Act of Kindness Gives Uplifting News

Ask anyone who works in the restaurant industry and they will tell you, restaurants are a fast-paced environment to earn a living. The goal of the workers is to turn over tables as fast as possible so that each table earns the maximum amount of cash possible in any given hour. This concept is the key difference to surviving in the restaurant business or nailing a For Sale sign to the front door.

So, when CNN reported through the Fox 13 Salt Lake City news wire that a disabled customer was helped by a stranger hand feeding him dinner at a Louisville, Ky. restaurant, it was a nice story. But when the reader realizes that the person who stopped everything they were doing on that day was an employee of the restaurant, the story reaches an uplifting level.

On that pleasantly fateful day, an unnamed handicapped person sat outside the restaurant called Qdoba’s because they were unable to manipulate the door and their wheelchair. A stranger, who happened to be going into the restaurant, held the door open.

The employee, Ridge Quarles, would take the time to help this special needs customer through the line, get her the eating utensils and a drink and helped her to her seat. Once that was done, Quarles asked if there was anything else he could do. The one sentence reply would have made most workers inwardly cringe thinking how much time this would take.
“Sir, if you don’t mind, could you help me eat?”
Without missing a step, Quarles immediately helped her finish her meal. Knowing there were a million of other things he needed to do, knowing the turnover rate for this one table was dropping rapidly, and knowing that if he did satisfy this customer, there would be a chance they would come back and he may have to do it again.
He was correct. This customer became a regular and was able to attain a small amount of independence in her life because of the awesome kindness shown by this restaurant worker reported manager Brad Reifler (read more on Wikipedia).

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