Ranking With SEO

Many Internet marketers make a lot of mistakes that can cause them to either be set back or make them not make any money at all. Among the mistakes that they make is in keywords. People often make their sites and blogs and yet they don’t know how to use their keywords. After all, one of the things that they need is to find out what keywords to name their site with. After that, it is important for them to provide content that is relevant to the keywords that are used for the site.

Keywords are very difficult to rank with these days due to the competition and the adjustments made to the algorithms of search engines. The most important thing is to provide good content that is relevant to the keywords that are being searched. What would help is to think about what one would look for when he types a certain keyword. Then provide that keyword to the user. Fortunately, there are some companies that are willing to help with the use and placements of keywords. One such company that is very experienced in this respect is White Shark Media. They have and will continue to help clients provide optimized content to their website.

White Shark Media has not only worked on providing SEO to the sites of their clients, they have also looked at algorithms. They provide content that would not only provide the sites with great rankings at present, for the future as well. They understand the mindset of search engines when they are ranking keywords. They look at the user. It is so that the user will find the type of information it will look for. They use totally white hat tactics as opposed to black hat tactics that will only earn the site money for a short amount of time.

The most important step for keyword usage before getting started is to do keyword research. Believe it or not, some keywords are a lot harder to rank for due to the fact that many people are already trying to rank with these keywords. The goal for using these keywords is to rank high enough so that the site appears on the first page. Statistics reveal that the majority of Internet searches do not go past the first page of search results for any keywords. This is why it is important for one to have a website that is ranking on the search results for some of the most highly searched keywords.

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QI Group’s Press Release

About Bismark

Joseph Bismark is one of the world’s greatest innovators and inventors. His popularity has spread all over the world and prominently in the US. Being very creative and with his propensity to take on high risks in business has made him one of the greatest investors in the world. He has admirable entrepreneurial skills which he has put into good use by engaging in various business activities some of which have grown to become global outfits. One of his entrepreneurial product is the QI Company which is conglomerate dealing with a wide range of products. The company deals with online marketing in the form of chain distribution.

He is a co-founder and owner of the QI Group and his contribution to the company is highly revered. One of his great contribution in the company’s success is his strategy of diversifying business activities. Being the experienced investor that he has been, he understands that dealing with a single line of product or a single industry is a calamitous in business. His lessons are drawn from the 2008/09 experiences when the economic meltdown almost crushed many big companies. He also contributed in the development of the company’s chain marketing structure, which has been doing very well.

A summary of the Press release

Marketing is an integral part of any business and it is the core areas that influences growth and returns as a result of improved sales. QI recently revealed to the public its signing of a great athlete to become the company’s brand ambassador. Martina Hingis in response accepted the signing and indicated he was very happy to have been given the opportunity to represent such a globally acclaimed organization. In attendance according to the press release was 10,000 people invited to celebrate the company’s 17th anniversary. This is the norm and it has been a culture for the company to celebrate its success and look back to correct its failures every year.

As a way of making the moment memorable, the company felt that is was important to mark the historic day with a new entrant and no one could have fit in the bill better than Martina Hingis, the undisputed sports personally. As such, the company has gotten into an agreement and an obligation to support and sponsor Martina Hingis’ games. This information was made public at the celebrations which this time where held in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: BusinessWire


James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Managment

James Dondero has over 30 years of solid experience in the credit markets. He graduated Beta Gamma Sigma, along with a BS in commerce and a focus on accounting and finance, from the University of Virginia. James didn’t get to where he currently is without a mind that was, and still to date, remains completely focused and set on great service on nexbank.com and quality management.

Even prior to co-founding Highland Capital investment in 1993, he served as chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and grew the business from the ground to over 2 billion from the time frame of 1989 to 1993. And even before that, he also managed fixed income funds for American express with a total of around $1 billion dollars. James Dondero completed the financial training program at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.

Highland Capital is an investment firm which specializes in credit investment. It uses investment strategies across a broad range of sectors such as high yield credit, structured products, real estate, the oil and the gas industry. It is worth over 21 billion dollars under management. It happens to be one of the largest collaterized loan obligation managers. It’s primary investments are in healthcare, finance, and technology.

James Dondero’s top skills and specialties are alternative investments, which include things such as hedge funds, managed futures, real estate; Portfolio management, aiding in the investment process; emerging markets; derivatives; bonds, private equity, just to name a few. Jim’s top skills in management as well as accounting more than earned him the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Due to the collaboration of Mr Dondero as well as Mark Okada, in the credit sector, new investment tools such as the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) materialized. As a result of his many achievements, in management of funds, Mr. Dondero has received a 5-star award from Morning Star in the year 2014 for Global Allocation, as well as their #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short equity fund. He also got the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in that same year.

James Dondero has a long history of high quality service and dedication. Since January 2000, he served as director of Leap Wireless International Inc. Also, he served as director of TerreStar Corporation since July 2002. James now serves as the chairman and director of Nextbank SSB. He has also been the chairman of Highland Financial Partners, LP since February of 2006. He serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board at HCM Acquisition Company. In addition, to his many roles, Mr. Dondero also serves as the Board of Directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant, and also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is The World’s Best

There are thousands of Michael Jackson impersonators, but none of them is as good as Sergio Cortes. Born is Barcelona, Spain, Cortes is a dead ringer for the king of pop. It not just the way he dresses or dances, he also physically looks like Jacko and has his mannerisms spot on. Cortes has been impersonating Michael Jackson since he was a child. Initially he was not really trying to impersonate Jackson. He simply liked the way Jackson danced and tried to copy his moves. But he looked so much like Jackson he began to draw crowds wherever he went. When a local journalist put his pictures and videos online, a star was born.

Cortes’ videos went viral almost immediately and he began to get requests to do his Michael Jackson imitations at shows. It wasn’t until he became a teenager and thousands of people begun to show up to see him dance and sing like Michael Jackson that he began to realize that he might have a future in show business. As he got older, Cortes began to refine his moves and learn to sound like Michael. His natural ability to dance like Jackson quickly separated him from the crowded field of Michael Jackson impersonators. Today at age 44 Sergio Cortes looks, sounds, and moves so much like Jackson that it’s uncanny.

The advantage that Sergio Cortes has over other Michael Jackson impersonators is that he just naturally looks like Michael. When he puts on the outfits that many associate with Jackson, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Cortes was captivated by Michael when he was still performing with the Jackson 5. By the time Michael began his solo career, Cortes was already a dead ringer for him. Then he began to put in hours each day refining his act and learning Michael’s mannerisms. The result is a Michael Jackson impersonator that can fool almost anyone.

Cortes has hundreds of videos online showing his unmatched skill at mimicking Michael Jackson’s dance moves and singing his songs. They’ve earned Cortes a worldwide following. His Facebook page has over 17,300 likes. When Cortes combines his dance moves with special effects, costumes, and music, he literally brings the king of pop to life on stage right before your eyes. The shows Cortes does often leave his audiences amazed. These days Cortes lives and performs in Brazil and is a local celebrity.

Newsflash: Gold Is Not Dead

Is there a fear of gold, and if so, is it warranted? Many in the financial community are staying away from gold investing due to the opinions of a few nervous investor types. These investors claim that gold is no longer a viable investment option. Is this actually true? Has gold lost its carte blanche as an investment vehicle?
Observing the monetary actions of the larger countries in the world such as Russia and China, one would have to quickly disagree with the analysis of those putting gold in a negative light. More gold is being purchased by larger governments than ever before, to the point of hoarding. Whether it’s for capital protection or for future growth, gold is still very much in play in the financial markets of the world.
According to experts that understand the gold markets and their fluctuations, there is a substantial opportunity for profit coming for investors in the next 6 to 9 months. They believe that a bear rally, combined with a slowdown in the purchasing of gold will cause the gold market to increase substantially. Prognosticators are estimating that the price of gold will rise from 10% to 30% over a nine-month period. They predict that we could see gold prices go as high as $1300 per ounce over the next year.
Many people will be caught completely unawares, and not be able to take advantage of this change in the market. But for those who do know, getting expert advice regarding investments in gold is paramount for future profit and success.
Companies like US Money Reserve employ experts with years of experience to help their clientele achieve their financial goals. The company specializes in gold coin investments, as well as other precious coins. They have a wide assortment of gold available for purchase, as well as experts in gold coin investments to help investors whether they are new to gold or experienced individuals in the market.
The lack of confidence in gold by some in the financial markets is really much ado about nothing. Gold has always been a major driving force in the world economy. The value of gold may fluctuate up and down, but in the end, it will always be worth more than most paper money, and safer too. This is why investors commonly seek and procure gold for their own safety and peace of mind.

Fearlessly Defending Human Rights Worldwide

Countless human right activists across the globe risk torture, harassment, and imprisonment as they defend human rights, including their own. Most of the advances that the world has made towards claiming human rights have been the result of grassroots campaigning by both human rights organizations and independent human right defenders. Some of these defenders are community activists fighting for fundamental social and economic rights or their “disappeared” relatives. By studying their backgrounds and life’s work, one can easily understand that human right activism requires sacrifice and unyielding willpower. Here are the life and experience of two leading human right defenders.

Alice Paul is one of the leading human right activists. As a 20th-century human right activist who played a significant role in the women’s suffrage movement, her activism led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in 1920. She was born to parents who were strong advocates of gender equality. Growing up, Paul imbibed her parents’ values, beliefs, ideals, and principles that were reflected in her life’s work. Paul gave her life for the cause of fighting for women’s rights; she had no romantic relations nor did she ever get married. She spent most of her life fighting for the rights of women till in 1977 when she passed on at the age of 92. She always believed that everyone should do whatever they can do for the betterment of the society.

While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Alice joined the National American Women’s Suffrage Association and later went on to form the National Women’s Party with Lucy Burns to defend the rights of women. The National Women’s Party staged non-violent protests, and Paul went on a hunger strike in an attempt to persuade the government to bring an amendment to the constitution to give women voting rights, and their efforts eventually resulted in the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, is another female human rights activist who played a significant role in the advancement of the world’s democracy. When Park was nine years old, she was invited to watch their government officers execute her best friend’s mother. Growing up in, she experienced many the human right abuses, but the killing kept bothering her the most. Twelve years have passed since Park witnessed the horrific incident. She is 21 years of age now and uses that experience to advocate for justice and respect for human rights. Park has travelled to many countries and uses both TV and social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Wechat, and Twitter to spread the word about human rights abuses in North Korea. In November 2014, she attended the Annual One Young World Summit in Dublin, where she appeared alongside world-renowned figures such as Kofi Annan, Sir Bob Geldof, and Dame Ellen MacArthur, the world record-breaking sailor. Park, who is always wearing a near permanent smile, hopes that the regime of Kim Jong-un will come of age and embrace democratic leadership ideals.

Newspaper Advertising Helped The Great Ad Agencies In Brazil Get Started

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. There are 465 daily newspapers in the country today. Brazil has more newspaper than Mexico, Germany and Russia but the readership, and circulation is low compared to other countries. The literacy rate in Brazil still sits at about 83 percent. Even though there is no national newspaper the circulation of some of the big daily papers extend beyond their geographic markets. Several of those newspapers are part of family-owned businesses that also own radio and television stations, and few of those companies operate news agencies, publishing houses and satellite and cable operations.

Cláudio Loureiro, the founder and director of Heads Propaganda, knows the history of Brazilian newspapers. Back in the 1990s when Loureiro was first getting started in the advertising business, newspapers played an important role in getting a new type of advertising started. But daily papers were also the catalyst that exposed political corruption, environmental degradation, and homelessness back then. Mr. Loureiro thinks newspapers helped the country change the political and economic structure of the country. Newspapers didn’t always have the ability to give the public the information they needed whether it was through advertising or some sort of social message. During the 1960s and part of the 1970s, the government censored newspapers, and journalists were persecuted by the government. Some journalists even lost their lives, according to Loureiro.

In the late 1970s, Brazil’s media, especially newspapers and magazines, were responsible for pushing and then overseeing the transition of the country from a military state to democratic society. Democracy immensely affected the advertising business during the 1980s, according to Loureiro. The advertising business started to change, and the newspapers and magazines were the first vehicles that introduced that change. Newspaper advertising was very effective during the late 1990s because newspapers had more credibility than Congress, the government and other public institutions.

In 1995, Brazil advertising amounted to US$ 6.5 billion, and 28 percent of that amount ($1.8 Billion) was newspaper advertising. Today, many of the Brazilian media organizations are owned by foreign companies. Those companies have played an important role in Brazil’s advertising success, but the advertising agencies and newspapers that are owned by Brazilians have made the most impact on the advertising business. Brazilian ads are considered the best in the business today. Advertising agencies have newspapers to thank for their success, and most them know they would lose a lot of advertising dollars without daily newspapers.

Modern Entertainment Strategies

Pulse evolution, a company dominating the entertainment industry, specializes with creating high impact applications of computer operated and controlled human likeness for the purpose of entertainment, telecommunication and education. The superb idea sprouted in Port St Lucie lead by a few master minds in the world of technology necessarily in the creation of virtual humans. Normal entertainment strategies have obviously been passed obsolete. For that reason, media companies had to come out of the comfort zone and instead create better and exciting projects that would gather a larger and happy audience.

Pulse Evolution’s Executive Chairman, John Textor, is an active participant in the company especially in the studio. Textor is responsible for all possible special projects, right acquisitions, partnerships and relationships concerning the company and other media companies. We would probably call that the rock of Pulse Evolution. Textor’s leadership roles are basically realistic and important considering the fact that the company has been run on a smooth transition to complete success.

Apart from having a great run and title in Pulse Evolution history, Textor is a diverse and successful producer in a number of top fantasy films under famous production film making companies such as Disney. The above mentioned achievements have gathered Textor a number of huge awards in the entertainment industry. Achievements that many in the industry strive to gather and would die for. Textor’s experience, talent and recommendable skills have elevated the company Pulse Evolution into a globally recognized media house recently synchronized with high technology procedures.

Recently, Pulse Evolution opened gates that saw investors interested in putting money in their company in the earliest stages of development of the company. Pulse Evolution incredibly attracted the investors with the introduction of unique digital humans purposed to perform diverse applications. With technology advancements all over the world, this particular idea seemed profitable with little efforts. With the enormous investments in software, assets and entertainment necessities, the company has clearly made huge leaps in terms of profits.

Pulse Evolution picked three iconic stars that would send marked interests globally. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, all pop stars were back on stage as virtual humans out to entertain just like the real stars rocked on stages. Great ideas picked up and the profits flowed in an impressive less that a year of time range. Pulse Evolution successfully turned their idea into a success and impossibility into a reality.

The Forefront Capital Group and Bradley Reifler Are Getting Great Returns

The best way to learn all about investing is to come up through the ranks. That’s exactly what Brad Reifler, the current CEO of Forefront Capital did. He worked a variety of jobs in trading until he eventually learned enough to start his own firm. He’s done that several times now, with ForeFront being the latest company he has founded. During his three decades working with investors and making investments, Reifler has learned the key principles that ensure a great investment. He’s putting all those elements together every day with his new product, the Forefront Income Trust.

Reifler realized that mid-range investors who make up the vast majority of stock market participants don’t generally have access to solid, income-producing alternative assets. That’s the reason he launched the Forefront Income Trust. The product is designed to fill that gap so that retail investors are able to invest in a fund that can return 8% annually. Management at Forefront will not even take a fee until an 8% net gain has been achieved. That should help the investor see a positive return. Any money that can be put in the hands of the investor instead of going to administrative fees is going to help net a larger return over time.

Reifler has worked at several large firms during his career. He was the founder and CEO of Pali Capital, which did over $200 million in profit during their best year. During his time running investment companies he’s managed to build a large network of people who he tapped to work with him at Forefront. Surrounded by experienced staff, Reifler has been in a great position to come up with awesome new ideas like the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund. Alternative assets are very popular these days, and the market seems ready for more.

How To Hire A Reliable Lawyer in Brazil

Need help with a legal issue? Looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil? When it comes to law, it is something that almost every person in the world has to face at some point. If you are looking for a lawyer in Brazil you are most likely facing a legal dispute or conflict, so ensure your peace of mind by choosing a competent lawyer who will handle the case appropriately. No matter how complex and difficult your case may be with a good lawyer with great expertise and professionalism, the case can be resolved efficiently and effectively.

To hire the right lawyer for your situation, it is extremely important to do your research and perform background check on the lawyer you are considering. You can easily have access to a lawyer’s biography by using reliable resources on the Internet. If you visit the lawyer’s website, you should be able to obtain this information without any hassle.

As with many areas of law, there are lawyers who specialize in litigation, and those who focus on transactional work. If you need advice or representation on a trademark issue or if you need help applying for copyright protection, you will need to hire an intellectual property lawyer who handles transactional issues. If you need legal service or advice on a lawsuit, you will also want to find a lawyer who is well experienced in litigation involving intellectual property or entertainment cases. For cases involving a patent, you certainly will want to consult a patent lawyer.

There are several ways to find a good lawyer who can handle your case effectively. One way is to talk to friends and family who may have information about lawyers in Brazil. Another way to find a lawyer is to ask for recommendation from colleagues or businesses you deal with. You can also check out reputable law related websites that provide a directory of lawyers in various areas.

Once you have obtained a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, it’s time to set up a consultation to find out who is the best lawyer for your situation. Before you meet or talk with the lawyer, be sure to gather all relevant documents and information, and have them with you during the consultation. Make sure you find out about lawyer’s fees, and have everything in writing before hiring the lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly respected lawyer in Brazil, specializing in business and corporate law. He has provided legal representation in high profile litigation to corporations, politicians, multinational companies, and others who desire effective and expert legal guidance. Mr Ricardo Tosto runs his own highly successful law firms in Brazil.