A Dialogue with Oxy’s President Jonathan Veitch

President Obama likely placed Oxy on limelight, although it is Los Angeles indigenous Jonathan Veitch who was mapping the way for a number of the most significant initiatives in the 113-year history of Occidental College.

His tenure of almost 2 years as president of Occidental College, Jonathan Veitch has been able to make significant development in incorporating among the country’s premier colleges of liberal arts in the larger civilization of “Eagle Rock”. An Angeleno inhabitant, Mr. Veitch took his docket in the month of August 2009, subsequent to a turbulent epoch for Occidental management that had been under 4 presidents since the universe came to realize that that President Obama is an alumni of this college, after schooling there for a period of 2 years, between 1979 until 1981, and the institute has efficiently established a varied student association both nationwide plus worldwide. Unlike most of other colleges and universities, mainly the University of California, Occidental’s significant endowment has weather-beaten the recession.

Jonathan Veitch is a huge promoter of improved social associations on some fronts. For a number of years, suburban neighbors of Occidental College have been compelled to compete with boisterous parties that occupy an apartment housing complex and additional residential units that students lease some short distance from the campus, renowned for their all night riotous behavior. In 2006, Occidental pronounced a master blueprint for the college, which established a sketch for the developmental process of the college in the coming 20 years, operating on the reprocessing of structures that are already existing as well as development when fresh houses may be essential.

There were numerous hullabaloos concerning a chain of 2-story faculty plus condos that were intended to be put up on the lower sections of Fiji Hill, the open side of the hill on the Occidental College rising straight at the back. Eagle Rock inhabitants were having reservations that this kind of growth would have a downbeat effect on the nearby population, due to traffic, blare, and also a congested college in the heart of a housing area. Neighbors emphasized the need to be given more parking spaces in the lower college grounds, even if the size of car park space in the college exceeds the requirements of the city.

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