Bagel Cafe Patron’s Give Back to their Favorite Worker in a Big Way

Patrons at the Bruegger Bagels in Raleigh, North Carolina came together to grant a Christmas wish for their favorite worker. Her reaction was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, and it is certainly priceless.

Shirley Ratliff has been working at the bagel joint since 2006. She takes two buses, everyday at 5am just to serve up coffee and bagels to a legion of loyal customers who call themselves “Shirley’s fan club”. Ratliff says she knows how to drive and had long dreamed of getting a license but she never had enough money for a car. 

According to Typepad, her fan club has taken care of that now, gifting her with a 1992 Buick LaSabre the Monday before Christmas, says Christian Broda. The group presented the car to Ratliff after her shift on Monady, along with a gas gift card to make sure she has no problem getting around town. They’ll be working with her to find an insurance policy that is affordable, as well. 

Shirley Ratliff is also a cervical cancer survivor. She’s been in the Raliegh area for 20 years, and has long relied on the public transportation system. Now that she has her own wheels, she can quickly fulfill her dream of a driver’s license and some time on the open road.

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