan had been drinking yak tea for centuries. It gave Asprey a wonderful sense of well-being that he felt compelled to share the drink with others in the United States.

Bulletproof Coffee was formally launched last year with over three million consumers to date. A large part of the company’s success is due to Asprey’s resourcefulness and altruistic desire to replicate and share the healthfulness he experienced with yak butter tea. For someone who suffered from fatigued everyday of young life, yak tea made him feel incredible. Once he was back in the United States, Asprey devoted himself to concocting the right coffee brew, not tea, to recreate the beverage. The outcome, Bulletproof Coffee is a work of utter genius. By adding unsalted grass-fed butter and triglyceride oil in his own coffee bean recipe, he was able not only to copy the flavor and benefits of the Tibetan beverage, but to curtail the mycotoxin levels of caffeine. Mycotoxins are harmful chemicals found in plants. Aside from that, Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee is also advantageous to the existence of a healthy brain. The fat content in the butter aids daily brain activity.

Busy celebrities have been raving about Bulletproof Coffee. In fact, it was featured favorably on Good Morning America in 2014. Film and TV actress, Shailene Woodley wrote that it is one of the greatest human achievements in her Tweeter account. Talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is another fan. He and comedian/actress Maya Rudolph chatted about it on his show. Given their super hectic schedules, there is no doubt that athletes, executives, artists and professionals are aficionados too.

Bulletproof Coffee recently opened a stand-alone store with a café in Los Angeles. Asprey is planning on opening stores in other locations. In the meantime, consumers can buy Bulletproof Coffee on the store website. The website also lists the store locations that carry Bulletproof Coffee products including tea.

Marc Sparks: Business Developer For All


There are many people that have succeeded in the world of business in a variety of industries. Few people have been as successful as Marc Sparks in so many areas of business and in life.Marc Sparks has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their personal and business goals. Marc Sparks was once a struggling entreprenuer himself, but he was able to bring a company to market in a profitable way and now wants to give back to those around him.

Professional Speaker

One of the many talents of Marc Sparks is professional speaking. His messages are both for those that are starting out in business and for those that want to achieve more success in other areas. During his career Marc Sparks has performed before tens of thousands of people. Marc Sparks is a great speak that can connect with his audiences because he had to earn everything in his life through his business development.

Timber Creek Capital

Not only does Marc Sparks perform on speaking circuits, but he also helps run an investment firm named Timber Creek Capital. This business is primarily focused on providing entrepreneurs funding for their businesses, and he has played a large role in many start up companies making it in the market place. Not only does Marc Sparks enjoy the financial side of venture capital, but he also enjoys being able to interact with those that are working to succeed in business as well.

Future Plans

Marc Sparks has been very vocal that he plans on working until he is no longer able to do so physically. After publishing a successful book Marc is looking to engage more people than ever in their development journey. Marc Sparks is an active member of several community organizations, and he plans to increase his involvement in the future as he finds projects that interest him.

Prison Worker Admits to Smuggling in Power Tools for Escaped Convicts

Over two weeks after two murderers broke out of a maximum security prison in Upstate New York, further details on their escape plan have begun to emerge. Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, has begun speaking in-depth with police, revealing significant details about the scheme and how the two convicts gained access to the outside world.

According to Handy, Mitchell admitted to smuggling power tools into the prison in frozen hamburger meat. The meat was then passed on to Richard Matt, one of the escaped convicts, by a prison guard. The guard has been suspended without pay as the New York State Police and prison authorities investigate the claim.

Mitchell also admitted that she had favors granted for the two inmates by prison guards, offering them baked goods in return for their help. It is also alleged that Mitchell convinced prison officials to bunk the men in adjacent cells.

Mitchell is currently being held in an area prison as she awaits trial. She has admitted to having a sexual relationship with both David Sweat and Richard Matt. According to official statements, she had originally intended on running away with the pair when they escaped, acting as their getaway car. She backed out of the plan shortly after the escape.

Matt and Sweat are still at large. Police believe they are in a Southwestern New York county, not far from Attica Correctional Facility, a supermax prison.

Verizon complete AOL acquisition

Verizon has completed its acquisition of AOL only six weeks after it was announced. The turnaround of the acquisition was quick given that there were no monopoly concerns that arose as Verizon and AOL operate in separate industries. Now, Verizon is left trying to integrate AOL into Verizon and develop synergies that can lead to improved profits for both divisions.

Verizon was attracted to AOL primarily for its advertising platform that allows companies to digitally advertise using a mobile first platform that s expected to capture additional revenues. AOL also has programmatic technologies which allows advertisers to place ads by matching buyers and seller of digital ad space.

Verizon is thought to want to monetize this technology further and integrate it with live sports using its own offerings to build a seamless advertising platform reports Ivan Ong on The announcement regarding the acquisition indicated that the technology will work on any platform but will work best over Verizon networks.

Verizon’s acquisition of AOL is a different strategy than the pending acquisitions of other companies by telecommunications companies including AT&T’s acquisition of Dish Network. Verizon is attempting to capture a growing market and develop synergies, while AT&T is attempting to expand their customer base offering more of the same services.

AOL also has extensive web properties that generate revenue for the business. One of these properties, The Huffington Post, recently announced that they are extending their contract with founder Arianna Huffington. In addition to the advertising technology that AOL brings to the table, Verizon has indicated that they have no plans to dispose of the web properties that AOL owns.