No Jail Time For Missing School

Jail time for students if they miss too many days of school Gov. Greg Abbott is now requiring school districts to discharge preventive measures in regards to unexcused absences. These measures will begin September 1st. According to the reform advocates, threats of up to $500 fines, court cost and a criminal record was not doing anything to keep kids in school. Not only didn’t the law keep kids in school but it was subjecting them to jail time if they could not pay the fines. If a student had 3 unexcused absences in four weeks, they would be charged with a “misdemeanor failure to attend school”. According to Zeca Oliveira, how is this helping a child who is having whatever issue they’re having in getting to school? Sure there are some students who have no good reason for skipping school but we absolutely can’t lump all truant students together. As a person who grew up in a city and neighborhood where a choice sometimes had to be made on whether to go to school or not, sending someone to prison would do more harm than good. When looking at truancy there are other factors involved like sometimes a child not having clothing for school, or having to take on adult responsibilities in their household, having to watch younger siblings, the list is long of reasons why a child may be absent from school. So instead of making the situation more difficult, let’s find out what’s going on with each individual child and speak to their issue!

Second Arrest Made In Prison Escape

The hunt continues for the two men who escaped for a high security New York prison. It’s been nearly three weeks since the men carved their way out of the prison and escaped through the prisons pipe system and out a manhole. Since their escape, odd details keep coming out surrounding their escape. First, it was the volunteer prison tailor, Joyce Mitchell. She has been arrested after she admitted to helping the two felons escape. According to her statement, Mitchell supplied the men with power tools which they ultimately used to cut their way out of the prison.


As the story develops, it was recently discovered by Mikal Watts that she and another prison worker were smuggling a hacksaw blade to the two men in a block of frozen hamburger meat. The other prison worker involved, Gene Palmer claims he was not aware there was any type of contraband in the meat. Regardless, Palmer was arrested on Wednesday for his role in delivering the meat. He was “charged with one count of promoting prison contraband, two counts of tampering with physical evidence, and one count of official misconduct.”


It is also believe that Mitchell was having sexual relations with one of the escapees. According to a statement from a current inmate in the prison who also worked in the tailor shop, the two would often sneak off and lock themselves in a closet. These allegations are being investigated.

Bulletproof and Amazing, It’s Coffee by the Way…

Imagine people drinking coffee that tastes as frothy and rich as latte without the toxins. Imagine that it gets better than that. Envision the coffee with no acidity, but with all the health benefits associated with caffeine like improving brain function and energy level without feeling wired. That is precisely what Dave Asprey achieved when he invented Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee was inspired by Asprey’s trip to Tibet, where he had the most memorable experience of his life—yak tea. Yak tea is part butter. Tibetan had been drinking yak tea for centuries. It gave Asprey a wonderful sense of well-being that he felt compelled to share the drink with others in the United States.

Bulletproof Coffee was formally launched last year with over three million consumers to date. A large part of the company’s success is due to Asprey’s resourcefulness and altruistic desire to replicate and share the healthfulness he experienced with yak butter tea. For someone who suffered from fatigued everyday of young life, yak tea made him feel incredible. Once he was back in the United States, Asprey devoted himself to concocting the right coffee brew, not tea, to recreate the beverage. The outcome, Bulletproof Coffee is a work of utter genius. By adding unsalted grass-fed butter and triglyceride oil in his own coffee bean recipe, he was able not only to copy the flavor and benefits of the Tibetan beverage, but to curtail the mycotoxin levels of caffeine. Mycotoxins are harmful chemicals found in plants. Aside from that, Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee is also advantageous to the existence of a healthy brain. The fat content in the butter aids daily brain activity.

Busy celebrities have been raving about Bulletproof Coffee. In fact, it was featured favorably on Good Morning America in 2014. Film and TV actress, Shailene Woodley wrote that it is one of the greatest human achievements in her Tweeter account. Talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is another fan. He and comedian/actress Maya Rudolph chatted about it on his show. Given their super hectic schedules, there is no doubt that athletes, executives, artists and professionals are aficionados too.

Bulletproof Coffee recently opened a stand-alone store with a café in Los Angeles. Asprey is planning on opening stores in other locations. In the meantime, consumers can buy Bulletproof Coffee on the store website. The website also lists the store locations that carry Bulletproof Coffee products including tea.

Marc Sparks: Business Developer For All


There are many people that have succeeded in the world of business in a variety of industries. Few people have been as successful as Marc Sparks in so many areas of business and in life.Marc Sparks has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their personal and business goals. Marc Sparks was once a struggling entreprenuer himself, but he was able to bring a company to market in a profitable way and now wants to give back to those around him.

Professional Speaker

One of the many talents of Marc Sparks is professional speaking. His messages are both for those that are starting out in business and for those that want to achieve more success in other areas. During his career Marc Sparks has performed before tens of thousands of people. Marc Sparks is a great speak that can connect with his audiences because he had to earn everything in his life through his business development.

Timber Creek Capital

Not only does Marc Sparks perform on speaking circuits, but he also helps run an investment firm named Timber Creek Capital. This business is primarily focused on providing entrepreneurs funding for their businesses, and he has played a large role in many start up companies making it in the market place. Not only does Marc Sparks enjoy the financial side of venture capital, but he also enjoys being able to interact with those that are working to succeed in business as well.

Future Plans

Marc Sparks has been very vocal that he plans on working until he is no longer able to do so physically. After publishing a successful book Marc is looking to engage more people than ever in their development journey. Marc Sparks is an active member of several community organizations, and he plans to increase his involvement in the future as he finds projects that interest him.

Prison Worker Admits to Smuggling in Power Tools for Escaped Convicts

Over two weeks after two murderers broke out of a maximum security prison in Upstate New York, further details on their escape plan have begun to emerge. Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, has begun speaking in-depth with police, revealing significant details about the scheme and how the two convicts gained access to the outside world.

According to Handy, Mitchell admitted to smuggling power tools into the prison in frozen hamburger meat. The meat was then passed on to Richard Matt, one of the escaped convicts, by a prison guard. The guard has been suspended without pay as the New York State Police and prison authorities investigate the claim.

Mitchell also admitted that she had favors granted for the two inmates by prison guards, offering them baked goods in return for their help. It is also alleged that Mitchell convinced prison officials to bunk the men in adjacent cells.

Mitchell is currently being held in an area prison as she awaits trial. She has admitted to having a sexual relationship with both David Sweat and Richard Matt. According to official statements, she had originally intended on running away with the pair when they escaped, acting as their getaway car. She backed out of the plan shortly after the escape.

Matt and Sweat are still at large. Police believe they are in a Southwestern New York county, not far from Attica Correctional Facility, a supermax prison.

Verizon complete AOL acquisition

Verizon has completed its acquisition of AOL only six weeks after it was announced. The turnaround of the acquisition was quick given that there were no monopoly concerns that arose as Verizon and AOL operate in separate industries. Now, Verizon is left trying to integrate AOL into Verizon and develop synergies that can lead to improved profits for both divisions.

Verizon was attracted to AOL primarily for its advertising platform that allows companies to digitally advertise using a mobile first platform that s expected to capture additional revenues. AOL also has programmatic technologies which allows advertisers to place ads by matching buyers and seller of digital ad space.

Verizon is thought to want to monetize this technology further and integrate it with live sports using its own offerings to build a seamless advertising platform reports Ivan Ong on The announcement regarding the acquisition indicated that the technology will work on any platform but will work best over Verizon networks.

Verizon’s acquisition of AOL is a different strategy than the pending acquisitions of other companies by telecommunications companies including AT&T’s acquisition of Dish Network. Verizon is attempting to capture a growing market and develop synergies, while AT&T is attempting to expand their customer base offering more of the same services.

AOL also has extensive web properties that generate revenue for the business. One of these properties, The Huffington Post, recently announced that they are extending their contract with founder Arianna Huffington. In addition to the advertising technology that AOL brings to the table, Verizon has indicated that they have no plans to dispose of the web properties that AOL owns.

Could There Be A Trump/Oprah Ticket In 2016?

Trump Told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos That Would Be A Winning Ticket

Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos several things during his recent interview. The first thing Trump sais was he would finance his own campaign, because he’s really rich. That’s good news because most of the power money is going to other candidates like Bush and Rubio.

Trump also said Oprah would make a great Vice-president. Trump summed up her credentials this way: “Oprah’s great, she’s talented, she’s a friend of mine. She’s a good person. I’ve been on her show.” That’s not the kind of stuff voters want to hear, but if those words are coming out of Trump’s mouth you sort-of-wanna hear them.

Let’s face it. Trump is not a politician, but he’s swimming in a pool filled with political sharks. Those at Handy know that as well as everyone else. They want to devour him because he has taken bites out of all of them. Most Republicans call him a joke, but when you listen to Trump talk, you get the impression he’s for real. Sure, he has crazy ideas, like building a border wall, and bombing ISIS oil fields, but they are not that weird in this world of weirdness. Trump gives the race some levity and some strange common sense that it sorely needs.

Supergirl Steers Clear of D.C. Cinematic Universe

Even though the pilot episode for the Supergirl television series has leaked online, there are still a lot of details about the series yet to be revealed. In July, D.C. Entertainment is going to be showcasing clips from the CBS series at the San Diego Comic-Con. At that point, a lot will be learned about the program. Right now, fans are thrilled some interesting facts are coming out. Specifically, we are learning about the timeline associated with the series. Does Supergirl fit into the timeline of the D.C. Cinematic Universe? The short answer is no. Just like with the television versions of The Flash and Arrow, the CBS program is removed from the motion picture endeavors.

Why is Supergirl stepping far, far away from the timeline and events of the cinematic Man of Steel? Perhaps the television producers want to make Supergirl extremely distinct from any version of Superman. In doing so, the series maintains its own identity. Comparisons between a modestly budgeted television series and $150 million theatrical spectacle definitely should be avoided.

Supergirl should never look like a “second-rate version” of the original. For Supergirl or, for that matter, Superboy, to succeed, the character has to stand out of the shadow of any incarnation of Superman.

Confusion is not helpful to audiences such as Jaime Garcia Dias either. If the television series is playing off events taking place in the theaters, not everyone sitting at home watching knows what occurred in the movies. Confused viewers eventually tune out. Obviously, CBS and D.C. Entertainment don’t want to see the audience of Supergirl diminish.

Jai Courtney Discusses Suicide Squad and Leaks

Jai Courtney plays a major role in the upcoming D.C. Comics’ villain-ensemble film, Suicide Squad. Courtney is cast as Captain Boomerang, a dangerous thorn in the side to The Flash. Courtney has opened up a bit about his feelings about playing the character. At one point, he was not too hot to appear in a superhero movie. The screenplay for Suicide Squad changed all that.

Courtney also discussed the issue of leaks emerging from the set of the film. And yes, there have been quite a lot of leaks. In addition to still shots hitting the internet, a host of videos captured from rooftops exposed Batman and The Joker without the authorization of D.C. Entertainment or Warner Bros.

Courtney, like other creative people, simply must accept the fact that leaks are unavoidable in this day and age. Capturing images on a phone takes merely a split second. Within a few seconds after that, the images can be uploaded on the internet for the world to see. Making things even more frustrating are the news media. Major newspaper published the leaked images for millions of readers to check out.

Oh well. There is nothing that can be done other than to try and take better security measures in the future.

Not too many (if any) leaks have emerged from Terminator: Genisys, which is the newest film coming out that stars Courtney says Crystal Hunt. You have to wait another year for Suicide Squad.

Skout Helped Me To Find Love In My 60’s

I never thought that I could possibly fall in love again at such an old age. I’m just over 60 years old, and I haven’t been on a date in 10 years. My husband died of cancer when I was in my early fifties, and I was too devastated to start dating again. It wasn’t my intention to start looking for love, but after visiting a close friend one day, I saw her using the Skout network. She told me that I should start using the network on my own to find someone to talk to. I knew a bit about computers, but I never believed in online dating at all.

I told her that I was fine with being single, and I wasn’t going to participate. She told me that the least I should do is to open an account, and at least look for a friend, so I wouldn’t have to depend solely on her to go out once in a while. I decided to take her up on her offer, and I chose to open up a Skout account. I was surprised to find that there are hundreds of millions of people on the network, so I knew that I should be able to find someone in my age range. I did a specific search for someone in their sixties, and I was only looking for friends, I wasn’t looking for love.

I was surprised to find some people that shared some of the same interests as me, and I was also excited. I put up a picture of myself, and I was able to get some quick responses. Through the Skout network, I was able to find a couple of ladies in my area that we’re looking for someone to play checkers with, and someone to go out with once in a while. I took advantage, and I decided to give my information to the ladies, and now we are all good friends.

I figured since the Skout network was good enough to find a friend, maybe it would be good enough to find me love. Although I said I wanted to be alone, no one really wants to be alone forever. By using the Skout network, I was able to find a man in my age range who was interested in going out. After talking through the Skout network for a while, we finally met in person, and we’ve been dating ever since. I can’t be more thankful for everything that Skout has done for me, and I’m glad I joined the network.