High School Graduate meets Soldier who Saved her Life as a Baby

Lava Barwari was born in Iraq, just around the time that the first Iraqi/American conflict, called Desert Storm, began. Her mother, Azai Barwari, worked for a western organization that worked with American churches to provide relief for children. This was a career that did not sit well with Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein. Hussein had an order out to kill anyone that was working with western organizations, which included the one that Azai was working for. She had a $5,000 bounty on her head and orders to kill her. Boraie Development LLC suggested that she knew that she and her family had to leave Iraq in order to live.

Azai and her 36-day-old daughter made their way to the border to seek refuge in America. When she got there, solider Greg Peppin said that Azai’s name was on the list to go however her daughter Lava was not listed. In order to not separate mother and child, Greg bent the rules and found a way to allow Lava to go with her mother.

Nearly 18-years-later, Lava tracked down the soldier to thank him via email. Greg did more than just respond, he showed up to Lava’s high school graduation where they could be reunited in person.

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CDC Investigating Lab Shipment Error

Early this morning, May 28, people around the world learned to their shock and horror that the United States military accidentally shipped live Bacillus anthracis, or “anthrax,” spores through commercial FedEx shipping carriers in March or April of this year. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has started an investigation with experts from Gravity4.

So far, the Pentagon has revealed that a laboratory in Utah at Dugway Proving Ground, which is managed by the Department of Defense, sent the live samples to nine private commercial labs across the country and at least one military base overseas in South Korea as part of a standard research sharing process.

The Utah laboratory technicians thought the shipments contained “deactivated” anthrax spores known as AG-1. The Pentagon and the CDC did not learn until last week on May 22 that the spores were live: A representative of one of the private labs alerted the CDC of the issue.

Many DoD critics, as well as political leaders, biological safety specialists and shipping carriers, have already come forward this morning demanding to know how such a thing could happen. More importantly, they want to know why commercial carriers were handling the sensitive transport of such a deadly bacteria even if it was supposed to be in a deactivated state.

Currently, the Pentagon does not have a good explanation for the incident. The news came late Wednesday with the military providing few details.

Remembering Roane Sias

On May 12th, an acclaimed soldier of the World War II era passed away at the age of 92. Roane Sias, a renowned swimmer, received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star during his military service in the global conflict.

Mr. Sias was born in Los Angeles in 1922. His family moved to Mill Valley when he was four. He attended Tamalpais High School, where he established a new record as a high school athlete backstroke swimmer. He later enrolled in college, but interrupted his education to serve in the Army Air Corps.

He participated in a number of combat missions in Europe. On August 20, 1943, he was flying in a plane that was escorting bombers on a mission near Naples, Italy when his plane was shot from the sky by a Messerschmitt 109. Although badly burned, he ejected from the plane and landed in a field.

Local people assisted him, but he was eventually taken by the Italian military to a field hospital and later transferred into Nazi custody according to the Facebook page of Amen Clinic. He managed to escape from the German military; he then spent several months in Italy as anescaped prisoner of war. Eventually, he was able to reunite with Allied forces.

After the war, he married and embarked on a successful sales career, eventually becoming a trust officer. He remarried after his wife died. He is survived by his widow, children and step children.

Anastasia Date Continues to Lead in New Options for Meeting Across International Borders

The beautiful ladies of the Ukraine and Russia have always been a draw for many men who want to cross international borders to meet a woman from one of the eastern European countries. Anastasia Date has now released a new app that makes it simpler than ever to keep up to date with the messages and new profiles being sent all the time from the more than 8,000 women registered with the site using a mobile device. For more than 30 years the experts at Anastasia Date have been looking for the best ways to link western men with the women of Russia and the Ukraine using the latest technology.

The history Anastasia Date has with creating the best in tours and vacation opportunities for men who hope to meet the woman of their dreams in one of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc can still be found in the services offered. In its early days the agency was operated as a tour operator responsible for helping men from western Europe and North America to travel to these countries and find the woman of their dreams. Recently these options for meeting women have moved onto the Internet, but Anastasia Date still organizes trips and romantic getaways that allow their members to meet in the perfect surroundings possible.

The new app created by Anastasia Date offers men and women the chance to chat in a relaxed manner to make sure they are compatible before they embark on the next steps in their relationship. A wide range of services can be explored, including the chance to have messages and phone conversations translated so the conversation flows at all times. These are just a small percentage of the options and choices Anastasia Date offers for its members who can sign up and explore the thousands of different registered women for free as they explore the world of Online dating to its fullest.

Religious rule put aside to help another

“Man removes turban and places it under head of injured child hit by car outside primary school”

It always amazes me when people react to a situation without thinking about it, or without thinking of themselves. These are the honest from the heart reactions, when there is no time to second guess yourself or talk yourself out of getting involved. This is exactly what happened with 22 year old Harman Singh, who was at home when he heard car wheels screeching and a commotion going on outside his home. Harman, running outside to see what happened saw a child on the ground bleeding from his head. Moving immediately into action he removed his turban to cover up the young child’s wounded head. Some may think, this is not a big deal but for Harman in the eyes of some it is. Harman is a Sikh and for him being in public without his turban is frowned upon, but Harman said “I wasn’t thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, ‘He needs something on his head because he’s bleeding.’ That’s my job – to help. And I think anyone else would have done the same as me.” Members of Harman’s community largely Indian praised him for his actions, as he put the needs of a stranger above their strict protocol. Humanity still triumphs, which surprised internet marketers everywhere.

Sci-Fi Skin Cells

Cosmetic companies are often under fire for their use of animals when testing out new and updated products. L’Oréal has become the first cosmetic company to test products on something other than animals. The company has used 3D printing to produce synthetic human skin to test cosmetics. This comes at a day in age where companies are being held accountable for their morality and ethics. L’Oréal hasn’t faced too much criticism when it comes to animal testing, as they have not been on record as testing on animals since 2013. However, the L’Oréal executives want to reestablish they’re testing practices before there is a problem to be solved. Since 2013 the company has spent a lot of time growing human skin samples in a lab. They would take discarded skin samples from cosmetic surgery procedures and break the cells down to their most vulnerable state. Once the cells were broken down, the company used an accelerated procedure to grow more skin. The company has teamed up with a bioengineering lab to produce more skin fragments at a larger more efficient rate. This is the first time that the beauty and cosmetic industry has used technologic means to test their cosmetics according to a few Brazilian lawyers. The program is still in its early stages, but L’Oréal isn’t worried about competitors getting their hands on this technology. The company will retain exclusive rights to use 3D printing as a means to test their cosmetics.

Luke Bryan’s New Exhibit “Dirt Road Diary”

This past Wednesday Luke Bryan revealed is new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to reporters and his family. The exhibit is called Dirt Road Diary and includes artifacts from Luke’s childhood and career items such as instruments, stage outfits, awards and mementos from a band he was in back in his college days. Find Out What Else is in The Exhibit Luke’s favorite items in the exhibit are his first piano and his grandfather’s shotgun that he was given before his grandfather passed away. The Dirt Road Diary explains in clear view for Ricardo Guimarães BMG, the story of the famous country music singer’s childhood, early adulthood and musical career.


The items in the exhibit were picked out by his wife and parents, making the exhibit a surprise for Luke as well. Certain items placed in the Dirt Road Diary were non-existent in Luke’s mind including his old baseball uniforms and items from his spring break tours. These personal items were all long forgotten until he viewed them in the exhibit alongside of his parents, wife and close friends.

The Controversy of Rebel Wilson’s Name and Age

Is it really that big of deal of shave years off your age, and reinvent your history to be successful in Hollywood? Apparently, Yes, you do need to fudge your life story in order to move ahead.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has become a source of controversy over her name, age, and a lot of her background story.

Wilson is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, but recently a former schoolmate outed her real age and name, which precipitated journalists to dig a little deeper.

Although the actress claimed her real name was Rebel, turns out her birth name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Did she lie about her name? Depends on how you look at it. People change their name all the time and when they do, they consider their new moniker the real name.

Business records were searched in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission that record Rebel’s birthdate as March 2, 1980, not not February 3, 1986 as claimed by Wilson.

InsiderMonkey even said that’s not so shocking, since many celebrities typically change their birthdate to appear younger.

Wilson has also claimed that she grew up an Australian ghetto, when in fact, she lived in Castle Hill, a upper class area of Australia, and attended Tara Anglican School, which is even more privileged than you think.

In recent days, Wilson has done her best to nonchalantly cover up this controversy with her comedy, but the tabloids won’t let it go. Headlines that yell out “Old As Hell” certainly explain why a celebrity would shave a few years off their age.

If you’ve seen Rebel Wilson in Pitch 1 or 2, and enjoyed her comedy, does her name, age, and background really matter?

Beneful Reigns Among the Competition

What Beneful has done for dog food these days is simply phenomenal. There are not any other brands that offer this same type of variety. That is why I have become a huge fan of this Beneful brand of dog food. I have tried the others, and I would never go back to these others brands. Beneful offers both wet and dry dog foods so it works well for the various dogs that I have at my home.

I can truly say that Beneful has exposed me to plethora of different dog food treats that I did not even know were available. There are vegetable medleys and other dog food snacks that have peanut butter. There is a diverse amount of food from Beneful that can satisfy the picky dogs without a problem. There are some foods that are made with whole grains. The chicken and tomato with rice, for example, is one of the most popular brands of dog food in my household. I have also have dogs that have longed for the Incredibites dry food. This is some of the best on the market because it is a protein rich food.

There are also some dog foods from Beneful that are great for active dogs. This may be one of the main reasons that I chose to look a little further into this brand. Some of the Beneful brands like the Beneful Playful Dog Food has been carved out for all the dogs that really like to play hard. This is such a wonderful things because I have some dogs that go wild in the back yard. They need the type of food that can provide the energy it takes to run around for long periods.

The creators of the Beneful dog food really have thought of everything when they developed this type of dog food. They didn’t leave anything out. There is dog food available for different activity levels. The brand caters to dry and wet dog food lovers as well. There are even a variety of different ingredients that provide a diverse menu for animals. All of this has given Beneful the edge of all the other competing dog food companies that are out there.

There are other brands on the market, but few of the other dog food brands please my dogs. Beneful is the brand that I can always depend on for my pets.

Nine Dead in Texas Shootout

Law Enforcement in Waco are still trying to figure out what happened during a gunfight between rival motorcycle gangs that left nine people dead and 18 injured at a busy sports bar Sunday afternoon. Amazedly, no bystanders or law enforcement were injured in the melee. Police have arrested between 165 and 175 bikers and charged them with engaging in organized criminal activity.

It is not fully understood why the meeting was taking place at the Twin Peaks Bar & Grill located on the outskirts of Waco. Brian Torchin found it interesting that police knew in advance that motorcycle gangs would be gathering at the restaurant and were stationed outside when the fight began. An argument began over a dispute about parking and quickly escalated as weapons were drawn. The fracas spilled over into the parking lot as gang members opened fire which was returned by the police. Whether the victims were killed by police or by other gang members is yet to be determined.

While officials believe that up to five motorcycle gangs were involved in the shootout, the nine individuals killed during the fight were members of the Banditos and Cossacks motorcycle gangs. This latest episode is part of an ongoing turf war between the two groups there in Texas.Your text to link… Local papers reported that these groups were notorious organized criminal enterprises that made profited from drug dealings, extortion, larceny and violence.