Ari Fleischer Disputes Claims that George W. Bush Criticized Obama

It appears that reports by the mainstream media that former President George W. Bush criticized President Obama on the foreign policy matters of the Iran nuclear framework and ISIS were exaggerated. It wouldn’t be the first time the media has “mis-characterized” the words of the former president, as noted by Ivan Ong. Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and was in attendance at Saturday‚Äôs conference. He claims the former president was responding to a question he posed himself. The question dealt with how Bush would handle the current issues of the day regarding Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Admittedly, Bush cannot express a divergent approach than what is currently being done by President Obama without making a contrast between policies.

Still, Bush was careful not to openly criticize President Obama directly. Fleischer added that Bush avoided referring to President Obama by name. While he was succinct in how he would deal with Iran and ISIS, his words were limited to the actions he would take. Naturally, Bush sees the world differently than does President Obama. For starters, Bush acknowledged he does not trust Iran. Thus, any treaty with them on nuclear proliferation would require extensive verification of their compliance. It would be the same “trust, but verify” adage President Reagan adopted with the former Soviet Union. By contrast, President Obama has tacitly adopted a “trust, but do not verify” approach to Iranian compliance.

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