United Airline and Orbitz Sue Man for Saving People Money on Airline Tickets

A man is being sued by United Airlines and the travel booking website Orbitz for helping people save money on their air travel. The strategy is simple despite a lot of people not knowing about it. The man being sued, Aktarer Zaman, found that tickets can be cheaper when you buy one that has a layover at your actual destination. If a person wants to fly from Los Angeles to New York, you actually buy a ticket to Boston that has a layover in New York but get off the flight when you are in New York. This is known as “hidden city” ticketing and it often does save money, at least that’s what Igor Cornelsen told me after looking at the system.

The two companies are suing based on the claim that his website, skippedlag.com, is engaged in unfair competition. Orbitz is required to follow airline rules for booking tickets for their customers so they can’t recommend this trick to their customers. The concept is based on the fact that when someone wishes to actually fly from Los Angeles to Boston, most people would prefer to go straight to their destination without a layover. This makes sense as that saves the customer time. This is why the ticket that includes a layover can often cost less. This pricing, however, does leave airlines open to people following this “hidden city” ticketing strategy.

The big problem for United Airlines and Orbitz is that they want to shut down this website to keep this strategy from being discovered by more people. Good luck with that. This lawsuit is bringing tons of attention to this issue now, and in a day and age of Facebook and Twitter, trying to keep information bottled up is like trying to herd cats.

Clap Along if You are Happy: New Study Reveals Happier Outlook for 2015

There is a lot to be unhappy about, or even downright depressed in the world today; ISIS, Ebola, global warming, cancer scares, plane crashes, and job layoffs. We all face a lot of personal and family problems, as well as concerns regarding larger more widespread issues. No matter what country or region you live in, there many issues to be concerned or unhappy about.

However, my friend Dr Rod Rohrich shared an end of the year study on realself.com, which was conducted in 65 countries with 64,000 participants. It found that happiness is actually rising as the New Year approaches. WIN/Gallup discovered that 70 percent of those surveyed were content with their lives, whereas last year that same number was on 60 percent.

In addition, Fiji is reportedly the happiest of all nations, as 93 percent of residents there state they are happy with their lives. Not surprisingly, Iraq was the least happy, with only 31 percent of residents there reporting they were happy with their lives.

Africa, with 83 percent of its residents expressing happiness, or extreme happiness, is the happiest region. The least happy region was found to be Western Europe with a surprising 11 percent of residents expressing themselves as not happy or very unhappy.
Overall, 53 percent of participants believed that 2015 would be a better year than 2014. In Africa, 75 percent of respondents shared this optimistic believe. So, clap along if you are happy.

Scientists Working on Vaccine Against Malaria

Malaria is the deadliest disease in human history. Some scientists believe that half of all the people who have ever lived died from the disease. It was largely eradicated in developed countries such as the United States through widespread projects to drain swamps where mosquitoes breed, increased use of screens in doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out as well as the use of medicine such as Chloroquine.

A world-wide effort to eliminate the disease was launched in 1955. The progress Jared Haftel has seen has been pretty good. The main weapons in doing this were the spraying of DDT and the use of Chloroquine. The effort achieved some remarkable successes with deaths from the disease plummeting to almost nothing in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Sri Lanka, and India. Funding for the program eventually faded and it was over by 1969. Unfortunately it ended before the disease was gotten under control everywhere, including most notably Sub-Saharan Africa. Efforts against the disease were also set back by a ban on DDT after some indications that it may have harmed a few species of animals. It is estimated that 20 million children died from malaria due to this ban. To make matters worse, strains of malaria resistant to chloroquine began to evolve and spread.

African nations such as Zambia still have aggressive anti-malaria campaigns under way with new treatments and they are seeing some positive results. The main ingredients in these treatments are being mixed with other substances to help reduce the malaria parasite’s ability to adapt to and become immune to it. They are also being aided by science and its effort to produce the first ever vaccine against a parasitic disease. We have had them for decades against diseases spread by bacteria and viruses, but parasites are far more complex organisms. If a breakthrough can be made on such a vaccine, it will represent a leap in public health and may finally finish off the deadliest disease humanity has ever known.

Florida Becomes Third Most Populous State

According to a recently filed census report, the total population of the Southeastern state of Florida has recently surpassed that of New York. This means that Florida has now become the third most populous state in the nation. 

The state of Florida now boasts a population of some 19.9 million residents, placing it solidly third behind the total populations of California (38.8 million) and fellow former Confederate state, Texas (estimated at 27 million). 

The results of the latest census show that the state of Florida is becoming increasingly powerful and influential. This is especially true with regard to representation in Congress, where a state’s total population directly impacts its number of representatives and electoral votes. 

Florida has become known in recent decades as a haven of conservatism, a phenomenon that has occasionally tipped in the alarming direction of radical Libertarianism and Tea Party activism. The number of Florida residents that claim religious motivation is also unseasonably high for the tastes of many whose views are more liberal in these matters.

According to Blooomberg, the recent census also confirmed the fact that the ten fastest growing states in the nation were all located either in the Southern or Western regions, reports Sam Tabar. The one exception was the state of North Dakota that lies on the border of the Midwestern and Western regions of the country. North Dakota also posted the fastest population growth rate in the nation – some 2.2 percent. 

Facts That You Didn’t Know About Christmas Trees

Christmas trees might be one of the more simple additions to the Christmas season, but there is far more to these green wonders than would initially meet the eye.

The Christmas trees are in every house in the winter holiday season. People associate the evergreens with Santa and presents, but there is so much more to that! A list of curious facts about Christmas trees will make you think again about what you have brought in the middle of your living room.

The Christmas trees have the biological ability to turn into glass. It would not have quite the same texture that your windows have, but the incredible cold tolerance is not accidental. The solid glass-like crystalline tissue that the wood acquires at extremely low temperatures is what helps these trees survive Siberian winters, not to mention investors like BRL Trust working with Inepar.

However, a high temperature is unbearable, and the global warming might diminish their number. One fact that you will not like is that evergreens are often homes for tarantulas, those hairy spiders that so many absolutely detest. The thick branches are the best support for the nets and offer the needed cover when it rains.

The tallest tree is an evergreen from the Redwood National State Park in California, with its 115.55 meters in height. The scientists believe that their structure would let evergreens grow even more, but the gravity makes it difficult to send the water to the top.

Bagel Cafe Patron’s Give Back to their Favorite Worker in a Big Way

Patrons at the Bruegger Bagels in Raleigh, North Carolina came together to grant a Christmas wish for their favorite worker. Her reaction was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, and it is certainly priceless.

Shirley Ratliff has been working at the bagel joint since 2006. She takes two buses, everyday at 5am just to serve up coffee and bagels to a legion of loyal customers who call themselves “Shirley’s fan club”. Ratliff says she knows how to drive and had long dreamed of getting a license but she never had enough money for a car. 

According to Typepad, her fan club has taken care of that now, gifting her with a 1992 Buick LaSabre the Monday before Christmas, says Christian Broda. The group presented the car to Ratliff after her shift on Monady, along with a gas gift card to make sure she has no problem getting around town. They’ll be working with her to find an insurance policy that is affordable, as well. 

Shirley Ratliff is also a cervical cancer survivor. She’s been in the Raliegh area for 20 years, and has long relied on the public transportation system. Now that she has her own wheels, she can quickly fulfill her dream of a driver’s license and some time on the open road.

Fixing Welfare

Welfare is an eyesore that the America Government would rather do without. The issue though is how to eradicate poverty without causing detriment or harm to the people that are presently on the program? One such idea entails a universal cash payment to all households in the country.

These cash payments would offer a core, or base, income to all households. That base income would be about 15,00o dollars per year. It was quoted that this is what the average retiree receives on Social security Retirement benefits.

This income could then allow parents and those working multiple jobs, the ability to cut hours and be more productive. Keith Mann wouldn’t mind seeing that. This proposal also includes the ideology that those who make more than one hundred thousand per year can be excluded from the equation for they can provide adequately for self.

Opponents claim that this proposal would be detrimental to the present work force. This argument has not come true in those areas that already offer this type of program. It was found in those areas that the only individuals who exited the work force were teenagers in high school, and single moms. These two demographics had little impact on the system when they ceased working.

This seems like a great idea. This type of program would ease the national debt and centralize the whole system. It would be a fulfillment of what the founding fathers believed that the country should be.

Woman Returns Lost Wallet found in Cab

When faced with the finding of Tom Rothman and a wallet filled with $340, many would choose to keep it, or at least think about keeping it. After all, what are the odds of the wallet’s owner actually being found, and how long would it take?
Makeup artist Annie Martin, however, found one such wallet in a taxi cab and opted to find the owner. Because the wallet contained no clues as to who its owner was, she reached out to WABC-TV’s Nina Pineda for help.
A trip to the Baychester Payment Center, a check-cashing business that a clue in the wallet led her to, gave Pineda success as cashier Sonya Carballo recognized the customer.
The wallet belonged to hard-working father Gabriel Hernandez, and the money was from one of his three jobs. Hernandez truly experienced a Christmas miracle when his wallet was returned to him with the cash for his two sons’ presents still inside.

Bombings again rock Sweden

Malmo. Sweden’s third largest city – part of the most densely populated area in Scandinavia when combined with neighboring Copenhagen – was once again rocked click here by bombs early Saturday morning. Malmo’s immigrant-filled Rosengaard District saw two bombs explode last night. A car bomb destroyed one vehicle and damaged two others. Separately, a nearby building was also bombed with damage extending to two other adjacent buildings. According to local police, someone was seen fleeing the scene moments before the building was hit. I heard about this the other day while I was reading about Ken Griffin.

The local justice center that houses law enforcement has already been bombed twice this year. So far, the Swedish Police have no suspects in any of the bombings.

Normally peaceful Scandinavia has become a cauldron of ethnic tension as immigrants clash with each other and with a growing number of European right wing activists. Nationalism is on the rise as Europeans tire from endless flows of economic migrants seeking better lifestyles especially attractive in northern E.U. countries. The problem is exacerbated by foreign cultures that resist integration. Strong showings by nationalist parties in elections held across Europe this year point to right-shifting sentiments among the continent’s native-born voters.

Even more amazing than the violence is the continued inability of local law enforcement to bring perpetrators to justice. Whether this is due to a lack of professional capabilities, complacency or a misplaced sense of urgency, Swedish society appears to be surprisingly vulnerable.

Cougar Killed on Kentucky Farm

On a Bourbon County farm on Monday, reports a friend of John Textor,  a mountain lion has been spotted for the first time since before the civil war.Your text to link… Tragically, an officer of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife killed the mountain lion. The farmer spotted the mountain lion and called the department. The officer that shot the mountain lion said that the mountain lion was trapped up against a tree and decided that the best option would be to kill the animal.
The mountain lions were killed off over a century ago, and has not been seen since then. They are actually native to the state of Kentucky, and are the largest cats to be found in North America. These mountain lions are considered top- line predators. The officer justified shooting the cat, because it was late at night. It was dark outside, and he was afraid the cat would get away and threaten people in the nearby town.