A Look At Some Of Tom Hanks’ And Denzel Washington’s Best Movies


Tom Hanks filmography shows that he is an iconic male actor that is well known to most Americans. He has been featured in movies since the 1980s. Hanks has performed in a variety of films. Here are some of his best based on true story or historical event films that he has starred in.


Apollo 13, is a film where Hanks takes a leading role as an astronaut on the Apollo 13 mission that almost resulted in the death of all of the crew on board. Recent popular based on true story films that Hanks has starred in include Bridge of Spies in 2015 and Sully in 2016. Captain Phillips, a film released in 2013, was based on the capture of a US trade ship by Somali pirates. There Hanks plays the role of a ship captain who’s ship has been hijacked. Catch Me If You Can is another classic film based on a true story that also stars Leonardo Di Caprio. Although not based on a true story, Forest Gump is one of the most popular Tom Hanks films.


Denzel Washington is one of the most well known male African American actors. He has been featured in a wide variety of genre ranging from historical films, drama, romance and even science fiction. Some of the best Denzel Washington movies that are based on true stories include American Gangster, Remember the Titans and Malcolm X. Action films that are not based on true stories where Denzel starred include Training Day alongside Mark Wahlberg and Pelham 123 alongside John Travolta.  But never forget the awesome ancient war movies he’s starred in as well, like Glory.


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