Adam Sender Has The Art World Buzzing!

When it comes to the world of art, Adam Sender is a name that has been popping up a lot lately. While Sender is not an artist himself, he does have a very good eye for beautiful and expensive pieces. Sender is not even an art dealer, in fact he has made his money in the world of finance. Sender runs a very successful hedge fund, that he has managed for many years. While he was building the wealth of the hedge fund, he was also quietly building a massive art collection on the side.

What sets Sender apart from most art collectors, is his ability to acquire early art from up and coming artists before they became famous. This allowed Sender to get in early and really build a wealthy collection, that grew in value over the last two decades. But Sender has now felt the need to liquidate part of his collection and the art world is buzzing about it. The majority of Sender’s collection will be slowly auctioned off over the course of a year, by Sotheby’s auction house. 400 art pieces will be available for sale to the highest bidder.

The 400 art pieces that Adam Sender is selling is expected to bring at least 70 million dollars, when all sales are final. This is a huge pay day for Sender, who is already very wealthy. By selling his art, Sender is allowing other buyers a chance at owning some of the best contemporary pieces on the planet. Buyers are already lining up to view the works of art and the next year is going to be a big one in the world of fine art. If you would like to get in on this chance of a lifetime, then you better have some deep pockets, because these are really some amazing works of art.

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