Alaska Fully Legalizes Marijuana

Alaska has joined the ranks of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Washington, D.C. with its new law approved by voters that fully legalizes marijuana. The drug will remain illegal until 90 days have passed since the election’s certification which is expected to happen on November 28th. The state’s chief law enforcement official has stated that the current laws which mark marijuana as an illegal substance will remain in full effect and won’t enjoy a non-enforcement status as was previously speculated by several news outlets.

The lawmakers of the state face a challenging series of steps on their road to regulating and controlling the distribution of the plant. Similar to the other states that have legalized, a major priority for law enforcement and the federal government is that the drug does not fall into the hands of minors. The law allows the sale, possession, growing and consuming of cannabis by adults aged 21 and over only, due to its basic premise and wording of the initiative, which is to treat marijuana the same as alcohol.

The measure was expected to be approved by the state’s voters. While the state is a conservative stronghold, it has always enjoyed a relaxed attitude towards the consumption of cannabis by its citizens. Some think that the close proximity to Canada has stoked those views.

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  • December 12, 2016 at 9:16 pm

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