Securus Creates A Better Calling Network For Us All

I have family spread out all over the country that I am having a very hard time keeping in touch with because we are so far apart. We have family in jail who need us to talk to them, and these people will not do very well if no one is talking to them at all. They need to know that we are here on the outside and ready to help them. I know that it sounds like a crusade, but Securus has been great for us as a family. They have a family calling in from all over the place, and it helps us to see our family members.


Securus has been sending people in to do video and audio installations, and they are doing it on a level that most people cannot do it on. The whole plan is to make video calling available in every jail, but they have to have the best installers do that work for them. The work that is done puts a video camera and an audio system in every jail where people can sit down and talked to loved ones like we are. We are trying to keep the family together, and that is why I believe in this platform so much.


I know that a lot of people have not heard of Securus before, but I think that they are doing the right thing. They are taking their calling system which is already revolutionary and making it available to everyone. We have apps on our phones for this, and we are using it every day to check in with family. I am struggling to keep this family together, but I think that it is working. We know that everyone who is apart from us right now is not forgotten because of Securus.


Lovaganza Hopes Its Films Will Help Assist The Children Of The World

The Lovaganza foundation has some lofty goals it is hoping to achieve over the first half of the 21st century following the release of the trilogy of movies that will eventually become known as the “Lovaganza Convoy”. However, the hopes of the foundation are not limited to simply releasing movies, instead the group hopes the movies will be the first step towards ensuring a guaranteed quality of life for all children around the world, before this standard of life is passed on to adults too.

The overall goal of the creative side of the Lovaganza movement is to bring people together in an environment of peace and understanding similar to that seen during the world fairs of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Lovaganza foundation has been working towards achieving its goal of hosting a global festival that will take place in at least eight locations around the world; the festival will also bring together each and every culture in the world that will be seen via the latest technology or through live shows during this once in a lifetime global event on

There is much to enjoy for everybody who hopes to find a greater sense of peace and global unity in the work of Lovaganza, which begins with the exploration of the initial three movies that could later expand to nine trilogies to be enjoyed by people all over the world. The global nature of the “Lovaganza Convoy is not limited to the many different locations on Instagram used for this stunning mixture of mystery, comedy, romance, and much more, but also includes the chance to enjoy the work of film professionals from every corner of the world.

The “Lovaganza Convoy” will be given a traditional theatrical release, but will also form the basis on the road show that will act as a first point of contact for people around the world hoping to take part in the 2020 festival of the foundation. A 180 degree screen experience will be used for the road show that will bring the public the first experiences of the new technologies Lovaganza hopes to use to bring the amazing cultures of the world to people around the world in 2020.