Helane Morrison, Co-Leader of Hall Capital, Champions Integrity

Hall Capital exemplifies today’s diverse workforce in action, as it is led by three outstanding women in the business world. Founded in 1994, Hall Capital is led by Chief Executive Kathryn Hall, President Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison, who serves as a managing director, as well as chief compliance officer and legal counsel of the firm.

According to a recent article in The San Francisco Business Times, http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2013/05/03/hall-capitals-leaders-foster-culture.html, Hall Capital manages over 24 million dollars worth of assets, making them the one of the most successful money management firms in the Bay Area. Hall Capital holds that values of transparency and cooperation are integral to serve clients, as demonstrated in Helane’s quote below.

Their philosophy is evident in their open office environment, as they have built their foundation on communication and teamwork, along with their commitment to diversity, to bring the best of the best together in the workplace.

One of the secrets to the firm’s success is Morrison, who notes that women feel comfortable dealing with a firm that values diversity. Ms. Morrison has been with Hall Capital for five years, after working in legal capacity at The Securities and Exchange Commission. According to her impressive work experience detailed on her LinkedIn profile Helane Morrison served as head of enforcement litigation and regulatory matters in the Northwest area. She left her SEC position to pursue her work at Hall Capital as she believes their work with the public as well as their work to ensure gender equality in the workplace is of utmost importance. Helane continues to be a force to be reckoned with as she is still a prominent San Fransisco figure and respected lawyer. You can take a peek through one of the many cases in her portfolio by checking out the Google Book below.

She is also a former journalist, working as a reporter for a newspaper in Florida and other media outlets. Her passion and belief in business integrity is shown through her expertise in business regulatory investigations. She is a well-known speaker on legal issues affecting private investors and investment advisors.

Morrison is also active in the Bay Area’s community, serving as a board member of The Regional Parks Foundation. She is also a member of the Hedge Fund Committee of the American Bar Association. To keep up to date with Helane’s work and any news about her, check out her Crunchbase.

The talent and dedication of Helane Morrison, along with business leaders CEO Kathryn Hall and President Sarah Stein, is one of the reasons that Hall Capital is one of the most trusted and respected money management firms.

Sharing Important Entrepreneurial Habits

Wikipedia says that Brad Reifler may be a serial entrepreneur but he has a lot of wins and great decisions under his belt. Over the years, he has also helped to inspire entrepreneurial skills in the corporate world. Brad Reifler believes that some people are born to be entrepreneurs and become their own bosses, and those people should always strive to get what they want. In the following points, he shares some essential habits of entrepreneurs –

The Flow Of Ideas Is Important To Entrepreneurs – Whether ideas are good or bad, entrepreneurs always keep them coming. This keeps their brain working and every once in awhile, a great idea can make an appearance. Brad Reifler is a big fan of writing down every idea so that he can later leaf through everything, that’s part of what led to the introduction of his new corporate entity.

Entrepreneurs Are Action Based – Entrepreneurs hate being bored and just sitting around dreaming. They are people who are action oriented and they like keeping busy because that is what makes them happy. Brad Reifler says that some people think he is a workaholic but in truth, he just listens to his heart.

Great Entrepreneurs Are Also Good Critics – An entrepreneur has to critique ideas of other partners and peers on a constant basis to ensure that failures do not occur. As such, people who are unable to find flaws in the plans of other people would not make decent entrepreneurs.

Growth Excites Entrepreneurs – Most entrepreneurs are excited by the idea of growth, whether it is personal or professional. They like to look at the bigger picture and think of ways that things can be improved. They are not afraid of taking risks to fulfill those goals either.

Entrepreneurs Are Disciplined and Organized – Almost every entrepreneur who has found success in the industry has been extremely disciplined in habits. That’s because entrepreneurs deal with so much on a daily basis, they need a routine to be at 100% efficiency all the time. If they fail to plan every little detail, they could miss something important.

Personal Goals Help Drive Entrepreneurs Forward – Entrepreneurs like to set personal goals for themselves. These could be small or big, but they are used as motivational tools to achieve great results.

Entrepreneurs Aren’t Afraid To Delegate – Delegation is an art that might sound easy but, in reality, is quite difficult. However, to entrepreneurs, it almost comes naturally because they aren’t afraid to delegate. Brad Reifler, for instance, has always been a big believer of micromanaging and letting the experts do their job, a point oft expressed on Twitter.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Compromises – If something doesn’t work, entrepreneurs gives it a chance and then cut it out completely. This works in both professional and personal contexts.

If these habits are found in a budding entrepreneur, they could end up being as successful as Brad Reifler himself, and looking at Brad’s CrunchBase, he’s gone a long way.

Business Lawyer Sam Tabar

The legal field is one that many enter in order to help people. A skilled lawyer can provide their clients with the kind of help they need to be able to overcome any obstacle. Many skilled lawyers are able to assist clients who may need help with a specific problem such as a divorce or another issue such as probating a will. An effective lawyer can also help someone or a entire company with other tasks such as starting a business or helping to oversee the expansion of an existing business into new and important fields. The right lawyer can also help anyone get justice and make sure that the law is on the side during any particular legal proceedings they might face during the course of their professional career or in their personal lives.

A lawyer who fully understands the needs of his clients is attorney Sam Tabar, with a full history on About.me. Tabar has a passion for all aspects of the law, as his career stats show. He knows that his clients count on him to help them met their legal needs. He also knows that the legal system can be used to help his clients get the kind of results they want and need from them and from the law at the same time. It is this kind of attention to detail, passion for the law and an innate understanding of the field of law that has helped Tabar be assured of being able to do all that he can to assist his clients and to make sure that any legal transaction they choose to carry out will be done in accordance with the existing laws. His work in this field has focused on many areas of the laws but his particular field of expertise is that of business law and financial management.

Clients have turned to him in order to help them get the kind of assistance they need to manage their finances, start new business ventures and be assured of working within the law when they plan a new business deal of some kind. They have come to know that they can count on him for advice as they conduct business. They also know that his expert advice can also help them figure out the best way to conduct a deal of any kind in order to achieve the kind of results they want. Tabar expects to continue to serve his clients in the future, whether on social media, or through his investment tips.

A New Way to Stay in London for Work or Pleasure

I was recently assigned by my company to spent 10 days in London, England taking care of a very important matter. It was only my second trip to that wonderful but expensive city, and I had a good idea of what I was getting into. The weather can be horrible with rain and wind and bitter cold even in the summer months and the hotels are among the most expensive hotels on the planet and judging from my last visit, London hotels offer a very small amount of comfortable living space for the buck, er…quid. But on the bright side Londoners are great people, civilized and friendly and they even speak our language. I do enjoy riding the double decker public transport buses and seeing the many sights of London. Taking a shopping trip for souvenirs in Camden Town is always fun and a chance to sample many kinds of food including fish and chips. Just being in London is fun, walking down the streets looking into shop windows and entering the local Sainsbury’s grocery store for unusual but delicious cheeses, and I always try a new flavor of beer. In London beer is everywhere and, beyond doubt, world class.
Knowing what I knew about the hotel situation in London, I was convinced this time to avoid the costly hotels and their cramped rooms. I was working after all and didn’t have much time to spare. But I wanted space to stretch out and a fridge for beer and cheese. A bedroom and a living room would be nice and I was lucky to find the perfect place thanks to LondonEscape. The cost of the apartment was considerably less that an upscale hotel and I felt at home thousands of miles away from home.
After completion of my work I left London and my little flat knowing that the next time I’d return I’d stay at the very same apartment and stock that fridge with cheese and beer from Sainsbury’s grocery and the next time I’d build up my courage and climb aboard and ride the Eye of London.

The Mayor’s Tax Increase to Affect a Majority of Chicago Homeowners With Property Valued Above $250000

There are mixed reactions from residents of Chicago following tax assessment increase to over 48 %. The high increase is coupled with Mayor Rahm Emanuel decision to raise taxes for residual property approved last October. This increase is the largest increase in the recently concluded assessment. The majority of the affected residents blame political decisions taken by the mayor for the tax increase.
Those affected most are residents living in the intersection of Halsted and Davison streets. The assessment is carried out every three years. The inhabitants of the West Township 151, West Township 051 and north township 030 are most affected with assessment taxes rising in over 10%. The increase in residual property in the North Chicago is after the Lincoln Park was relocated to the south of the city. The industrial properties have since been replaced with residual property, stores and restaurants.
The British international school in Chicago has made the area recently change from industrial to residential. It has therefore made the tax spike inventive with also new development flats set to be built in the region. There were also some areas that saw the tax assessment fall. The lake township 285 tax assessment fell on 9.5% average.
The mayor’s plan will not affect homeowners whose property is valued below $ 250000. It insulates these homes against a tax increase. Those likely bear the brunt of the directive are high priced home owners due to a sharp appreciation after the mid-2000 recession.
The recent tax increases are likely to affect the real estate business. Among the real estate investors is Mr. Majeed Ekbal. The Chicagoan business mogul has diversified business interests spanning across several sectors. Majeed has been in business for the last two decades and is well experienced in real estate investment and effects of an increase in assessment taxes.
He is a graduate of the American University in Washington. Majeed is a successful entrepreneur, the founder of Expresso limited. He is also active on several philanthropic community projects that improve the welfare of the society. He is reachable through his personal profile in LinkedIn and soundcloud website.

George Soros and the Asylum Seeker Crisis

George Soros has an interesting background. From fleeing Hungary in 1947 during WWII for England to being known as the “man who broke the Bank of England”, there’s a lot we know about him. According to Investopedia, he is also the one who is known as the “trigger” for the 1997 Asian financial crisis due to a large bet against the Thai baht. He is also known as a political activist and a philanthropist, overseeing the Open Society Foundations.

The latest thing that Soros has become known for, found in MarketWatch’s latest article about him, has to do with helping solve the latest global issue that has popped up: Syria’s refugees and those seeking asylum. He noted that the European Union needs a strong, centralized plan to deal with asylum seekers – both now and in the future. The reason this is needed is because each member state of the EU has only focused on themselves in a selfish manner. This results in them often going against the interests of other member states.

So…how does he think it should be done? Soros believes that the EU should take six steps to fix the problem, and the first people to benefit directly from them would be those seeking refuge from the problems in Syria.

The first step the EU needs to take, according to him, is that over all the member states, at least one million refugees need to be taken in each year – for a while in the foreseeable future. This means the burden would be shared equally between all the member states. Each asylum seeker would also need to receive 15,000 euros (or $16,800) for the first two years. Communication needs to be streamlined so that everyone is on the same page.

Read more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Secondly, the EU needs to take the first steps and lead the global effort to support the refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Turkey alone needs about 20 billion euros to support all the refugees it has taken in. Third, the EU would have to streamline all the asylum seeking processes. Twenty eight different processes is too much! This creates a clunky and inefficient system.

The fourth step is to create safe passage to their destinations, and making it easier to get across the Mediterranean. The less danger there is in crossing this portion of the world, Soros argues, the numbers of refugees trying to cross will drop. Turkey would be the priority.

The fifth piece of this puzzle is to arrange global standards for dealing with asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. This would cut down on issues in misunderstanding conduct.

Finally, the EU would have to have private organizations as sponsors so that more than one million refugees can be taken in each year.

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Madison Street Capital Sees More Than The Bottom Line

Chicago, Illinois is home to a company that is setting a new standard in the financial and investing world. That company is called Madison Street Capital, and the standard they’re setting can be summed up by saying: they strive to see more than the bottom line for their customer’s needs. Their team of professional advisers have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the financial and investment world their clients need, yet also combine this with a unique emphasis on honesty and transparency.
With the ever-changing financial world and seemingly dwindling opportunity found for start-ups and established business trying to acquire vital financing for their survival and growth, the industry in general has become more secretive and complex. Madison Street Capital defies this trend and counts on trusting honest relationships with their valued clients to thrive. Their unique perspective and values work to provide companies and their CEOs with the transparent understanding needed to grow and prosper their businesses.
Advisers at Madison Street Capital have a vast knowledge of the financial and investment world, and are dedicated in gaining an understanding of each client’s business model. This allows them to tailor their strategy around each client from an outsider’s perspective looking in. Many CEOs aren’t aware of exactly what drives a companies’ value, or what key resources are available for their financial needs. Their advisers are expert in helping their clients resolve these factors with clarity and honesty.
In order to serve their clients with the best possible advice, Madison Street Capital starts out their encounter with a “tough love” approach. Whether a client decides to hire their services or not, advisers are intent on being honest in their assessment of each businesses’ strengths and weaknesses. The main emphasis here is to tell clients what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. This is key to understanding why Madison Street Capital is a unique company, and grasping why they base their success on seeing more than the bottom line in business relationships. They understand companies may be represented by the CEO, but many times comprise an extended group such as their family, employees and their families, and the community they serve.
With Madison Street Capital’s vast knowledge and use of capital market participants and their strategic partners, they’re able to provide businesses with the loans and direction needed to be successful and grow. Their unique transparency is a rarity in the financial and investment world, and results in clarity and understanding on an honest level. These combined factors make this company stand out and set the standard in an ever-changing financial and investment world.

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