Avaaz Brings People Together for France Election, War World II Commemoration, and to Learn and Understand How We Can All Live and Work Together

Yes, Avaaz was a U. S. based organization founded in 2007, but now Avaaz is a global entity with membership in well over 25 countries. In May of this year, members of Avaaz gathered together with others of similar thoughts and ideals to commemorate the allied victory that ended World War II and to show support for the newly elected president of France.

This newly elected leader of France is Emmanuel Macron. The differences in ideology between Emmanuel Macron and his opponent, Marine Le Pen and the National Front party, is significant. The National Front party is considered to be of an ‘Extremist’ nature and certain parts of their election platform were a severe immigration policy and creating more law enforcement infrastructure that literally sacred many people in France.

Avaaz, the word is ‘Voice’ or ‘Song,’ champions human rights and a way out of poverty as well as being a voice against conflict and corruption as these two create much of the poverty the entire world experiences.

This is why members of Avaaz gathered in France.

Their ideology is most often stated as bringing people together in the world, accepting and understanding that while we are different; together we can create and effect change.

Ricken Patel, who’s citizenship is Canadian-British, is the founder and leader of Avaaz, an organization with the goal of not dictating policy, but to get people in different countries to just consider the idea, the concept; of a true feeling of peace, unity and vigilance.

The word ‘Vigilant’ is there for a reason; to be on the lookout for that which makes people selfish, bitter and afraid. This also means for each individual to look within. The group is non-violent raising awareness with group sit-ins, joyful rallies to celebrate and to make a point as well as various ‘Media Stunts’ that are noticed because they are not only fun; but the attendance is surprisingly large.

The Avaaz group also has an unusual method of funding in that they do not take outside donations; they are entirely funded by their membership. Besides the issues mentioned above, Avaaz is dedicated to looking after the environment including animal rights and understanding climate change.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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