Explore the Success of QNet

QNet really is shaking the foundation of traditional direct selling. A mix of the right ideas with the right growth strategy combined with the right implementation aided QNet’s amazing success.

Direct selling is an extremely popular means of earning money among entrepreneurs all over the world. Although many top sellers have amassed great wealth, none are likely to suggest making money with direct selling is easy. A lot of hard work and effort is required. Also necessary is an affiliation with an established and successful direct selling company. QNet has been around 16, which is relatively new for such an entity. During its existence, QNet has achieved incredible levels of growth. Offices can be found in over two dozen countries. Entrepreneurs selling Qnet products are located in 100+ countries. Yes, QNet is an amazingly successful enterprise and is sure to continue succeeding for many more years.

QNet’s management also realized the company must put all products and services through serious testing stages to ensure quality. The added time and cost investment in testing has paid off for QNet. Improved quality aided the company’s growth.

And yes, this is a company growing in many markets across the globe.

Qnet has designed other strategies for India, a country the direct seller is turning into a second home. (QNet is based in Hong Kong) Recently inroads in the Indian market show QNet is poised for even more success in the future. In a surprise move, QNet chose to move the entirety of its manufacturing to India. Yes, entirety means 100%. Qnet has other designs for the Indian market as well. The company wants to promote itself to women entrepreneurs in the country to further establish a strong presence.

The most impressive moves in India are on the philanthropic front. QNet has chosen to work with a number of partners to help support scores of different charitable endeavors. Flood relief, clean drinking water, and medical care efforts have all been aided by QNet and partners such as Lions Clubs International.

QNet has only just started on its incredible journey. Keep an eye out for QNet’s next 16 years of achievements.

The Success of Organo Gold Under The Leadership of Bernado Chua

In the twenty first century, it is necessary for business people to come up with products that are best suited to the lifestyle of most people today. By doing this, the businesses are able not only to stay afloat but to grow the business exponentially. One of the companies that have managed to provide good quality products suited for their customers is Organo Gold which is a global network marketing company. The products distributed to people around the world include premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products used by different people all over the world.

The success of this business is greatly credit to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company who is Mr. Bernardo Chua who brought ancient Chinese herb called the Ganoderma into the products sold by the company. This is one of the most revered Chinese herb that has been in use for over a century by the ancient people of China due to its effective health benefits. The success of the company can be attributed to the vision by the CEO of ensuring that the lives of people across the world are in good health, prosperity and finding balance in their respective lives.

The growth of this powerful global network marketing company dates back to half a decade ago when the company was founded in Richmond, B.C, Canada with only three employees. It started by producing good quality coffee to its consumers. The success and commitment of the founders of this company has steered the company to its growth and subsequent operations in over thirty five countries around the world. Organo produces good quality black coffee, the King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme and Hot chocolate. It also provides good quality tea like the Green Tea, Black Ice and the Red Tea.

As part of corporate social responsibility, this company hasn’t been left either. It has significantly been involved in charitable work. Notably, Organo Gold sponsors OG Cares Foundation, which a non-profit organization that significantly helps in enriching the lives of young people as the leaders of tomorrow. Having been influenced by the priceless knowledge acquired by reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the company is donating all proceeds from the sales of the collector’s Edition of Think and Grow Rich to the Napoleon Hill Foundation. These are some of the philanthropic work that the company has been involved in since it began its operations in 2008 in Canada.

The success of the company is largely attributed to its founder who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is one of the most successful people in the direct sales industry. He grew up in the Philippines where he started by bringing the ancient Chinese herb and eventually ventured in North America. During his tenure at the company, Bernardo Chua has received awards that reflect their success in the direct sales industry.  Wikipedia has more background on Chua and what he’s doing with his career from here.

Brian Bomar Still A Shining Example In Financial Sector

June 2010 was a great month for Brian Bonar. The successful leader was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the category of Finance. This was a great achievement for the man who is the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. From the pool of people nominated, only two male and two female members go on to be named Executives of the year in each discipline in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. The honorees are chosen by the selection committee based on various factors that include leadership abilities, professional accomplishments, and academic achievements – The New Frontier.

Brian Bonar enjoys almost three decades of professional management experience in the financial sector. This places him in a perfect position to manage and oversee all the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has served as the CEO for over ten years. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

This position has seen him bear the responsibility of a wide range of employee as well as employer benefits and aftermarket products.

The company is in the business of supplying a wide range of employee programs to its clients that lead to an increase in business efficiency. In other words, they act as a Market Liaison. The services on offer include risk management insurance (which features worker compensation and business liability), employee benefits, promotional and business management services, and financial management.

Apart from his role at Dalrada, Mr. Bonar also serves Smart-Tek Automated Services as the Chairman and CEO and Allegiant Professional Business Service as the company president.

Brian Bonar is a much sought-after leader. Bonar has served as a director of Dalrada Financial Corporation since August 1995. In December of 1999, he rose to become the Chairman of the Board of the company.

Bonar was the Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994, after which he was appointed to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, a huge step for him. In September 1994, Bonar became the Executive Vice President of the company. Three years later in 1997, he was named as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He later assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer in 1998.

According to Equilar, Between 1991 and 1992, Brian Bonar served Bezier Systems as the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. The company dealt in the manufacture and sale of laser printers.

Brian Bonar worked for Adaptec Inc. as the Worldwide Sales Manager. For Rastek Corporation, Brian was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing between 1988 and 1990. Six years prior, he worked as the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS between 1984 and 1988. Before serving in all these companies, Brian Bomar was an employee of IBM for an estimated 17 years.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html

Kyle Bass’ Recent Career Choices

Kyle Bass believes that there is 40-50% chance of a recession in the United States. Bass who is known for predicting financial trends. He is the founder and owner of Hayman Capital Management and made a fortune for himself when he predicted the global financial crisis that occurred between 2007-2008. He earned $ 4 billion by betting against the mortgages. In early 2006, he played a very crucial role in the eventual collapse and close of Bear Stearns. He gave a warning to the top company officials about the firms’ financial stability that was ignored. When he appeared at the Wall Street Week, he indicated that it was him who actually cast doubt in the firms’ balance sheet.

Stories about Bear Stearns leaked and its competitors used this information against it thus damaging its reputation. According to Kyle Bass, Bear Stearns, tried to leverage its balance sheet over 33 times with high risk mortgages. He says that they were either stupid or took the risks knowing the implications of it. The collapse of Bear Stearns led to what was later to be known as the Great Recession. If what was happening in Bear Stearns had not been leaked the firm would have been acquired by JP Morgan. Kyle Bass involvement and role in the collapse and final closure of Bear Stearns was revealed during the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission investigations and was also made public through its public records.

Despite being described as a genius in predicting the performance of financial markets, he seems to be making wrong career choices. The global financial crisis put him on the mark and people have been watching him closely. Questions have been raised on his career choices. Kyle Bass has recently been on the forefront defending Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is worth noting that Argentina has been experiencing some financial challenges with its President being accused of defaulting in the country’s debt in the past thirteen years. Kyle Bass says that attacking her is basically holding it hostage bearing in mind it’s a poor country.

He has also initiated campaigns that seek to discredit some drug patents and has lodged complaints at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. His ties with the late Chris Kyle and the subsequent legal suit against one of employees is a clear indicator of the downward trend of Kyle Bass career choices. It has been said that if his career was to fail eventually, he is likely to find solace in Argentina.