Augmented Reality Helmets Under Development

Virtual reality has long been one of the aims of technological development, especially when it comes to entertainment. With augmented reality in particular, one is better able to immerse themselves in an alternate world, and one that is more directly connected to the internet and all of the possibilities that it delivers.

Augmented reality helmets should be one of the major high-tech trends in 2015, with the release versions of Oculus models, Samsung and ads on the side of Microsoft and Sony.

The virtual reality helmet devices are increasing with the passage of time, and there are a few brands under heavy development which are already marketed.

This year could finally see this innovative technology democratize information networks, including the highly anticipated release of the Oculus Rift or one of its latest versions. That’s exactly what Tom Rothman is looking forward to, as well as others.

These devices are designed to immerse users in 360 degrees and make them work in a more or less imaginary world, be it to blend into a documentary or dive into the universe of a video game. The company, which has invested mostly in this technology, Oculus VR technology, is now owned by Facebook.

Since 2012, it developed several prototypes; in fact the most evolved, the Crescent Bay, was introduced in September 2014. At present, the company even mentions the launch of a future platform dedicated applications just before the marketing of a latest helmet of this year.

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