Elderly Woman Chooses Road Trip over Chemo

Norma from Michigan had a rough year last year. She lost her husband Leo of 67-years and was diagnosed with uterine cancer just two days later. Her doctors recommended a treatment plan for Norma that included surgery, then undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. However Norma had a treatment plan all of her own.

At 90-years-old, Norma told her family that she had no plans on undergoing the treatments that the doctors recommended. Instead, the grandmother wanted to shop for hearing aids at affordable prices, with Hearing Aids RX being the company she ultimately settled on. This was something that she had always dreamed of- travel the country. After saying good-bye to her friends at the assisted living facility where she lived, Norma hopped on the 36-foot motor home with her son and daughter-in-law and hit the road.

The trio first stopped to visit South Dakota where they took in the sights at Mount Rushmore, then stopped in Wyoming to see Bison at the Yellowstone National Park before making their way to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Next they made their way to the bayou in New Orleans, then visited Kennedy Space Center in Florida where they also went on a hot air balloon ride! Her family said that Norma was in deep grief after losing her husband but that being on the road has brought the twinkle back in her eyes.

For the full story on Norma and to follow her adventures, click the link to find her at Today Online.

The Brazilian Marketplace for Business Owners of All Kinds

Buying and building in the Brazilian market can yield a lot more success than you might think. In fact, a lot of business and company owners are outsourcing to Brazil because of the benefits that come with it. You will find that Brazil offers a lot more opportunities for the average business owner than other areas. The key to moving your company to Brazil or starting it outright in this particular area is to have a good location. The location of your business means everything and can either make or break the company that you are trying your best to grow.

The first step to finding property is to work with a local agent who knows the Brazilian market for properties. Next, you should consider hiring a construction company like Construcap so that they can begin the work that needs to get done. Construcap is a construction company that employs dozens of hard-working and skilled workers. They work diligently on just about any property or building that needs to be made. This is an ideal option for those who want to build properties, stores, apartment complexes or buildings of any kind that they want on a property they currently own.

Once you make the decision to move your business to Brazil, you need to contact Construcap right away to begin the process of construction. Depending on the size of the building that needs to be constructed, it can take just a few months to a few years. You will also be able to negotiate the prices associated with the work being done, allowing you to stick to a budget if this is something that you need help with over time. It is great knowing that you have a company to work with on any type of project that has to be done in a timely fashion. Construcap has tons of job openings too for those looking.

Whether you want to build a large complex of apartment buildings or you just want a small stretch of stores, Brazil is the place to do all of this business. You will find that the tax and all of the legalities that go into owning a business in Brazil is a lot more relaxed than where you may currently live, and this is why a lot of people are beginning to outsource to this area when it concerns their companies. It is important to look into the process of having a business overseas if you have never done this before.

Supporting the Cause: Autism Rocks

Autism seems to be a continually growing diagnosis for children of all ages ranging from birth and up. There are many different levels of autism as well from cases that aren’t so severe to extremely severe cases. Parents of autistic children deal with many day to day struggles. And many parents go above and beyond to do what they can to support the cause. There are many things people can do to help. Anything from donating money to volunteering time at events ahs a big effect on researching Autism.
A very active autism parent is Sanajy Shah. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Sanjay is a very avid musical lover and even had the opportunity to have tea with rapper Snoop Dogg. Having the passion for music that he does, this experience gave Sanjay a fantastic idea. He felt that he would be capable of staging music gigs around the world in order to raise money for autism research.
Sanjay Shah made his dream become a reality. In 2014 he was able to succefully launch an invite only event in London. This private show featured Sanjay himself as well as other popular artist including Lenny Kravitz, Micheal Buble and Drake. Other artist were also in attendance. All funds that are raised by Sanjay’s events go to Autism Research Trust. And they use the money to support autism research at Cambridge University.
The Austism Research Trust has 15 more events in line already. They are hoping to be able to find a way to identify Autism in children as early as possible. The funds that they are raising are being used for as much autism research as possible. The research will hopefully help parents to better understand the condition.Many parents don’t know where to turn for help or advice. That is the whole purpose of everything that Sanjay is doing. To help with a better understanding of autism, not just for family of autisic children but for everyone. Sanjay Shah also has a go fund me campaign entitled Autism Rocks set up to help raise money for research as well. Find Sanjay Shah on Soundcloud to see his music interests.

Sergio Cortes Greatest Michael Jackson Impersonator Not Just Another Fan. True Talent Doesn’t Lie!

Michael Jackson dubbed the “King of Pop” have a throng of fans. The interesting reality is that there’s an impersonator who’s done very little to become Michael Jackson. Dino Entertainment hosted an interview with Brazil’s Sergio Cortes as explained here on R7 Noticias. So, makes Sergio Cortes the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator? While he’s undeniably a spitting image of the pop star, Cortes behaves, walks, dresses and talks like MJ. Fascinating, isn’t it? In addition, Cortes composes music, does acts, dances and sings professionally, Dino Entertainment learned while interviewing him.

Cortes admitted that the art of impersonating someone especially an entertainer as prolific and loved as MJ isn’t a casual walk-in-the-park. With an army of fans that treasure MJ’s body of work, Cortes faces an enormous challenge. What’s amazingly admirable is that he’s extremely talented. In fact, he’s been dubbed the world’s best Michael Jackson lookalike. Of course, he’s got rivals, but with his charm, winning fan votes’ isn’t a challenge. In another
Dino Entertainment article, celebrity reporters discuss matters of Cortes’ motivation to take on impersonating Michael Jackson. After all, it’s not his only muse. He’s a licensed medical practitioner according to his official Wikipedia page. Interestingly, he’s been fascinated with MJ since childhood and his parents supported the idea, a dated NewsPress Release article reports. They’ve also remarked on how he resembled the beloved “Pop King.”

His memory goes back to the days when M.J. was a proponent of the group act, Jackson 5. Cortes’ long-nurtured fascination with MJ didn’t fade. Today, Cortes runs a successful entertainment agency. Additionally, he makes appearances at concerts impersonating Michael Jackson’s elaborate dance moves, singing, etc. A passionate entertainer, his masterful choreography, artistic talent and awesomeness has earned him his keep. The Brazilian media outlet Direitoenegocios gave commentary on the auctioning of the creatively designed glove, Michael Jackson once wore. It specifically discussed the expensive price tag as the starting bid for the piece was $20,000. He further deliberated that MJ’s globe has been auctioned before, having reached a bid of $402,000. Certainly, the latest auction has agreeably generous Sergio Cortes reported.

Although impersonating Michael Jackson isn’t just an ordinary job for Sergio Cortes, it’s something he constantly looks forward to doing. The affection, his lyrics, dances and whole persona embraces Michael Jackson in the truest form. With an extensive career impersonating Michael Jackson, Cortes has amassed a sizable social following on Facebook and Twitter. He shares his concert performances, photo stories, and videos on both accounts. Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009 had devastated fans. At least Sergio Cortes, with talent, charm, and devotion, keeps the celebrated pop king’s memory alive through impersonating. Cortes Michael Jackson impersonating is an act he does willingly to extend homage to the forever remembered pop king, he admitted in an interview.

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Wengie: The Profile Of A Successful Youtube Channel Owner

Youtube has become known as the biggest video sharing site on the internet. There are millions upon millions of videos on youtube. Numerous people post new videos on youtube every day. While many people who post videos on youtube hope for fame, very few ever attain it. Fame on youtube is difficult to attain. However, the people who do attain fame become very well known, even outside of the internet. In addition, they can make a significant profit from their videos. One example of youtube’s famous people is Wengie. Wengie is an Australian youtube video creator that posts beauty advice and information.

Wengie is a resident of Australia, but she knows a great deal about Asian beauty products and trends. She has found that these products tend to work far better for her than most products sold in Australia. In her videos, she shows people living in western countries how to use these products. She also talks about fashion trends in Australia and elsewhere. This can help women throughout Australia, and in other areas, keep up with the latest trends.

Wengie also has personal websites, in addition to making youtube videos. She has her own personal blog. In addition to her own personal blog, she has set up a website that assists people in decision making. This is a website where you can set up a poll, and you can use the results of the poll to assist you in making a choice.

She has founded her own line of cosmetics called UniMi. These cosmetics blend together two already existing lines of cosmetics, Tiny Minx and Perhaps Unicorn. UniMi has become a pretty successful line of cosmetics. It uses a unique approach. It helps to minimize the amount of makeup that is used. Her background and expertise in online marketing has helped her to successfully sell her products. She has an educational background that has helped her to market the products successfully through the internet. She graduated from The University Of Technology in Sydney, Australia. She also gives the option for people or businesses to utilize her expertise about online marketing.

The Human Rights Foundation And Their Fight For All

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, is a non-profit organization strictly devoted to the protection and promotion of human rights on a global scale. The organization, with its main offices in New York City, defends its ideals on those represented by the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, strictly meaning that any human on the planet has the right to do, say, worship and be whoever they wish without anyone saying otherwise.

The HRF relies on donations from organizations and individuals that share the same principles. In a majority, the foundation does publish and release the names of those who donate. They also stick to not making anyone’s name or organization public, should those entities be fearful of others learning that information. The financial statements of the HRF are on their website, humanrightsfoundation.org.

The Board of Directors of the HRF are all people who share the same ideals that all serve on a pro bono basis. Such people on the board are leaders, political activists and former prisoners like Kenneth Anderson and Diego Arria.

The founder of the HRF, Thor Halvorssen, was born Thor Halvorssen Mendoza in Venezuela in 1976. He attended the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science. His mother is a distant relative to Venezuela’s first two presidents and was shot during a political protest, which led to his founding the HRF. Halvorssen’s father served as an ambassador for the anti-narcotic affairs of Venezuela. Halvorssen is a film producer and has contributed to being an advocate for public policy and civil liberties. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has been described by most as a “gathering of human rights heroes” such as Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Thor Halvorssen has also produced films on the ongoing strife of human rights such as “Sugar Babies”, a depiction of the Dominican Republic’s violation of children’s basic human rights by forcing them to work on sugar farms. “Sugar Babies” caught the attention of Amnesty International as well as an acclaimed award at the Delray Beach Film Festival. The films he has produced and the work the Human Rights Foundation has committed themselves to have earned Thor Halvorssen recognition for bringing the importance of basic human rights to the forefront on a global scale.

Sanjay Shah Fights Against Autism.

Solo capital is a well-known international boutique financial services company. It is currently based in London, and it is regulated by rules from the United Kingdom. The company was incorporated 5years ago in 2011. Since then, the organization uses two names: Solo Capital UK, and Solo Capital Limited. The main aim of the company is consulting, proprietary trading and professional sports investment.

Solo capital is under the management of Solo group, and it’s led by Mr. Sanjay Shah, the CEO, and founder. Shah is also the owner of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks deals with children suffering from autism. He started the organization after going through a traumatizing experience with his now 4-year-old son who had the condition. The organization has been very instrumental in getting funds to help in autism research and treatment.

For over 10 years, the CEO of Solo capital has been giving donations to help children staying in India. He has been giving his donation in a program called Plan International. He would send the funds to the children each month. He has decided to retire early, and his offices are in London. Shah is 43 years old. According to Shah, giving money was the only thing he could do to the children.

Shah was brought up in a very good environment. His parents were based in Kenya, but they relocated and stayed in London. They were stable enough to give him a good life, and this means that he never experienced hardships when growing up like many children in India. He was taken to a good university where he studied medicine. He, however, didn’t like being a doctor, so he chose to abandon that career, becoming an accountant. He was successful in his new career, but he lost his job after the crisis in 2009.

After the crisis, Shah decided to start his own company, and that’s how he great emperor was started. In just a short time, he has accumulated a lot of wealth, and he is currently worth $280 million. His companies are all over the world, and he retired early to take care of his family.

In 2011, Shah’s son was taken to the hospital because of excess vomiting. He had to spend a lot of time in hospital in the drip, and the doctors couldn’t identify his problem. He was finally diagnosed with the serious medical condition. Because Shah had resources, his son was attended well. Other kids from needy parents do not have this opportunity, and that’s why he has decided to help. His foundation organizes concerts to help raise funds for research, and his charity is only given to the autism foundations. He wants all kids with the condition to have a good life.

Organo Gold Opens Its Latest Branch In Turkey

Coffee has several flavors, and it comes in different varieties. For many years now, coffee was considered unhealthy, but this will change soon. A new brand of coffee from Organo Gold has been introduced. The coffee from this brand is made using a special Chinese herb known as Ganoderma Lucidum. The special herb is more than 400 years old, and it is said to have healing properties. When someone takes the coffee made with the herb, their body works perfectly, and their health is improved. Coffee will now have healing properties.

People who suffer from these conditions are advised to take coffee from Organo Gold to manage the medical condition: high blood pressure, migraines, asthma, liver dysfunction, low energy levels, and kidney dysfunction among many others. The coffee from this brand is very delicious, and it comes in several flavors that suit everyone.

Just the other day, Bernardo Chua, the CEO of the company opened the branch of this enterprise a new country, Turkey. Sources say that Turkey will be the 39th country to get the coffee company. Bernardo Chua says the new opening will be of great help to Organo Gold.

The award winning Bernardo Chua’s decision to open a new branch of Organo Gold will give the company an natural upper hand. The country started their coffee houses in the 15th century, and this indicates that the citizens of that country know the value of the drink. Quality coffee will have a positive reception in the country.

The person in charge of the new branch will be Paul Jarvis. He has been given this position by Bernardo Chua, and he will be overseeing the company’s activities in the new branch. Several brands of coffee from Organo Gold will be introduced in the new country. Some of these include gourmet mocha, black coffee and king of coffee.

Wikipedia indicates that Bernardo Chua is now the president and the CEO of Organo Gold. The company was founded to meet the growing demand of quality coffee that can suit the active lifestyles of the modern consumer. Organo Gold has been able to achieve a lot due to the efforts of its Founder and CEO. He has been awarded several awards due to his efforts in the multinational privately owned company.  Bernardo Chua even has further information on his Facebook fan page.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008. The institutions headquarters are based in Vancouver, Britain. The company is actually international, and it is one of the best-growing networking company in the world. Organo Gold offers its consumers several products apart from coffee, and all of them are certified and contain Ganoderma Lucidum an ingredient. The company has spread fast, and it can be found in more than 35 countries in the globe. Under the leadership of its CEO, the institution plans to open more branches.

How Can Regular Investors Mirror George Soros Investment Success?

Not everyone has a billion dollars to invest, but they can still listen to the top investors in the world. Billionaire George Soros is a favorite on the global financial speaking tour. Here is how regular investors can mirror George Soros investment success.

“Listen Carefully to Soros Words”

Every year, the world leaders, financial giants and mainstream media meet at Davos, Switzerland to discuss the most important political and economic events. At the 2016 Davos forum, George Soros startled the audience with his bluntness: “We are repeating [2008]. It’s serious.” While 2008 was about America exporting its banking troubles, 2016 has been about China exporting deflation, according to Soros.

Commodity prices continue to fall and there are some who are choosing the Chinese Yuan over the United States Dollar. In 2015, George Soros sold many of his banking stocks and purchased gold mining stocks according to Marketwatch. While the cause of the global problems might have changed, the Capitalist system is still in danger.

“What are the fundamentals at work?”

George Soros understands the fundamentals at work, which are similar to a balance. If one industry has financial problems, then society can pool their money to save it. In 2008, as the banks became fearful, the Federal Reserve stepped in like a “white knight.”

In 2008, George Soros warned in his book – The New Paradigm for Financial Markets – that the banking system remained weak even after the fix. Furthermore, there were many questionable derivatives, which were very risky. This risk might have caused the banks to panic in 2008.

Like a prognosticator, George Soros warned that investors might began to doubt the solvency of the paper United States Dollar after 2008. Because by taking on non-performing debt from the banks, the Federal Reserve put its own balance sheet in jeopardy. What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

“Why are gold coins attractive purchases?”

The US Money Reserve Podcast with Eric Dye involves US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl discussing the markets, paper dollar, gold and customer service. While you may not have the expertise to pick the right gold mining company to invest in, you might be able to purchase gold coins. US Money Reserve customer service representatives will explain the benefits of different coins. Wise investors mirror the proven investing strategies of the pros.
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