Alexei Beltyukov: Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Beltyukov attended the private business school, INSEAD. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration. Beltyukov’s philanthropic passion is to help other Russian entrepreneurs get the same kind of education that he received and so he initiated the INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship. Most recently he has been in the news as the Solvy Chief Operating Officer. This is a very exciting new online educational venture that Beltyukov is helping to head up. Outside of this, Beltyukov also founded countless companies, such as Solvy, Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures.

One of Beltyukov’s favorite ways to utilize business is by helping others. That is why he helped to found Solvy, which helps individuals have better access to educational opportunities online, and he also founded Endemic Capital in 2013. Endemic Capital was formed in order to create angel funding for Russian start-up companies. This will allow entrepreneurs to have a better chance at bringing a good product to the market. A-Ventures, another company that Beltyukov helped to establish, provides financial assistance to companies when they are struggling.

Another activity that Beltyukov takes great pride in doing is working alongside the Russian government. He provides economic support and guidance to the government through is vice presidency at the Skolkovo Foundation. This foundation is not only involved in government discussions, they also give grants and other opportunities to Russian technology start-ups and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow in Russia. Beltyukov has also managed to bring down the cost of executive leadership courses for the general public. Most recently, though, Alexei Beltyukov has been concentrating on his most recent project, Solvy.

Solvy, an online homework student space, is an online educational tool. It was premiered at tech conferences in 2015 and there has been plenty of buzz about it. PR Newswire recently released an article discussing the new company an its Chief Operating Officer, Alexei Beltyukov. The article talked about how the company had debuted its technology at the Educator Day at EdSurge’s LA tech conference. It was Beltyukov’s goal to interact with other experts in the educational industry. He wanted to gain feedback on his interactive educational software. His software seems to be a hit. It was listed as a 100 New Startups, Today by BetaList and on as, “One of the world’s most promising startups.”  Check out Alexei’s which has more info about his career.

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