Adam Sender and His Long Time Love of Art

This year the “Home Alone” art exhibition in Miami will see the entry of a new art collectors name into the books of art history, Adam Sender. At just 45years, the Hedge Fund Exis Capital manager is already an obsessive art collector. This year will see the exhibition and auctioning of his collections at his private residence in Miami.

Adam started collecting works of art in the 1990s and has continually done so to date. It is this works that he hopes to auction in this year’s exhibition.

His position; manager of a Hedge Fund may have availed to him the resources necessary to acquire artworks over time. It is, however, his obsession with art and the assistance of his longtime curators, Todd Levin and Sarah Aibel that makes him stand out.

In this year’s auction, Adam will present 400 works of art for sale. These have been collected from over 139 renowned artists from all over the world. This has cost him the better part of his youth seeing that they have been collected over a span of approximately two decades.

This lot is not his only collection, though. In 2006, he auctioned a batch of them, and is estimated to have raised over $20 million from about 40 pieces of art. This is quite an amount enough to cover the costs he incurred in collecting all the art he has.

This year Adam has chosen Southey’s as his official auctioneers for his collection. Whatever he gets from this mega sale may as well be translated as profit from his long time obsession. This art sale comes at a time when he has just liquidated Hedge Fund.

Going forward Adam is seeking to concentrate more on collecting and exhibiting artworks of various world famed artists. Though expressing reservations to this and attributing it to the high cost at works today, he believes it can be done.

One thing upcoming art collectors and enthusiasts can learn from Adam is that for what it is worth, he doesn’t buy his work from students and starters. He waits till they are a few years into the trade, created their niche and name.

He also describes himself as a pursuer of art from established artists and not a chaser. His art is collected from carefully handpicked artists over the years, and this may be the main reason he can raise vast amounts from their auction.

Art is a positive obsession Adam Sender has had to deal with and the best thing about it is that it is paying him way better that many other engagements would. His is a story of patience that pays.

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