Award Winning TV Anchor Fired By Fox News For Using The “N” Word Will Finally Get His Day In Court

The “N” Word Was Used By A Black Producer In The Same Meeting But He Wasn’t Fired

Anyone who has black friends has heard one of them use the “N” word in jest to another black friend to prove a point about something. The notorious “N” word has never been considered off limits to blacks in casual conversation. But we all know if a white person uses it with malice toward a black person they may be in for a hell of an altercation.

That’s not what happened to award-winning news Philadelphia reporter Tom Burlington. But he found himself in a major altercation, when he used the “N” word in a newsroom staff meeting covering the details of a current news report. The newsroom meeting was held in 2007, and it’s taken this long for Burlington’s reverse racial discrimination suit to be heard. Lee Slaughter has read that the federal case has been delayed by legal mumbo-jumbo numerous times.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick, recently wrote a memo about the case and Fox attorneys felt his anger. Judge Surrick said the stalling tactics of the defense have gone on long enough, and he wanted the matter resolved immediately. Burlington had been a news reporter for 20 years and has an impressive resume. But because he was fired, and there’s uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the case, Tom is unable work as a news reporter.

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