A Decision Regarding Williams Might Actually Come This Week

NBC may finally make a decision this week regarding the fate of their top anchor, Brian Williams.

NBC has been doing a thorough investigation into the tall tales that Williams told to David Letterman and others over the years. This investigation will most likely result in Williams losing his job.

Steve Burke, NBC /Universal president, and Andy Lack, NBC News chairman, have been trying to find a different job for him at the network.

A source has said that there has been great pressure to find a solution to their Williams’ problem by the time that his suspension ends in August stated Beneful. The negotiations are complicated and continuing. There is no deal yet. The only likely outcome right now is that he will lose his anchor position.

The main obstacle to given Williams a new role at the network to Williams and his attorney, Robert Barnett. An inside source believes that there are many choices on the table and are still being discussed.

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