Experts Surprised that Measles Don’t Break Out More Often

One un-vaccinated child has led to a measles outbreak that has spread to seven states and to two other countries. Quite an accomplishment for a child who just wanted to go see Mickey Mouse at Disneyland in California. That’s all it takes: one un-vaccinated person and an exposure to a virus, and viola!, you’ve got an outbreak.

A team of infectious disease experts did the math and came to the conclusion that we are very fortunate not to have more similar outbreaks, both in the past and present, due to the lack of un-vaccinated children and adults.
Many people are not having their children vaccinated against common childhood diseases, such as measles, and rely on ‘herd immunity’ to protect their child from contacting a communicable disease. In order for herd immunity to work, 96% to 99% of the people around that un-vaccinated child must have either taken vaccinations or had the particular disease in the past. Because the anti-vaxxer movement has been around for over a generation now, we have both adults and children who have never been vaccinated and never been exposed to childhood diseases.
The math the experts did revealed that only 50% to 86% of the people at Disneyland that infamous day had been immunized or had the measles in the past stated Dr Jennifer Walden. Herd immunity doesn’t work when the numbers are so low. Since these numbers would also apply to any given location on any given day, experts are surprised that measles (and other diseases) don’t break out more often.

Georgia Televangelist Pulls His Plea For A $65 Million Jet From His Website

Creflo Dollar Wanted His Followers To Buy Him A Gulfstream G650 Jet

It’s strange, but somehow some televangelists think they are rock stars. They are rock stars that preach to hear themselves preach. The message of God is twisted in a mixture of fame, money and a narcissistic blend of “merda.”Creflo Dollar is just one of these bigger-than-life characters that travel and live in luxury at the expense of others. Dollar wants his followers to buy him a G650 Jet, which happens to have a three year waiting list because of its popularity with real rock stars.

Christian Broda has become aware that Dollar tried to wrangle $300 out of 200,000 followers to buy the plane, but all he got was backlash from people that were paying attention. Dollar doesn’t need a superjet to go back and forth from Atlanta to New York. Why doesn’t Rev. Dollar take the train or a domestic flight, and mingle with the people he wants to save? Why doesn’t he open that big Atlanta mansion where he lives in luxury, to people that need help?

There’s a huge amount of duplicity in the man called Dollar, and the preacher that claims to be a reverend. Perhaps his ostentatious lifestyle will expose the real Dollar. Mr.Dollar is walking and preaching on a dangerous path. That path has ruined several preachers before him.

The Dorchester Collection – Where Dreams Come True

Back in 1931 The Dorchester opened its doors for the first time in London’s Mayfair, one of the most prestigious areas of that capital city. It soon became synonymous with luxury, comfort, and splendor. It was the haunt of the British Royal Family, and the current Queen of England held a dinner party there on the night before her engagement. To this day having “afternoon tea” at The Dorchester is an institution for Londoners, and it is one of London’s leading meeting points.

This reputation for sumptuous hospitality and the best location has been carried forward into a new era by the Dorchester Collection. These magnificent hotels are to be found across the globe in some of the major capitals and most famous places in the world.

The term “collection” for this group of hotels is appropriate because this is a group of some of the finest and best-known hotels from all over the globe. For example, who has not heard of the Beverly Hills Hotel? In the center of Beverly Hills on the famous Sunset Boulevard, the “Pink Place”, as it is known, has been the go-to place for the Hollywood stars for decades. Equally well-known is the Hotel Bel-Air, a peaceful escape for the rich and famous and known as one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Under the Dorchester Collection’s stewardship, these hotels have been lovingly renovated to retain their famous charm whilst offering the best in modern luxury.

In Paris, France, the magnificent opulence of Le Meurice has been legendary since the 18th century. The Dorchester Collection has enhanced this legendary elegance with contemporary chic, to create a truly individual experience. Paris is famous for haute couture, and the Hôtel Plaza Athénée is ideally situated for those wishing to explore the City’s boutiques, as well as for views of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Both of these hotels boast Michelin-star chefs, ensuring any stay will be one to remember.

Since 1889 the luxurious Hotel Eden has held pride of place in the City of Rome, Italy. As part of the Dorchester Collection it offers Italian elegance and is known for its delightful rooftop restaurant La Terrazza dell’Eden with its spectacular views across the Eternal City to the Dome of St Peter’s.

These and the other magnificent hotels in the Dorchester Collection make travelling an experience to remember. They are the places that dreams are made of, dreams that the Dorchester Collection can help come true.

Orca Whales Spotted in Vancouver

CTV News has a story on their site today about a pod of Orca whales that have been spotted off the coast of Vancouver.

People at Stanley Park Seawall on Thursday were treated with the sight of the killer whale pod catching prey. The pod, determined to be two adults and two juveniles, were first spotted in Deep Cove before setting off for Burrard Inlet. Those lucky enough to be out on the water kayaking or those walking near the shore got a rare up-close look of the killer whales in their natural habitat.

Marcio Alaor BMG recently visited the Vancouver Aquarium and said that this is the third time in a four-year span that a pod of Orca whales have been spotted in that area. Killer whales are known to eat sea lions, seals, porpoises, and dolphins. Chad Nordstrom, a biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium, said it was most likely that the pod were feasting when they were first spotted in Burrard Inlet. He went on to say that when whales are spotted doing their more acrobatic-like moves that they are chasing their prey.

The pod of Orca whales were monitored by marine biologists on a Vancouver Police boat as they made their way through the inlet.

What Keeps You Overeating

It seems that even though we workout and try to live a healthy lifestyle, we still turn towards overeating. This is what has caused a huge outbreak of obesity in our country. Even children are leading less healthy lifestyles and battling the bulge because of eating the wrong foods and eating too much of them. According to there are a number of reasons why we overeat and continue to do so including:

While we work, watch television or play with the kids we often grab a snack to eat while we complete our tasks. This can lead to not paying attention to how much and what is being consumed. It is much healthier to sit down with a proportioned amount and enjoy each bite so you do not feel unfulfilled after the meal.

Lack Of Planning
In order to have healthy meals available each day you need to plan ahead. If you come home and don’t have a dinner option ready you are more apt to pick something unhealthy or skip a meal altogether, binging on junk or ice cream.

Eating Too Fast
We lead busy lives but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to sit down and eat slowly. When we eat too fast this isn’t good for our bodies and we tend to snack more later on.

The Wrong Foods
It isn’t healthy to fill up on meat and potatoes every day. There are just as many healthy food options that allow you to fill up without overeating. Fruits and veggies can make you just as full as that sub sandwich will.

A Rare Talk by Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, made a rare public speaking appearance at Stanford. Forbes originally reported on the discussion led by Thomas Byers, professor of entrepreneurship. Powell Jobs spoke on a mix of topics including social innovators, immigration reform, and challenges women face in the career world.

Most of the discussion centered around Powell Jobs’ career path. She currently chairs Emerson Collective, an organization supporting entrepreneurs. This follows her work with College Track, which helps low-income high school students prepare for college. Powell Jobs has also worked advocating for immigration rights.

Prior to attending Stanford Business school, Powell Jobs spent four years working for Goldman Sachs. She referenced this time, noting that it was a challenge to work the trading floors as a female among mostly men.

The topic turned to entrepreneurship in the non-profit world when students had the opportunity to ask questions. Powell Jobs suggested corporations and venture capital firms allot a percentage of their investments for social entrepreneurs. This could help address the minimal income that often discourages young entrepreneurs. Powell Jobs encouraged students that despite low pay, the intrinsic rewards are powerful motivation.

The discussion ended with Powell Jobs offering a bit of career advice to students. She encouraged students to spend time in different workplace environments. Then find a long-term career that best matches the type of environment that feels right.

More information can be found at

FDA Warns Against Dangerous CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a product derived from the marijuana plant. Unlike the well-known component THC, CBD does not give users a high feeling. Instead, CBD works to help boost the medicinal properties of marijuana by helping to alleviate discomfort associated with a number of different health concerns. While still technically illegal in the United States, CBD has been making news recently thanks to the increased efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning to several companies about the CBD products they are releasing to the public. Marijuana plants with low THC content can be used to create CBD oils and products. Brad Reifler has learned that the plants used to make hemp products contain very low THC amounts and can be used to create CBD products. Find more about Reifler on

The process used to extract the CBD can also extract pesticides and other dangerous chemicals used to grow the hemp plants. As much of the hemp used in America is grown and imported from other countries, lax environmental regulations in those countries can lead to extremely dangerous CBD products.

When the FDA tested many of these products, they found low amounts of CBD, no CBD or toxic chemicals in the products. They have issued warning to these companies, but they have also listed them on the FDA CBD Warning Letters and Test Results page. Be sure to check this page regularly.

My First Attempt at Writing On Wikipedia

Most people think it is pretty easy to add information to Wikipedia. I was one of those people. And then, within 30 minutes of editing a few pages, I noticed that all of those changes were quickly reversed!

For the most part it is easy to write on Wikipedia, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed. To begin with, Wikipedia is an editable web site that allows anyone in the world to edit any page within the wiki. This site is powered by MediaWIki. To create an addition or to edit a page, all you need to do is click on the edit button at the top of the page.

Have I lost you yet? You can always reach out to the fine team at GetYourWiki if you want to get published on Wikipedia, but I always find it’s more fun to DIY. So continue on and learn from me!


Following this, the text of that page will be shown inside an area, which is able to be edited. You will see formatting markups and some strange brackets, but no worries. After you have added your information, you can hit the show preview button. This is highly suggested since you don’t want to have typographical errors or misinformation written. When you are 100% completely satisfied with your work, you simply hit the save this page button.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to look at the minor edits button. A small format correction or typo can be caught with this handy button. Again, after you have ensured that there are no typographical errors or format issues, simply hit the save this page button.

After you have saved your page, you will see your changes or additions noted in the section of Wikipedia noted as Recent Changes. In this section, there are thousands of Wikipedia edits that actually occur per hour. Additionally, this change will be listed in the History section of that specific page. Revisions can be rolled back at anytime. Another great thing about Wikipedia is that any addition can be done or undone, including in realtime, which come in quite handy to say the least.

With all of this said, the next time you feel the need to add your input for ohers to see, you will not have to worry about performing a Wikipedia flaboo.

Nina Pham Sues Dallas Hospital

Nina Pham, the nurse who became infected with Ebola last October, is now suing Texas Health Resources for “gross negligence.” Pham claims that her employer did not provide adequate preparation, training or controls for preventing the spread of the virus when hospital officials knew that the emergency was impending.

According to AnastasiaDate, Texas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was warned about the Ebola outbreak in August of 2014. When Thomas Eric Duncan was finally admitted to the hospital in September, Pham was given no choice in regards to caring for him even though she had not yet received any training on how to deal with Ebola. In fact, one of Pham’s supervisors printed information off the Internet after conducting a Google search and gave it to her to use as training material.

Pham was never given disposable clothing and her neck and part of her face were exposed as a result of the Texas Health Resources not preparing properly for an Ebola patient’s treatment. Worse yet, Pham noted that since she was not given disposable clothing, she also took home clothes that were likely contaminated with the virus. Supposedly, even as Pham was discussing End of Life options with her doctor, the THR PR team was telling the public that she was in stable condition. In fact, at one point, Pham claims that she was filmed and coerced into behaving positively on-camera to boost the hospital’s image.

Practice Positive Sleep Patterns

Lack of sleep, contributes, to many terrible physical disadvantages such as irritability, distractions, unhappiness, weight gain, and memory loss. Everyone knows that sleep aids in the development of the body, mind, and spirit as has repeatedly stated. Practice Positive Sleep Patterns stated. Without the required eight hours of sleep each day, the body cannot function properly the next day. Image moving around for days without the proper rest. This is called insomnia. Insomniacs may wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning, and not go back to sleep. Experts suggest a crash course called “Sleep Hygiene” to help insomniacs get the rest they need. Make Sleep a Priority Develop a sleep routine. Get to bed the same time each night. Exercise, drink warm milk, or take a hot bath, to help expedite the process. Relax the Feet Stress plays a major part in not sleeping. A tense body can cause pain, nervousness, and insomnia. The exercise is simple: tense the toes, release them, and form a muscle group. Do the same exercise to the other set of toes. Complete a Mental Exercise Try counting sheep, or counting backwards from 100. Make it more complicated and try counting in multiples of 3’s, 7’s, or 9’s. The more challenging the exercise, the more mental strength it takes to complete the task. Visit a Doctor if Insomnia Persists After all else fails, and nothing else works, now is the time to visit the doctor, and get some professional advice.