Agora Financial a Leading Financial Solutions Provider in the Industry

Agora Financial is an organization that provides financial solutions to investors and companies from various sectors of the economy. The group offers independent economic commentary through online publications, videos, online seminars, and conference calls as well. Agora provides this coverage to businesses and investors without any charge or payments. Through the free publications and videos, Agora provides unbiased market analysis and developing news.

Clients that seek these services from Agora navigate numerous areas of the market with the help of 20 publications provided by the company. For more than 20 years in operation, Agora Financial has been focused on providing their clients with the most beneficial investment services and market research. In addition to the publications, the company also offers their customers trend trading, short-term income generators, and high growth opportunities.

About Agora Financial
The company is made up of a team of experts which include Harvard Trained Geologist, an Award-winning Filmmaker and a Three-Time New York Times Bestselling Author, a self-made Billionaire and a passionate philanthropist, and an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, and a Pulitzer Nominated Scientific Journalist. Agora is considered as one of the biggest research company across the world and has surpassed the Los Angeles Times regarding the number of people reading their information.

In 1978, William Bonner co-founded the mother company Agora Inc. in Washington Dc before turning into Agora Financial. Currently, the company is considered to be among the most successful newsletter publishers although it’s started as a small company. The team in the company travel across the world to study new investment opportunities. William Bonner has been recognized as a significant investor and has received several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year and Direct Marketing Man of the Year. Mr. Bonner has transformed Agora Financial into multinational and has services in over six continents.

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