A Rare Talk by Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, made a rare public speaking appearance at Stanford. Forbes originally reported on the discussion led by Thomas Byers, professor of entrepreneurship. Powell Jobs spoke on a mix of topics including social innovators, immigration reform, and challenges women face in the career world.

Most of the discussion centered around Powell Jobs’ career path. She currently chairs Emerson Collective, an organization supporting entrepreneurs. This follows her work with College Track, which helps low-income high school students prepare for college. Powell Jobs has also worked advocating for immigration rights.

Prior to attending Stanford Business school, Powell Jobs spent four years working for Goldman Sachs. She referenced this time, noting that it was a challenge to work the trading floors as a female among mostly men.

The topic turned to entrepreneurship in the non-profit world when students had the opportunity to ask questions. Powell Jobs suggested corporations and venture capital firms allot a percentage of their investments for social entrepreneurs. This could help address the minimal income that often discourages young entrepreneurs. Powell Jobs encouraged students that despite low pay, the intrinsic rewards are powerful motivation.

The discussion ended with Powell Jobs offering a bit of career advice to students. She encouraged students to spend time in different workplace environments. Then find a long-term career that best matches the type of environment that feels right.

More information can be found at Forbes.com.

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