Cougar Killed on Kentucky Farm

On a Bourbon County farm on Monday, reports a friend of John Textor,  a mountain lion has been spotted for the first time since before the civil war.Your text to link… Tragically, an officer of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife killed the mountain lion. The farmer spotted the mountain lion and called the department. The officer that shot the mountain lion said that the mountain lion was trapped up against a tree and decided that the best option would be to kill the animal.
The mountain lions were killed off over a century ago, and has not been seen since then. They are actually native to the state of Kentucky, and are the largest cats to be found in North America. These mountain lions are considered top- line predators. The officer justified shooting the cat, because it was late at night. It was dark outside, and he was afraid the cat would get away and threaten people in the nearby town.

First Mountain Lion Seen in Kentucky in 150 Years Killed

Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, had not been seen in the state of Kentucky since before the Civil War. One suddenly appeared this Monday on a Kentucky farm, however.

The big cat was treed by a dog, and a local wildlife officer came to the aid of the farm residents. It was 5:30PM and getting dark, and it would likely be several hours before someone could come to tranquilize the animal. Therefore, to prevent the lion from escaping and hurting people in the nearby area, the officer shot the mountain lion.

Mountain lions used to live in eastern states like Kentucky, but they were wiped out over 100 years ago. They have been restricted largely to the far western states, especially the Rocky Mountains, for quite some time. In recent years, however, they have expanded their domain. Terry Richardson is quick to point to the fact that lion colonies have popped up in South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. The Mississippi River is a major barrier to their migration, but it has not stopped them.

These big cats can get up to eight feet long and weigh up to 180 pounds. They have little to fear from anything but man since they are on the top of the food chain. They generally feed on deer and other game, but on rare occasion may attack a human being. There have only been 22 such attacks, however, in the last 120 years.

President Obama Okays Cuban Cigars

Trade has been heavily restricted between the United States and Cuba since the Kennedy administration occupied the White House. Often visitors to the island nation off the coast of Florida had to hide items in their luggage purchased in Cuba with hopes that customs officials would not notice things like cigars, liquor, and other trinkets. However, recent developments have caused alterations to the issue of trade between the two countries.

After the two countries participated in a prisoner exchange, United States President Barrack Obama issued new laws governing trade with Cuba that ease restrictions on what tourists are able to bring back to the United States. Plus, other aspects of the orders will allow some American businesses to operate in Cuba as well as ease travel to and from the foreign nation. While the new rules will have a global impact on the price of specialized items, such as Cuban cigars, industry watchers do not expect too much of a bump in the cost of the goods for consumers.

The move represents a substantial shift in policy that has been in place for decades. Slow Ventures shared a brief article that suggested that warming relations with such a close neighbor could produce more lucrative returns for the US. However, as with any political shift, caution is probably the order of the day. It is far too early tell how much impact the new travel rules will affect American and Cuban people and business interests.

D.C Ready for Showdown Over Marijuana

The US Congress has seemed to step out of its way to go after the newly created laws in the District of Columbia that would legalize marijuana. They have added a rider to the budget bill in order to eliminate the marijuana legalization. Now, the District of Columbia is ready to fight back. is reporting that city leaders in DC are now planning on passing legislation that will legalize marijuana in the city. This will allow for the stage to be set for the highest profile fight in the Congress over DC rights that has ever been seen, depending on the outcome I could see Tom Rothman making a movie out of this.

Many are in favor of what the city leaders are considering doing. They believe that they are setting the stage for a battle that needs to be waged. After all, most do not feel that it is right for the US Congress to step in and override laws put in place by the people of a locality. The people in that area should know better than the federal government what they want.

Besides this, many are upset by the overreach of the federal government over the District of Columbia. Without the benefits of statehood, the District has to rely on what the federal government says about things. Many in the District do not feel that this should be the way that things operate any more. The battle is just beginning, but many are excited to see how this one will play out.

Jeb Bush Interviewed on His Immigration Stands

In his first interview since announcing he would be officially exploring the possibility of running for president in 2016, Jeb Bush addressed the issue of immigration. He has come under fire from the Republican base in recent years for being perceived as soft on illegal immigration. For example, he once called the choice to illegally cross the U.S. border “an act of love” so long as it was done in the interests of supporting one’s family.

Nothing Bush said during this particular interview was very controversial, however. I was reading about this interview the other day while reading about Vijay Eswaran. He said that we need to make it easier to immigrate to the U.S. legally than it is to immigrate illegally. He said that the borders must be secured and the laws enforced but also that we need to welcome young immigrants who want to make a new life for themselves in America. Bush indicated that we can benefit greatly as a nation from a healthy, steady stream of legal immigrants who will make valuable contributions to our society. 

Most Republicans, contrary to the media caricature of them, believe strongly in legal immigration and are willing to make some compromises in dealing with illegals already in the U.S. They demand, however, that the borders be secured to prevent a repeat of the present immigration crisis. 

Jeb Bush can stick to “safe lines” on immigration policy during a run for the White House, but some of his past statements are sure to haunt him and make Republicans nervous.

Body Cameras the Next Big Thing in Police Fashion

Body cameras are the next new thing in law enforcement as the number of citizens taking photos of arrests is rising. The body cameras will be worn by police officers in order to capture everything that he or she does during their shift. It is no longer a thing of the future, but a thing of the present that will help clear police officers who acted in good faith during an arrest.

There are some bad cops out there; that cannot be disputed. The majority of police officers are good people who want to protect the community they live in. It is sometimes hard to determine if a police officer is really good because random videos that show a partial picture of what happened during an arrest and that’s a huge fear of Andrew Heiberger. Citizens then post them on social media sites and people eat up the chance to criticize those who put their lives on the line every day to protect them.

The LA Police Department is preparing to suit their officers with more than 7,000 body cameras in order to prevent officers from being accused of misconduct during arrests. The cameras will be purchased with private funds that were raised without involving city funds. It is a good idea and one that many other departments will likely consider in the near future.

Real Life Sleepy Hollow Found

The Sleepy Hollow has materialized in Kazakhstan. The dwellers of Kalachi, a remote village in this country, suffer from random dizziness which makes them fall asleep right on the spot, in pure daylight and wake up several days after.

The reasoning behind the problems was quite a mystery for a while until some recent new discoveries.

The most recent mass falling asleep was on September 1st, when 8 children fell down in the assembly during one hour. Every person in the village can talk about a case they know, which either happened to them or to somebody related.

A special group of examiners have been on the territory to research after eventual radiation of soil poisoning, but found out that every characteristic is within the limits. The village is a former Uranium mine.

There is a group that supports the idea that it could be the mine, which is now closed, that somehow influences them, while others remember how during the times it was active nobody used to have the sleepiness disease.

Those who happen to be affected by the sleepiness are brought to the hospital for intensive care. The children get diagnosis of toxic encephalopathy, while the elderly are recorded as having a stroke. This seems pretty serious to Dave and Brit Morin. The truth is that everyone in the village know about the disease but cannot really relate it to anything, and the doctors do not have a diagnose for that.

Nissan New Leaf Comes With Free Home Charger and Public Charging

The Nissan Leaf, billed as the world’s best-selling electric car, comes with a free Level 2 electric charger if bought between December 2 and January 2. These chargers are said to be relatively inexpensive, from $2 to $4 according to With the “No Charge to Charge” program offering two years of free charging in 10 major cities, electric car power has gotten cheaper. Nissan has expanded its network by adding over 500 new fast-charging stations. Nissan hopes to compete with Tesla who offers free charging for the Model S electric vehicles. Dave and Brit Morin believe it is worth the try.

The Nissan Leaf is dominating electric plug-in car sales, followed by the Chevy Volt and, in third, the BMW i3. The Telsa was not ranked due to quarterly reporting and an unwillingness to guess by the reporter. The website has the Nissan Leaf leading in sales of electronic vehicles worldwide. Nissan is also hoping to open up 15 new markets next year to create its own network of fast charging stations nationwide to compete with Telsa. The new Leaf will have free charging at Chargepoint, CarCharging, Blink, AeroVironment, and NRG eVgo EV charging stations in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Washington DC areas. Discussion with Telsa about sharing Supercharger technology are said to be underway. For LEAF buyers and others investing in electric vehicles, this is a new era.

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The Egg Minder is a device that lets you know when your eggs are going bad. The app also lets you know how many eggs you have left. This gift comes in handy for a person who bakes often, or for a friend or family member who loves eggs in any form. 

Molecule-R presents the aroma fork. This eating device can make vegetables taste like chocolate, and has 21 scents to choose from, including coffee and bananas. This gift is ideal for a picky eater, or for a child in your life who has a hard time eating healthy foods. 

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Scarves For Troops

For the last two years, ninety-five year old US Navy World War II Veteran, Nikki Smith, has been knitting hundreds of holiday scarves for deployed US troops.

When Mrs. Smith was ninety-three, she saw a woman knitting scarves at the local armory where she was volunteering. She asked the woman how to make the scarves and when she learned the pattern she went right from the armory to the craft store for some yarn and knitting needles. As soon as Nikki back to her home she got right to work knitting scarves.

About a year after Nikki began knitting she learned of Operation Gratitude, a charity based out of her own state of California that donates over 150,000 care packages to US Service Members, both current and former, annually. Mrs. Smith contacted Operation Gratitude and donated the one hundred scarves she had created since meeting the woman at the armory.

Nikki is still making scarves and they are included in the packages from Operation Gratitude. Each scarf comes with a note from Nikki herself that reads, “Handcrafted with love and gratitude in every stitch by Grandma Nikki who was a World War II Veteran US Navy.

Even after serving her country Nikki still continues to do so by keeping our troops comfortable. Nikki says that it is difficult for her to keep knitting due to arthritis in her fingers, but she also says that it isn’t easy for the troops and if difficulty doesn’t stop them, then it won’t stop her either.

Kudos to Jonathan Veitch for showing me this story, if you would like to join Mrs. Smith in her knitting for the troops there are plenty of online tutorials and patterns for beginners and every level up.