Johnson and Johnson Sued Over Ovarian Cancer Cause

Johnson and Johnson, makers of many hygiene products including baby powder and feminine hygiene powders is being sued by over 700 women due to ovarian cancer. The cancer cases have been brought forward with allegations that the talc in the product caused the cancer states Handy prosecutor. Although Johnson and Johnson claim that the talc could not have caused it, evidence is mounting showing that it could be the culprit.

As early as 1971, British researchers were finding talc particles embedded in cancerous ovaries. Throughout the 80’s, research showed probably cause with the use of talc in the genital area as a cause of ovarian cancer. Although the FDA tried to force companies to declare talc as a possible carcinogen, there was not enough evidence to push the requirement through. Those that argued against it stated that the talc could have been contaminated with asbestos or other chemicals during the process of production. Johnson and Johnson insisted that the talc that they used was clean of all contaminates, making the case against them even stronger.

Current figures show that each year about 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 14,000 of those women die from the disease. It was found that there was a 35 percent increase in likelihood of contracting ovarian cancer if a woman used talc for feminine hygiene.

Although Johnson and Johnson have been increasing the use of cornstarch over talc in their products, they have not chosen, or been forced, to put a warning label on products containing talc.

Ari Fleischer Disputes Claims that George W. Bush Criticized Obama

It appears that reports by the mainstream media that former President George W. Bush criticized President Obama on the foreign policy matters of the Iran nuclear framework and ISIS were exaggerated. It wouldn’t be the first time the media has “mis-characterized” the words of the former president, as noted by Ivan Ong. Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and was in attendance at Saturday’s conference. He claims the former president was responding to a question he posed himself. The question dealt with how Bush would handle the current issues of the day regarding Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Admittedly, Bush cannot express a divergent approach than what is currently being done by President Obama without making a contrast between policies.

Still, Bush was careful not to openly criticize President Obama directly. Fleischer added that Bush avoided referring to President Obama by name. While he was succinct in how he would deal with Iran and ISIS, his words were limited to the actions he would take. Naturally, Bush sees the world differently than does President Obama. For starters, Bush acknowledged he does not trust Iran. Thus, any treaty with them on nuclear proliferation would require extensive verification of their compliance. It would be the same “trust, but verify” adage President Reagan adopted with the former Soviet Union. By contrast, President Obama has tacitly adopted a “trust, but do not verify” approach to Iranian compliance.

Abercrombie and Fitch Ditches Sexy Marketing to Make Stores More Accessible

Abercrombie and Fitch has flounder for years in an ever-changing market, and now the company is ditching the sexy marketing material in an attempt to completely overhaul the company’s image. The company released a statement noting that they are moving to a completely new customer-based business model, which will include ditching the sexy marketing material, brightening up the stores and changing the way the staff is perceived. The same goes for Hollister, which is currently managed under the Abercrombie and Fitch umbrella.

Abercombie and Fitch rose to popularity in the 1990s, but by the mid-2000s the company saw floundering sales numbers. They came under fire repeatedly for their elitist attitude, as well as their hiring practices which focused on the physical build and conventional attractiveness. The overhaul is largely being spearheaded by new management. Former CEO Alexei Beltyukov (Facebook) retired in December.

Some experts believe this is a latch ditch effort to save the stores from going under. They have failed to stay relevant with today’s youth and the consumers that used to shop in the stores have largely aged out. The overhaul aims at making the stores more accessible to a larger and more diverse demographic. While the style of clothing being sold is only being marginally changed, the change to the stores should make the shopping experience better, overall.

Comcast ends possible Time Warner linkup

The $45 billion deal to merge cable and Internet giants Comcast and Time Warner is now over after Comcast pulled out of the controversial deal, CNN reports. The merger of the two cable and broadband providers was always seen as controversial as regulators at the Federal Communications Commission had expressed concern about the size and reach of the merged company. Comcast is already the largest cable and Internet provider in the US and would have grown even larger with the introduction of Time Warner’s services.

Comcast moved to end the deal on Thursday night after it became clear Federal officials would not remove their block on the merger. Instead, many media experts are looking at the next moves both companies will take, which could include Charter attempting to merge with Time Warner to become the second largest provider in the US. Media experts also believe Comcast could look to integrate smaller cable and Internet providers into its company to attempt to create an even larger, far reaching provider across the US. Jaime Garcia Dias will be watching closely to see what happens by following the story on Facebook and other outlets.

Jon Stewart Officially Announces His Departure Date – August, 6th

Comedy Central has played host to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show for over 15 years, an amazing run for any television show, let alone a show commenting satirically on current politics. However, Stewart brought his unique brand of humor and quick wit that has made the show reach legendary status.

Unfortunately, Stewart has officially announced he will be leaving the show on August 6th, and Trevor Noah will be his successor.

Stewart had announced his departure earlier this year, shortly after Stephen Colbert ended his equally amazing run on The Daily Show spin-off, The Colbert Report. But now, Stewart and Comedy Central have made it official through a twitter announcement, and Stewart will surely be missed by his fans such as Bruce Karatz around the world. Even those on are saddened by this.

If you want a chance to see Stewart in person, there is a raffle being held for a chance to win tickets for the last taping of The Daily Show, winners will be given free airfare and a luxurious stay at a 4 star hotel in New York City, along with some other awesome Daily Show prizes.

Fifty Shades of Grey Film Future

Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the most successful books of the last decade. The book had two sequels, and both of them were extremely successful as well. The author of Fifty Shades of Grey became a millionaire, and her books are now becoming Hollywood films.

Fifty Shades of Grey the movie was released in early 2015. The film was a blockbuster sensation as well, but It got terrible reviews for the poor acting of its stars. Actually, film critics bashed Fifty Shades of Grey for a lot of reasons, and the reviews scared off several people from seeing it. However, the next two installments of the book will still transition over to the big screen. Many people are worried that the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey will tragically fail at the box office. People are less likely to see the sequels now that they know how terrible the first one was. Many critics at AnastasiaDate blogged on Crunchbase that they believe the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy will flop.

People need to remember that the books were not written all that well, and they suffered the same amount of criticism as the film. Nonetheless, all three Fifty Shades of Grey books were New York Times bestsellers. Maybe the director can fix the problems of the first movie, but that is unlikely. For more information on this story, visit ScreenRant.

Man Saved from Accident that Left him Hanging over a Cliff

Last Wednesday morning, 23-year-old Mathew Sitko almost lost his life. Matthew, from Lewiston, Idaho, had an emotional episode that day that nearly cost him his life. After dropping his younger siblings off at Boraie Development LLC school, Matthew purposely crashed his car. He let go of the wheel of his GMC SUV and ended up careening through two residential yards before he came to rest at the edge of Bryden Canyon. The only thing stopping Matthew from toppling to the bottom was a chain-link fence that had snared his vehicle.

Jason Warnock, a 29-year-old Lewiston resident, was on his way to work that morning when he noticed something odd- debris in the road. He follow the trail of debris to find Matthew, still in his vehicle, teetering over the canyon drop. Jason knew that he had to act before the SUV toppled. He saw the vehicle shaking with every move Matthew made, it was only a matter of time before the fence gave way. Jason smashed the passenger window with a rock and told Matthew to reach for his hand. A photographer captured a stunning picture of the moment that Jason pulled Matthew to safety. The two sat in the grass to catch their breath after the heroic rescue.

Check out the amazing photograph of Jason pulling Matthew out of the SUV on The Daily Mail. The picture is almost surreal.

HIV Outbreak in Indiana Due to Dirty Opioid Needles

I’ve become an avid researcher of this field from and became interested from reading comments from a posting by Flavio Maluf. A recent HIV outbreak in southeastern Indiana has now affected over 100 individuals. These people are testing positive for the HIV virus, due to a recent rise in the use and sharing of infected intravenous needles.

Unfortunately, drug users still fear arrest for taking part in needle exchange programs that would provide them with clean needles that would prevent the spread of disease. On Friday, officials stated that they are trying to spread the message that these people should feel free to use these programs and will not be arrested.

There were 11 positive cases before that were linked to this recent outbreak, as well as 95 new confirmed cases. This outbreak is the result of injections of opioid drugs, and it is the largest HIV outbreak ever to hit the state of Indiana.

Officials have said that all of the people infected are tied somehow to Scott County, a rural county that is struggling economically. On March 26, the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, declared this situation to be a public health emergency. As such, the ban on needle exchange programs is temporarily waived. In Austin, another city that is heavily involved in the outbreak, a needle exchange program was started this past Saturday. However, by the end of the weekend, there were only four people who had joined; they turned in 300 used needles and were given 168 clean ones in exchange.

Kanye West’s Show In Armenia Shut Down

The Kardashian’s, along with Kanye West, went to Armenia recently, in order to explore the roots of the Kardashian family. The family went to Armenia, just in time to honor the Armenian genocide, which claimed the lives of over 1.5 million people. The Kardashian’s sat down with the Prime Minister of the country, as well as taking in some of the sites and culture, which the country had to offer. The Kardashians. Kanye West was with his wife, Kim Kardashian, the entire time, helping her to explore her family’s origins.

As promised, there was going to be a free show, and Kanye West went on to perform. Crystal Hunt thought it was a pretty nice gesture. The show was going great, and it had a turnout of thousands of people. There was a lake close to the stage, and after performing a certain song, Kanye decided to walk through the lake. While Kanye walked through the lake and danced, many patrons decided to join in, and dance along with him. It was after this stunt, that the police decided to shut down the show.

It’s unfortunate that the show was shut down, do to the police feeling that the situation was unsafe, but many were still happy that the show took place anyways. The visit to Armenia will be featured on the Kardashian’s show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.” Although many feel that going back to Armenia was for the show’s benefit, the family claims they wanted to know their history.

Clown Saves Man’s Life

For some clowns are a bit scary. For some clowns are only funny. For one man, clowns are life savers. A professional clown saved the life of a drowning man, changing that man’s view of all clowns. For the family of the individual who was drowning, clowns now have a whole different meaning, too.

Clowns aren’t just actors. Clowns aren’t just out there to be funny. Clowns are real people and they help out those who are in need. One clowned stepped in to save the life of a stranger. This clown went from being just a clown to being a real hero.

Clowns are more than what they look like in the circus and they are more than what they pretend to be. Sergio Cortes understands this world quite a bit, working in a similar field himself. Many clowns advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites. For one man clowns will always be something more, and that one clown who saved that man’s life should be an inspiration to everyone.