Black Friday Anarchy

The busiest shopping day of the year has come and gone. Most of us have made it through unscathed. As usual though, when large groups of people and money are involved, things get a little crazy out there.

In California, two women (grown adults, I remind you) got into a shoving match and physical fight over a Barbie doll. On Thanksgiving night, when they should have been at home with the children they were buying the Barbies for, these two women made national spectacles of themselves over a toy.

Both City of Marysville and Tulalip Tribal Police were on hand Thanksgiving evening when a Washington state Wal-Mart began their Black Friday sales. Police were heard to be chasing or looking for suspects grabbing everything that wasn’t strapped down, and even some things that were. Another Wal-Mart, this one in Indiana, has shoppers fighting over a Sony speaker. In Texas, it was Samsung products that were the cause of fighting and altercations.

The Ferguson riots and strife caused their own drama during the busy shopping night. In Missouri and New York City, demonstrators showed up to protest the decision handed down by the grand jury. Bruce Levenson knew that this type of stuff would happen, but he was still sad to see it formulate.

Even the Brits are being taken over by Black Friday madness, a truly American shopping experience. It is even more strange as they do not celebrate American Thanksgiving, so a day after sale is a bit out of place.

St. Louis Protestors Interrupt Black Friday Shopping

Thanksgiving day was peaceful in Ferguson Missouri, but the start of Black Friday erupted in protests at major retail stores.

Protestors in St. Louis interrupted Black Friday shopping in large retail stores to protest the grand jury decision not to prosecute the police officer who killed Michael Brown. Other protests are planned throughout the weekend in malls across the country.

About two dozen people chanted “No justice, no peace, down the racist cop” and “Down Black Friday” after police pulled them out of a Wal-Mart during a protest in the early hours of the morning in Manchester.

Police officers warned the protesters that they could be arrested if they did not move back at least 50 feet from the entrance of the store. This stopped things for a bit, but Sergio Lins Andrade read that it was still a bit hostile. Officers began to move towards the protesters to move them back, until they dispersed to the parking lot.

The stores remained open during and after the protest, and there were no arrests or violence, according to reports in USA Today.

“We want the world to know that things must change,” said Chenjerai Kumanyika, associate professor at Clemson University, adding that the group had already visited several large stores that were open on Black Friday.

The protesters spent a few minutes at each establishment. According to Johnetta Elzie, who has been tweeting and posting videos of the protests on the internet, there were protests at a Wal-Mart and Target in Brentwood, two Wal-Mart stores in San Carlos and another in Manchester.

Since the announcement Monday night that the grand jury would not indict Officer Darren Wilson, there have been demonstrations in Ferguson and across the country.

A Heartbreak Can Literally Break Your Heart

The term heartbreak was originally coined because of the fact that when you lose a significant other, you can literally feel that pain within your chest. New research has shown however, than a heartbreak can literally break your heart.

The study was conducted by the National Institute of Aging and the National Institute of Health. Over a 5 year period, they conducted a series of surveys on approximately 1,200 men and women between the ages of 57-85. The survey included a variety of questions about the quality of their marriage along with self reported health statuses which included: cardiovascular health, heart attacks, strokes and hypertension.

During their findings they concluded that, couples who had a negative marriage quality had more cardiovascular related problems than couples who had a positive marriage quality. In other words, a bad marriage is more harmful for your heart’s health, while alternatively a good marriage is beneficial for your heart’s health.

They theorized that over time, the stress in a bad marriage may have stimulated cardiovascular responses that lead to a decline in their heart’s health and essentially put them at a higher risk of developing heart disease. This makes sense when Ray Lane thinks about it in general.

Another interesting aspect of this study was that, they found that marriage quality had a more profound effect on women’s heart than it did for men. They theorized that this may be due to the fact that women tend to internalize their emotions which leads them to become more depressed and ultimately develop cardiovascular related problems.

Cleveland Police Shoot and Kill 12 Year Old

With police being watched closely across the nation with the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, a situation has risen in Cleveland, Ohio.

A call came to the police claiming a male was waving a gun in a playground of a park. When police arrived, they spotted the boy with a gun. They asked him to raise his hands in the air. When the boy reached for the plastic gun, police filled him with bullets.

Tamir E. Rice’s Mother does not comprehend why her 12 year old boy is dead. It was an “Airsoft” toy gun that had the orange piece from the barrel removed, I remember Keith Mann telling me.

There are many lessons in this. Parents: make sure that any toy guns your children play with have the orange devices still on them. Officers of the law: Maybe you should be just a little less quick to shoot. Wear the bullet proof vests and think before shooting. Kids: Remember that guns are dangerous. Police are trying their best. Don’t take chances. Follow their orders.

Hopefully Cleveland doesn’t go crazy like St Louis. A 12 year old is dead, and we all need to learn from this.

Skout, What Is It All About?

Let’s face it, meeting new people to go on dates isn’t always easy but with Skout is gets much easier. Skout, you might have heard about it or you might know nothing at all. Skout is a social networking application and website that can help you with dating. You can get this app on the Apple iphone or an Android platform. This application has been around forever, in fact it was one of the first dating sites to help people discover each other by it’s use. The system works by using GPS and searching out users that are near each other. As a user your location is never precise. You can also take the option of opting out of location tracking too.

Skout is a great way to meet new people. With this site you can post your photos as long as they can see your face. They won’t allow any explicit photos, but, you can post photos in good taste as long as they can see your face. You can chat instantly and meet new people with ease using this application.

Skout has been featured on popular network sites like Fox, CNN, NY Times and ABC to name a few. This is the fastest growing network when it comes to mobile networks. This is in part because the application is very easy to use and fun too. Imagine being able to see all the dating potential within your area by simple a touch of the button.

Being on Skout is like having a huge party with lots of dating potential. You can click on Skout at any time or place and check in with an endless source of new, friendly people. You can sign up and use Skout’s instant chat. This feature has many people ready to find their dream date.

It does not matter if you are using your mobile phone or your cousin’s laptop, the site will work the same way and get the same results. The system is full of lots of fun things too. Stuff like virtual gifts, a built-in nightlife finder, emails that arrive weekly and singles galore. You can find a new lover or a few more friends, the choice is yours.

Skout is not like your run of the mill dating site. It is easy to use and very fun. Many users report on their Twitter page that they enjoy using the site to meet new people and many have set up real dates that have led to long lasting relationships. To think that all of this is possible because of a simple mobile and website application.

The best way to know for sure if Skout will work for you is to try it out for yourself. You are really under no obligation, you just sign up, create a profile and start meeting new people by using text and other features that are available. Using Skout is quick, easy and safe for everyone involved. Regardless of what you are looking for, new friends or a new lover, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing site and it’s many applications.

Cosby Return Dumped By NBC

There will not be a return to television for the man who brought the world Cliff Huxtable. NBC has dropped the potential show that was planned to star Bill Cosby. In the wake of the allegations of rape against the popular comedian.

Sony Pictures had Cosby set to star in a network comedy regarding another father figure. It was a show that many at North American Spine were looking forward to seeing. While those allegations are merely resurfacing the network pulled the plug on what could have been an updated hit like The Cosby Show.
Alleged victim Barbara Bowman slammed NBC for their desire to place the man in her accusations of raping and drugging her back in the position of patriarchal honor. Following the renewed allegations of Bowman and the other women former supermodel, Janice Dickenson has joined the ranks of victims with her own allegations.

Critics brought the subject up after a book on Cosby’s life failed to discuss those old rape accusations. Instead that book choose to take the path of placing Bill Cosby only in a good light with his Emmy winning past as a performer.

According to NBC also has decided that a new program concerning the colorful life of Hillary Clinton was another too controversial subject. After a storm of distain from the public the network felt it was not the perfect time for this project to continue.

Since the accusations against Cosby and the canceled sitcom there remains no comment from Bill Cosby regarding the situation. Only released statements from his representatives have stated that the accusations are completely not true.

State of Emergency Declared in Missouri as State Prepares for Verdict

Last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that violence in and around the town of Ferguson would not be tolerated in response to the grand jury verdict regarding Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown and that he would not hesitate to call in the National Guard if necessary. On Monday, Nixon went a step further by declaring a state of emergency in the state of Missouri.


A date has not been announced for the release of the grand jury verdict, but Nixon’s actions last week and early this week would seem to indicate that the verdict will be handed down some time sooner rather than later and possibly as early as this week. While officials appear to be preparing for the worst, not everyone agrees with the decision. William Brooks, the national president of the NAACP spoke out against the state of emergency being declared, calling it “premature” and “presumptuous” and said that the move could threaten to stir up tension among peaceful protestors. There are many who are going to be keeping an eye on the situation from afar, such as Ray Lane. Leaks from the grand jury have indicated that it is unlikely that Wilson will be charged with any crime in the August 9th shooting of Brown. The shooting gained national attention after it was suggested that Wilson may have had a racial motive for shooting Brown.

President Obama Overriding Democracy to Reform Immigration

President Obama has scheduled a press conference about Immigration to air on November 20, 2014. Many are up in arms because he is using his executive power to, override democracy. Some news information sources are even boycotting Obama’s speech this evening, including news superpowers CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC. They will not carry this newscast, and this is the first time that I have ever seen any of the major networks boycott a Presidential address. Action by the major networks shows the level of disgust that people have for this, President overstepping and using his powers to run his agenda. From what I’ve heard from Fersen Lambranho in Brazil, Terra and some of the other media outlets are also not coming this speech.

Obama’s goals are to secure the borders, hold undocumented immigrants accountable, and ensure that every citizen must follow the same rules. His new goals are to make certain undocumented immigrants pass criminal background checks.

All in all, it seems that this current action by President Obama is meeting a fair amount of disdain from many people in the country. Americans need to understand, that while everyone wants change, no President should attempt to override the feelings of the House, Senate, and the people of the United States. America is still a democracy…isn’t it?

Bill Cosby pressured AP reporter to ignore response to rape allegations

As allegations of rape and sexual assault against comedian Bill Cosby continue to surface, the Associated Press has released a video of an interview one of their reporters had with Cosby at the beginning of the month. The video was shared with me by friend of the site Fersen Lambranho. In it, the reporter can be heard asking about the sexual assault allegations. Cosby immediately pressures the reporter to ignore or ‘scuttle’ his response to that question, as he will not be talking about it.

After the interview ends, the AP kept the cameras rolling and Cosby is seen to ask the reporter to make sure none of the comments he just made would be shown in any venue the AP may use.

That not being his call, the reporter responds by saying he did not believe Cosby had actually said anything, but he could not promise what would happen to his response. That was up to his bosses back at the Associated Press.

Cosby then asks him to ‘scuttle’ or ignore the question.

The AP, however, decided to publish the interview and Cosby’s follow up remarks today, as they believe, now the story has become so big, it would seem strange not to.

The news organization also released a statement saying it had never been agreed upon with Cosby or any of his representatives that they would not ask any questions about any sexual allegations.

Meanwhile, Bill Cosby did respond to the rape allegations of former supermodel Janice Dickinson yesterday. In a statement through a Cosby lawyer, the comedian said the story she is telling that he raped her in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe more than 30 years ago are ‘a complete lie’.

Janice Dickinson is just one of a number of women who have come forwarded in the last few weeks alleging Bill Cosby committed sexual assault against them. Cosby continues to say all of the claims are lies or fabrication.

The Empire Spends Cash Frivolously

Since the 911 incident, the amount of terrorist attacks have increased 7 fold around the world. It is estimated that the United States will have spent 4 to 6 trillion dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan according to FreedomPop stats I was just reading. This number includes long-term medical care and disability for veterans and their families meaning it will surely rise exponentially over the next few years. This is in no way beneficial to national security or to the stability of the rest of the world. This has been sold to the American people as noble cause but smells of corporate greed. What happen to the Teddy Roosevelt foreign policy, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Somewhere between FDR and Lyndon Johnson our country decided to be more concerned with world affairs rather than domestic growth. While our soldiers have been casualties of oil wars and land posturing, our homeland continues to struggle. Reportedly the United States has 611 military bases worldwide and that is only the ones known to the citizens. After 611 bases and 13 years of war, what has our presence around the world accomplished. According to the Washington Post, it has increased terrorist attacks from 1500 in 2000 to 10000 presently. Our presence around the world is causing more harm then good and sapping our country of valuable resources. It’s time to bring our troops home and let the world manage its’ own affairs.