Trust Status Labs For Your Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a big trend for businesses because online reputations mean the world to new relationships. Also, in order to maintain old relationships people and companies are starting to focus strongly on the upkeep of their online presence. It might seem surprising to some, but when you meet people they are likely to do their own, private research on you to find out more information about you. We are all becoming good detectives, and we are getting better at digging up dirt on each other, so it is necessary in today’s tech savvy world to keep a close eye on your online reputation. That is why there are several companies out there to help with this service.

Status Labs is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the industry. They have recently had a big upturn in their business. In fact, according to a recent article from News On 6, Status Labs has seen a 939 percent increase in their total revenue from online reputation management in just three years. This is unprecedented for their industry, and it will surely keep rising as our businesses and network relationships become more committed to keeping their online presence looking good.

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs, and he gives all the credit for this enormous upturn in customer relations to the team of individuals that specialize in helping their clients maintain outstanding online presence for all these years. The team specializes in online reputation management with skills that attend to removing unwanted links, increasing the SEO friendly articles and other duties. The team at Status Labs even creates content for some companies and individuals that need the extra positive image for their online presence.

Status Labs has worked with major online companies, and they have also worked with clients in all different types of industries. That is surely impressive that the same team can understand what is necessary for a positive image for a technology firm and a beauty company. Status Labs prides itself in the fact that it has assisted Fortune 500 companies as well as major brands and public officials. Everyone who does business today wants to have a great online image, so it is essential to find a team to work with that is professional, knowledgeable and careful. Check out their Tumblr for updates and cook photos!

White Media Shark Redefines Customer Experience

Every business is built upon a solid bedrock of excellent information flows. It is what allows a customer to feel valued and feel assisted. It is what a company uses to make sure it has attained what it needs.


White Media Shark knows the importance of a good customer experience, and it’s willing to grow from there. It has launched a string of changes that will see it redefine the client experience. It is expected the new changes will give it industry leading customer service standards.


At White Media Shark, it is anticipated that any new client will find tracking their AdWords campaign very easy. Whether it’s on Google ads or Bing ads, it will smoothen the whole experience. A client will be kept posted on what’s happening has it happens. It will allow a client the ability to track the effectiveness of the campaign and suggest changes were deemed appropriate.


White Shark Media will enable its customers to choose which platform they seek to use. It will run both new and old ads concurrently and determine the most efficient strategy. It could also decide to advertise certain adverts, in particular, markets and vice versa.


White Shark Media has also noticed gaps in knowledge among its customer care agents. It has launched a training drive to bring them up to standards. So any client can be rest assured when talking to a customer care executive, they are dealing with a competent agent with an intimate understanding of Pay Per Click.


The customer will also be provided with a direct telephone line to specific customer care agents. It will allow the client the power to call anytime and make enquiries and follow-ups.The customer will also have access to experienced supervisors. They will handle cases where the agent felt were mishandled.


White Shark Media will also make sure no customer loses touch with their ad campaign. They will teach you how it works and how you can know its metrics. They will also register a Google AdWords account with the customer’s name. It will allow a customer to not only stay in touch with the ad campaign but also know when its effect is growing or reducing.


White Shark Media understands that sometimes customers can come through the phone. It has partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking features. It is crucial for you to know where most of your clients are coming from so as to target that demographic. It will also allow White Shark Media to optimise the campaign unique to that demographic.


White Shark Media has changed how PayPerClick is run online, and we wish it the very best.

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Using Get Your Wiki For Your Wikipedia Page

There are numerous benefits to having a wikipedia page for yourself or your business. It can be a great means of advertisement, and it is something that people can view from anywhere. Even though a wikipedia page can be a great promotional tool, it can have a negative impact if it is done wrong. That is why you need professionals to help you make a Wikipedia page. Professional writers can also make sure that the page remains a good promotional tool in years to come. Amazingly, you don’t have to look far to find reputable wikipedia writers for hire. There is a website called Get Your Wiki that enables you to find people to create a well done wikipedia page.

Get Your Wiki will give you a quote very quickly. In fact, they guarantee a response in less than 24 hours. You are given options of different writers that you can select from. The writers that work through this talented Wikipedia writing service tend to be highly experienced, and they are extremely skilled at designing wikipedia pages. Given the fact that the writers that you will have access to are so skilled, Get Your Wiki says that if you are not satisfied with the work, you will fully get your money back. In order to get these quotes from skilled writers, all you need to do is put some extremely basic information into the website. You simply enter your email address, name, and what the wikipedia page is for.

Also, wikipedia pages are ever changing. This is because it is possible for any person with access to the internet to edit wikipedia. If you are running a business, promoting a cause, or promoting yourself, you need to stay on top of what is on the page. If you use the services of Get Your Wiki, some of that headache is removed from your life. All the writers that work through Get Your Wiki keep up to date on what is happening with the page. They edit out any content which has the potential to cause harm to your reputation. Additionally, the writer(s) can add content that is beneficial to your reputation.

Having a wikipedia page is extremely important if you are looking to promote yourself, a cause, or your business. Luckily, getting the wikipedia page well designed is exceptionally easy. You can get your wikipedia page done right away by going to Your text to link….

Sanjay Shah Creates More Money For Autism Research

Autism research is a hot topic in the world of education today, and Sanjay Shah has made a commitment to raising money to help kids who have autism. Sanjay created Autism Rocks to raise money for research, and his role as head of Solo Capital makes him the perfect person to manage this money. This article explains how Mr. Shah has created a partnership between his hedge fund and a concert organizer.#1: Solo Capital And Autism Rocks Work Together

Solo Capital is the brainchild of Sanjay Shah, and he was the first person to conceive of Autism Rocks. Sanjay helps organize concerts with the largest acts in the world, and he partners with Solo Capital to make it happen. The Facebook page for the two works in tandem, and Sanjay routinely advertises his hedge fund as part of each concert. The duo creates far more opportunities for autism research than they would alone.

#2: Autism Rocks Gives Huge Concerts

The concerts created by Autism Rocks are massive events that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time for autism research. Every dollar raised is managed by a trust created by Sanjay, and the trust ensures that allow the money goes directly to research. There is no middleman in the process, and Sanjay sends more money to research programs than anyone else in the world.

#3: Who Has Performed With Autism Rocks?

Joss Stone, Lenny Kravitz and other major acts have worked with Autism Rocks on their concerts. Each concert is given with help from Sanjay, and the concerts are attended by thousands of people at a time. The concerts show that there is a genuine interest in raising money for autism research, and the concerts feature only the greatest acts that will draw many people.

Sanjay Shah has one of the most progressive ideas for fundraising in the world today. He gets the help of major rock acts who will give their services for fundraising concerts, and he works with these acts to create as many concerts as possible. Autism Rocks has revolutionized the fundraising industry for the better.

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Charles Koch Will Still Donate 900 Million to Republican Candidates Even Though He’s Disappointed !

While many deplore millionaires and billionaires awarding money to political candidates, these benefactors feel it’s necessary to support nominees who agree with their ideas and philosophies. Years ago Paul Harvey said, “I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where their mouth is.” Candidates competing in local, congressional, senate and the presidency who agree with the wealthy donor’s theories receive large donations. In today’s environment candidates require large sums of money to impel and impress their constituency. Getting your name out to the public is imperative. When you run for office in America you need money for advertising on television and print media. Additionally, salaries for staff member and travel requires plenty of money. Running for office is an expensive undertaking.

Charles Koch is a wealthy business person who quietly addresses issues of the country and donates to candidates who discuss the needs of the country. In the past, this co-chairman, CEO of Koch Industries, philanthropist, and benefactor to 200 colleges and respected research organizations has donated millions to their cause. Dissatisfied and disappointed with the field of Republicans running for the highest office in America Koch maintains someone should listen to his concerns. Discouraged with Donald Trump’s rhetoric toward Muslims and Cruz’s insistence on bombing ISIS, Koch speculates America should not “create a sea for the terrorists in the Muslim communities.” Koch hopes someone in the pack will pay attention to the list of concerns he has laid out for the candidates to ponder and consider.

Despite Koch’s disappointment Koch has promised donations close to a $900 million for presidential candidates running as Republicans. Koch gives to many, especially Republicans and libertarian causes. In the past his interests have been in advancing libertarian ideas. “We’re being attacked every day by blogs, other newspapers, media, people in government, and they were totally perverting what we do and why we do it. We have had other people answering it,” Koch said. “But I’m the evil guy, so I need to come out and show who I am, like it or not.”

Koch doesn’t mind using money to support candidates even though candidates oppose or ignore his opinions. Koch hopes the candidates will eventually consider his list of issues he’s put forth. Perhaps someone from the vast field of Republicans can understand the logic, passion and philosophy behind Charles Koch’s commitment and his dedication to politics in America. Until then he will continue to support candidates who embrace hints of what the Republican party stood for years ago.

Handy’s Cleaning Services, not Affected by HomeJoy’s Closing

On July 31st 2015 Homejoy Inc. announced that they were shutting its doors. After declining investment offers they felt that it was the best thing to do for the company. Apparently the amount of money that was raised was not nearly enough to get them out of debt, so they decided to move on. The company offered its services throughout the world including Germany and France.

The challenges that the company faced is a situation that many startup companies face, having to do with its contract workers. More and more contract workers are taking companies to court. The desire to be classified as regular workers is spreading and is becoming more popular. In order for a company to reclassify a contract worker, they must consider the fact that the price of their services may go up. Most companies that reclassify find that their prices will need to go up as much as 40%, that’s almost 50%. Some are lucky and only experience a 20% price hike.
Ms, Cheung one of the owners of HomeJoy feels, according to media, that there should be third classification for employees. After the California Labor Commission’s decision that an Uber contract worker was an employee. Five months after the decision to close its doors, the company filed for bankruptcy. In San Jose.

Not all startup companies have been affected by many lawsuits cases that are making its way onto the scene. Handy Technologies Inc. has managed to avoid these types of scenarios. Handy raised $50 million in November of 2015. Some of its investors are General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners.

Offering over 10 types of services from painting and cleaning to repairs the company has been steadily growing. Staffing highly professional, experienced workers is only a few of the things that Handy makes an effort to do. They also make sure that each customer is aware of their 100% money back guarantee and very reasonable prices.

Keith Mann Shows His Support For The NYPD

Keith Mann, a New York based businessman is showing his strong support for the New York Police Department by buying a whole squadron of police officers lunch as a way of saying thank you for your service. Mann has bought the 54th street precinct police unit lunch not just once, but twice as his way of saying thanks for keeping the city safe for residents and visitors. During a time of increased unrest and groups such as Black Lives Matter calling for action against police officers Keith Mann is taking a stand and is standing with police officers against such groups that are advocating against the police and the rule of law.

The founder of Dynamic Industries is not alone in his support of the New York City Police officers. A small rally with about 150 people was held in New York City that supported the efforts of police to keep the city safe, and showed that people still backed and supported their police officers. The rally paled in comparison to groups such as Black Lives Matter, but it helped boost morale that police officers are not alone and they have the backing of citizens. Mann who has worked in hedge fund staffing for over 15 years, believes he is not alone. The vast majority of people, the so called silent majority, he believes still supports the admirable job that policemen and women are doing despite attacks and cries of injustice directed at them.

Keith Mann‘s wife has relatives who work in the New York Police Department, and Keith feels it is imperative to support officers during a troubling time when their integrity and motives are being questioned by left wing groups and even some politicians. Mann believes in helping his local community and standing up for what is right. The staffing company founder who now helps not only hedge funds, but also equity firms believes that taking a stand and making your voice heard in support of a cause, in this case the New York City Police is important. Rather than giving in to the negativity and pressures exerted on the police force, citizens must respond with acts of support and kindness to counter the critics of the NYPD. Follow Keith on Twitter and Vimeo to stay up to date on his ventures.

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GOFUNDME for Operation Smile By Dr. Weisfogel

How you would feel if your child was born with a birth defect. The birth defect is affecting the child and his or her ability to eat. What can you do? There is a large bill to have the babies face and mouth repaired. The surgery is more than you could ever afford. What can you do? You are sad for the baby. You know the struggles this baby will go through as he or she gets older. Peer pressures and bad comments will cause the child to withdraw. There is a campaign that is set up to help people with birth defects such as cleft palate and cleft lip. Operation smile performs thousands of surgeries around the world and they are free for the family. Medical personnel works alongside the surgical team to provide healthy recoveries from these surgeries.

Operation smile is always looking for more funding so they can reach more individuals with this second chance at a smile. Without people like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, children would continue to suffer. The surgeries would not be an option. Dr. Weisfogel set up a campaign on go fund me to help with raising money for the cause. This wonderful caring dentist is responsible for changing so many children’s lives. He full fills so many dreams by helping with removing deformities. He helps by providing necessary contacts for people that not only need surgery but also appliances.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel works closely with the community and other dental professionals to provide the needs and care that is necessary to help with sleep issues. Sleep apnea is something that is dangerous to adults. Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing throughout the night. With his business, Dr. Weisfogel is training other dental professionals how to use appliances and guards to correct dental issues.

It is very important for people to step up and help campaigns such as the GOFUNDME campaign that Weisfogel set up for Operation smile. People always feel better when they help children. Check out the operation smile website.

Innovative Trends from 2015 That Will Improve Investor’s Approaches for 2016 Stock Market’s Prospects

The year 2015 ended with little promises for investors. First, the year performed poorly and descended to the mini-crash in the middle of the year. This mini crash diminished the hopes of the investors regarding stock market improvement. As the New Year is setting in, the question in the mind of every investor is if the market will improve. Returns guide investors before making any investment. What made the 2015 year have low morale for investor even after recovering from the mini-crash is the oil price. They steadily continued their fall in the last part of the financial period worsening investors’ confidence to the recovery of the weak markets.

What is the significant turn of events that can restore investors’ confidence in stock markets? Oil prices hugely drive the world economy. Whereas low oil prices are a relief for consumers, they are not good for business. A decrease or crash of the American markets will also have devastating effects on the world economies. Analysts continue to investigate and research on the innovative approaches that may result in the turnover for the New Year.

Investment firms are also considering new moves to woo the investors in the New Year. Highland Capital Management Company is an investment firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is hugely investing in alternative sectors like health care and technology. The company was founded back in 1994 by James Dondero, and it has since come a long way to the top in the investment banking industry. Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he specialised in accounting and finance. Also, James is chartered and accredited financial analyst. After graduation from University, Jim embarked on building his career. He has worked for some reputable companies like American Express and protective life.

Jim heads a team of highly experienced in the business’s management (you can see them ringing the closing bell at the NYSE below). Mr Michael Gregory leads the team of alternative investment. He brings the extensive on health care investment and management. The company won the prestigious HFM hedge fund award in 2015. Jim also appointed Mr. Terry Jones as the head of institutional products. The company management has more than 130 years of combined experience. The team has to make tough decisions on the fluctuations which are unpredictable in the stock markets.

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Skills In Many Kinds Of Plastic Surgery

Any doctor can claim to be a top doctor in their field, but there are some who can actually prove it. Many doctors want to say that they are the best, but this is something that can easily be disputed, especially if a doctor has a lot of patients that are unhappy with their work. Texas is a state that is known for having everything big, so it shouldn’t be surprised that they have a large amount of doctors who feel that they are the best doctors out there, but one doctor that can actually prove it is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Besides her several magazine interviews, as well as having her own practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is miraculous when she performs surgeries.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has many before and after pictures on her website of her surgeries, and the surgeries performed are absolutely amazing, especially the surgeries that have to do with the genital area and the breast area. These two areas are the most sensitive for women, and those that see the types of surgeries that Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed are not only impressed but want her skilled hands to operate on their bodies. Many women like to go for bigger sized breasts, firmer breasts, or even having their breasts reconstructed, and these are surgeries that have been nearly perfected by Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website not only shows pictures of these types of surgeries being performed but it’s also possible to read up on the surgeries, how they are performed, the scarring afterwards, and all the incidentals about the surgery on her website. Other surgeries performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden include a rhinoplasty, which is a surgery that changes the shape or size of the nose. Dr. Jennifer Walden also performs facelifts, which can help those who have sagging skin or skin that is looking less youthful than before. Fat transfers are a unique surgery that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs, and they are unique in the fact that not every doctor knows how to do them, but Dr. Jennifer Walden performs these surgeries and does them well.