Afghanistan Veteran Reunited with Lost Bulldog

Bones was John Russo’s graduation present from his mother in 2008 when he earned his Bachelor’s from Occidental College. continued to be his best friend until 2009, when he joined the army and left for deployment to Afghanistan while Bones stayed with his ex-girlfriend.
Though Russo and his girlfriend had already broken up, she was still taking care of Bones when he left. It wasn’t until he got home that he found out that she had surrendered the dog. His ex’s address had changed and he could not contact her, and continued to look for Bones.
Last week, during his routine checking of the Humane Society’s websites, he was surprised to find Bones! “I had a feeling that day and I went on the website and there she was,” Russo said.
Russo’s ex had actually gone to have the dog euthanized, but the vet would not do it, and instead recommended she surrender Bones to the Flagler Humane Society. Employees of the Flagler Humane Society could tell how loved their new charge had been, because she was well-behaved, never barked, and could sit and shake on command.
When Russo drove to the shelter to find Bones, and they brought her out to see him, she was ecstatic to see him again after 5 years and would not leave his side even for an exit exam. Because Russo would not leave without her, they had to do an adoption then and there.

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