Can Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos Build Enough To Support A New Brazil?

The Olympics are bringing about a new Brazil that will compete in the world market with other superpowers. News outlets are uncovering problems in Brazil that can be solved with real estate development, and Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is leading the charge to build as much as possible for a new Brazil. The development will not stop after the Olympics, but the bulk of the building must be done before the Opening Ceremonies start in 2016. This article explains how the new Brazil will be built by Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and its colleagues in the industry.

#1: New Housing

New housing in Brazil is required for the hundreds of thousands of people who live in homeless shelters or in terrible conditions. New housing projects in Brazil will be based on low-cost housing that has been built in America in the past, and those projects will help the disadvantaged people of the country find places to live, and the economy will improve when these people can get their lives in order.

#2: Cleaning Up The Worst Slums In Brazil

On Twitter developers like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos are building new projects that will turn around slums that are often hidden from view in news releases ahead of the Olympics. Large soccer stadiums were built for the World Cup, and developments must go up around these stadiums to help bolster each community. This kind of work makes all the venues useful in the future, and each neighborhood is given a character all its own when the projects are built.

#3: Creating Brazilian Jobs

Jobs created by Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos include construction, planning and management positions for each project. People are needed to man the new buildings, and each building must hire extra people to perform tasks within the buildings. The greatest improvement that Brazil can make is in the job market. New buildings raised by Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and their colleagues are creating a brand new job market that was not present in the country before the Olympics or the World Cup.

Every neighborhood in Brazil can be improved using building techniques and development products from companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is the best of these companies, and they are building more projects than any other in the world today. Brazil is growing exponentially, and most of the growth is created by development companies who want to make Brazil a better place to live.

An Insight into the Life of Kenneth C. Griffin

An American hedge fund manager by the name Kenneth C. Griffin was born on the 15th of October 1968 at Daytona Beach, Florida. He is the CEO and founder of Citadel which is a global investment firm. Citadel is one of the world’s largest alternative investment management firms on Its estimated investment capital is $25 billion as of March 2015. Globally, it is ranked among the most successful and largest group of hedge funds. Griffin was recognized by the Forbes as one of the Forbes 400 as well as the most earning hedge fund manager in 2012.

In May 2015, Griffin’s net worth was an estimate of $6.6 billion. At the start of 2014, he donated a sum of $150 million at Harvard University, his former school, to assist in a certain financial program. It was the most enormous donation ever made to the institution during that time. Approximately $500 million has been donated by Griffin to different causes and organizations.

Education and early life
Ken Griffin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in the year 1968. During his first year at Harvard University, he began investing after going through an article in a Forbes magazine. He started a hedge fund whose main aim was to focus on convertible bond arbitrage. Family and friends capitalized the fund with $265,000 which included money form his grandmother. To acquire real-time market data, he had to install a satellite link to his dorm. This investment strategy was instrumental in preserving capital during the 1987 stock market crash. A second fund was made possible by his early success. He was managing just more than $1 million between the two funds.

Griffin was provided with $1 million to invest by Frank C. Meyer after he graduated from Harvard. Meyer was a founder and investor of Glenwood Capital LLC. Meyer’s expectations were exceeded by Griffin. According to an article in The New York Times, Griffin made a return of 70% on Meyer’s investment.

In 1990, Griffin founded Citadel with $4.6 million. Eight years later, the company had grown to a team of more than $1billion in investment capital and a team of 100 employees. Griffin was part of the CFO Magazine’s Global 100 issue of June 2002. It is basically a list of the most influential people in the finance world. After approximately two decades Graffin has been appearing as thE Citadel CEO.

His first appearance was in 2003 on the Forbes, with an estimate net worth of $650 million. He was the youngest self-made person on the list when he was 34 year’s old. When he was 35, in September 2004, griffin was raked as the 8th richest American below 40 years in Fortune magazine’s category of self-made. By 2006, he had climbed the ranks to be the 5th youngest out of a total of seven members below 40 years in list of Forbes 400. In 2007, he had an approximate net worth of three billion dollars.

Considering Plastic Surgery in Texas? Don’t Settle for Less than the Best!

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, with a successful background in practice in New York, as well as impressive training and education by some of the world’s leading experts in cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery. After nearly a decade of successful practice in busy Manhattan, Dr. Walden has moved her practice to Austin, TX, to be closer to family and to give her twin boys a wholesome childhood filled with family.

Here in Texas, Dr. Walden has already received recognition for her skills and expertise, having earned the distinction of one of the Texas Super Doctors (Texas Monthly.) She has also been quite active in helping her local community, participating first hand in Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummies program (helping to provide food on the weekends to children who qualify for reduced or free lunches at school) as well as being a volunteer surgeon for Austin Smiles (providing cleft palate and lip surgery to children born with congenital difference.)

Dr. Walden received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology, with honors, from the University Texas at Austin, and then went on to receive her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. While working on her Medical Doctorate, she also did an externship with Drs. Tom Baker and James Stutzin, pioneers and teachers of facelift surgery and anatomy at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, FL. From there, Dr Walden was selected to complete her fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. This highly competitive fellowship allowed her to learn the most state of the art methods and techniques for cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body as she was able to study beneath leading experts in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, such as Dr. Daniel Baker, Dr. Gerald Pitman, Dr. Nicholas Tabbal, and Dr. Alan Matarasso.

Upon completing her fellowship, Dr. Walden seated her position as one of the highest trained and skilled aesthetic plastic surgeons by working with the world renowned Dr Sherrell Astin for eight years in New York. It is there that she mastered the subtle techniques necessary for truly natural looking cosmetic surgery and perfected her bedside manner and utmost professional and confidential nature with her clients.

In addition to her illustrious background, Dr. Walden has won numerous awards throughout her career, such as, most recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate. She is also a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she serves on the Board of Directors and is also the Vice Commissioner of Communications and media spokesperson,and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, where she is also the media spokesperson.

Dr. Walden has offices both in Austin and Marble Falls.

Jon Urbana’s Crowdfunding Initiative at GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding initiative that allows people to raise funds for events such as graduations and challenges such as accidents or illnesses. The company’s location is in San Diego, California and has been operational since May 2010. Brad Damphouse and Andrew Ballester were the founders of the initiative, which they had initially named “CreateAFund” in 2008. The two sold their majority shares to Accel Partners in July 2015 a deal that made GoFundMe to be worth $600 million. On the GoFundMe platform, users are able to create a website where they can place descriptions of what they are raising money for.

The advantage that the website creates is that it allows for members of the public to donate to the posted project and also monitor on its progress. Profit generation by GoFundMe is through an 8% deduction collected from each donation made to the user. The implication of this is that if the user of the website does not receive donations, then no deduction occurs. GoFundMe has been an effective crowdfunding tool as it has enabled many to raise funds in aid of their various initiatives.

One such initiative is the Earth Force Inc. project posted on GoFundMe on 23rd October 2015 by Jon Urbana, who also launched a Crowdrise campaign last week. Earth Force’s desire is to influence youth into becoming activists in the improvement of the local environments that they come from. Jon Urbana is the co-founder and coach at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is an initiative that began in 2011. The GoFundMe platform that Urbana has utilized allows him to share the created website on his various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or even on Instagram.

The purpose of Urbana’s camp is to refine Lacrosse skills for youths in Colorado by providing them with guidance over the best practices and techniques. Jon Urbana is also a business executive as he is the Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA. From 2013 to date, this company led by Urbana oversees progress in sensitization of Ellipses Laser technologies and also its revolutionary IPL. He is a graduate of Villanova University and is a resident of Denver, Colorado. Often seen around town taking pics that he posts to his Flickr account, Urbana seeks to raise funds on GoFundMe that will help in supporting his initiative at the Lacrosse camp to sensitize campers on the need for them to have a clear environment.

Adam Sender and His Long Time Love of Art

This year the “Home Alone” art exhibition in Miami will see the entry of a new art collectors name into the books of art history, Adam Sender. At just 45years, the Hedge Fund Exis Capital manager is already an obsessive art collector. This year will see the exhibition and auctioning of his collections at his private residence in Miami.

Adam started collecting works of art in the 1990s and has continually done so to date. It is this works that he hopes to auction in this year’s exhibition.

His position; manager of a Hedge Fund may have availed to him the resources necessary to acquire artworks over time. It is, however, his obsession with art and the assistance of his longtime curators, Todd Levin and Sarah Aibel that makes him stand out.

In this year’s auction, Adam will present 400 works of art for sale. These have been collected from over 139 renowned artists from all over the world. This has cost him the better part of his youth seeing that they have been collected over a span of approximately two decades.

This lot is not his only collection, though. In 2006, he auctioned a batch of them, and is estimated to have raised over $20 million from about 40 pieces of art. This is quite an amount enough to cover the costs he incurred in collecting all the art he has.

This year Adam has chosen Southey’s as his official auctioneers for his collection. Whatever he gets from this mega sale may as well be translated as profit from his long time obsession. This art sale comes at a time when he has just liquidated Hedge Fund.

Going forward Adam is seeking to concentrate more on collecting and exhibiting artworks of various world famed artists. Though expressing reservations to this and attributing it to the high cost at works today, he believes it can be done.

One thing upcoming art collectors and enthusiasts can learn from Adam is that for what it is worth, he doesn’t buy his work from students and starters. He waits till they are a few years into the trade, created their niche and name.

He also describes himself as a pursuer of art from established artists and not a chaser. His art is collected from carefully handpicked artists over the years, and this may be the main reason he can raise vast amounts from their auction.

Art is a positive obsession Adam Sender has had to deal with and the best thing about it is that it is paying him way better that many other engagements would. His is a story of patience that pays.

It’s Sometimes Hard To Know If It’s Michael Jackson Or Sergio Cortes

A true master of any given artform is rare. How rare is up for debate. But it’s safe to say that there’s only going to be one or two within any given artform per decade. But every now and then there’s an almost unique crossover between genres. And when that happens something really magical can be felt in the air. It doesn’t happen often, and it often takes some very unusual circumstances. But every now and then the lives of two masters of different art forms converge to create something new. And in the case of two men, Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson, the lines between them can even blur.

This can be better understood by simply looking at Sergio’s title. He’s also known as MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. However, sometimes a specific title can be somewhat deceptive. It’s true that Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator. But it’s also true that Jackson himself is a pop singer. But Jackson is the King of Pop, and Cortes also sits at the top of his form of artistic expression.

There’s quite a few different reasons for this. But one of the biggest is simply how Cortes grew up. He was just a young boy when someone first gasped in recognition of just how much he looked like a young Michael Jackson. And this quickly led to Cortes learning how to mimic Jackson for his friends on the playground. But as time passed Cortes grew to look more and more like the King of Pop. And he began to take his impersonation more as art than game. He learned how to sing and dance in the same style as Jackson. But he also spent his formative years studying how Jackson related to the world. Younger people can soak in cultural details in a way that few adults ever could. And as such Cortes soaked in every aspect of Jackson’s life.

Sergio Cortes picked up on a lot of Michael Jackson’s skills. But he also learned one major point which has allowed him to sit on the throne of his craft.

He learned that there’s more to a man than the nature of a performance. Cortes isn’t someone who impersonates Jackson only when he’s on stage. He learned that true impersonation means bringing the subject to life for the audience in every aspect of life. Cortes doesn’t simply bring Jackson to the crowd when he’s on stage. Instead he becomes Jackson for a period of time. That means putting on a great show. But it also means being able to talk to the audience after the performance and leaving them feeling as if they’d met the King of Pop himself.

Magic Mike XXL Brings the Heat

After what seemed like an eternity, the boys that brought the heat with their amazing dance moves, washboard abs, and let’s be honest, lack of clothing, are back in the blockbuster sequel, Magic Mike XXL. Just when he thought he was out of the stripping business and resolved to make furniture for the rest of his life, Mike (Channing Tatum) finds himself pulled into one last joyride with the infamous Kings of Tampa male revue, as the boys head to Myrtle Beach for a stripping convention (yes a stripping convention), complete with impromptu gas station stripteases and big reveals, pun intended. This time, however, it’s not just the men sizzling up the screen. Magic Mike XXL features a far more diverse cast this time, adding a number of talented actresses as sizzling as the Florida sun, including Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard and the talented Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt, best known for role as troubled teen Lizzie Spaulding of daytime soap Guiding Light, as well as her popularity on Instagram, which garnered her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005, is no stranger to the sizzling hot antics of Magic Mike XXL, as she takes on the role of Lauren. A veteran of the television screen, Crystal Hunt is able to hold her own on screen with what she is given, which is a skill that has also garnered her critical praise for her roles in films like Sydney White and 23 Blast, both of which have highlights on her Vimeo account.

A fun romp in the sun as the curtain closes on a soon to be legendary franchise, Magic Mike XXL brings the heat and the energy of a talented and attractive cast and transports viewers to a fantasy world where the men and women are hot as the sun, and a good time is just a Ginuwine song away.

American Men Absolutely Love Dating In Russia

Imagine going to an international dating site that has nothing but beautiful women and coming out with a wonderful lady that ultimately falls in love with you, and you get to meet her and marry her. Some feel that this can only be a dream, and it’s difficult to find love on an international dating platform, but those who feel this way are misinformed. If a dating website is good enough, it will allow two people from different parts of the world to come together and make a love connection that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Anastasia Date is the perfect website for those looking to date internationally.

If a person wants to find a date, then they may go straight to looking for a date online. The reason why Anastasia Date should be the first choice for international dating is because it’s the number one website for international dating. Many other websites offer up different women from many countries, including Russia, but Anastasia Date has the best women and best choices when it comes to dating. A man looking to date may not just want the first woman that comes up on the screen, but they may want a woman who has a lot of their similar interests.

Anastasia Date not only allows a man to look for a great woman, but the man may also be able to look for a woman that has an interest in some of the same hobbies or sports that he’s into. A man who specifically wants a woman that loves to cook can insert this information into the Anastasia Date search engine, and he’ll be surprised at how many women will have this information in their profile. Women that love to swim or play certain sports will likely put this information into their profile, and the Anastasia Date search engine can help to bring this woman to a man’s attention.

Once the man chooses the woman that he wants, then all he has to do is contact her. It’s always a good idea for the guy to go through the lady’s profile and make sure she’s the one he wants to talk to you, but he is always allowed to search through different profiles and even pick several women to talk to at once. Dating is a process that doesn’t necessarily have to be between one man and one woman, especially since the man can choose several women and then eventually pick the one that he likes the most.

Grieving And Attaining Lifetime Status Without The Same Star

The stage was pitch dark as was the rest of the concert hall. The curtains in the back all of a sudden glowed with the spotlight shining onto a person who was wearing a black hat strategically placed at a slight angel. A white glove was on his one hand and as he moved slowly the glove sparkled. His jet black hair with tight curls were more recognizable than anything else. They looped down a little onto his almost ivory skin. He looked up and smiled but only at the corner of his mouth. He looked just like Michael, yet Michael was gone. He had disappeared into no where and broke the hearts of millions. In his 50’s Michael Jackson was dead. No one expected that to happen. No one counted on something so painful.

He had mourned with them,as MJ’s biggest fan in the world. He struggled to pull himself out of the hurt, as had many. It was hard to hear, hard to believe and more so it was hard to stomach. We all wanted nothing but the best for a man that struggled for years. Soon he left us with nothing but hurt. Sergio was the one that needed to have a deep affect on most but at the same time he was also hurting. When you number one hero dies it is difficult. There is no way to go about it then to face grief head on.

It is unknown whether Sergio performed the day that Michael past but it was almost if someone went through the trouble and passed him the torch.

Sergio grabbed the torch and carried it right through into a life without Michael Jackson. He strengthened his resolve and gave it his all. The most miraculous part of it was that he was able to challenge the notion that only Michael was a great. For Sergio Cortes is a famous well liked singer in his own right but does a fantastic job pretending to be positioned like him. Sergio has gone about doing things most have only dreamed about but it was his vision and he reached it.

Skout-More Than Just Another Social Network or Travel Site

It can seem as if new social network sites appear every day, all of which claim to be better and more forward-thinking than their competitors. Unfortunately, many of those sites fail to live up to their promises, year after year. The good news is that Skout has met two on-going needs of their users. For the discriminating and curious traveler, it is an ideal choice. Skout combines the ability for people from different life situations and countries to form new relationships online with the possibility of actually being able to travel to new locations where the new friends live.

What Is Skout?

Visits start out as virtual trips, including videos, photographs and conversations. If visitors have the interest and inclination to meet with their new friends in the new area, as more than 10 million people have in recent years, plans are made accordingly.

What Sets Skout Apart From Other Social Media And Travel Sites?

Skout is unique because it removes the need for professional tour guides, overpriced travel agencies and crowded tourist traps for visitors to a new area. Instead, users are provided with the opportunity to make friends and join conversations with people with whom they share common interests, in areas they would like to visit.

In the interest of encouraging friendship and communication with new people, Skout even established another holiday. They recently decided that from now on, Feb 4 of each year will be International Online Friend Day.

Where Are Users Of Skout From?

It is important to note that Skout users currently reside in 180 countries. Although traveling to the areas where new friends and acquaintances reside was not the primary goal of the Skout creators, it is one that has taken off very well in recent years. In addition, the Skout App for your phone or mobile uses GPS technology, which can minimize the possibility of someone not being where they say they are.

How Are Users Protected?

As with any other time that new discussions or friendships are started online, it is crucial to protect your own information. Skout goes one step ahead of that and also helps their users protect their privacy. One example of how that is done is that Skout users are prohibited from taking nude or nearly nude photographs of themselves in the bathroom.

That ban includes the numerous celebrities who use Skout, although obviously it would not be wise to expect celebrities to join in on the casual traveling experiences that typical users enjoy. Another example is that all users must be at least 18 years of age, so there is no feat of accidentally making friends with an underage person.

In conclusion, Skout meets the specific needs of adults with an interest in making friends in new areas and who would like the opportunity to visit new places. Although Skout is still relatively new, it will be exciting to see what kind of changes occur to the way that social media is used as a result of Skout’s ingenuity.