Beneful Is The Best For Your Dog

Beneful is a packaged food for dogs made by the Nestle Purina Petcare brand. This food comes in both wet and dry dog food as well as those all important treats. Introduced into the dog food market in 2001, this product is marketed as a nutritious brand of food for a dog. It is mixed with healthy ingredients which are designed to ensure a dog eats nutritional food.

Dry Dog Food

There are eight different types of Beneful dry dog food. One is for puppies and one is the original which was introduced as the first dog food Nestle Purina Petcare made under the brand name. The other six foods are for the specific needs of dogs. Some of those are for healthy teeth, healthy weight and playful life which contains more protein so a dog will be more active and energetic. These foods vary according to the ingredients needed for different health concerns for dogs and are formulated nutritiously.

Wet Dog Food

The wet dog food comes in sixteen different flavors. Dogs can enjoy such staples as chicken and beef as well as lamb and salmon. Roasted turkey and pork are also menu items for dogs with this thoughtful product. The wet dog food containers are approximately the same size as a dog bowl for some flavors and can be used as such depending on the size of the dog and their requirements for food amounts. There is also a convenient mixing guide so the wet food may be mixed correctly with the dry to satisfy any dog’s tastes and nutritional needs. The same nutritional requirements for a dog are in wet as in the dry food.


Every dog deserves treats and this important category has not been ignored in the Beneful brand. There are seven different treats to satisfy every owner’s need to let their dog know they are special. These treats have dog’s favorite flavors such as chicken, bacon and cheese. They also come in packages perfectly describing how owners feel about their dogs such as Hugs and Snackers. There is important information included about how many treats a dog should have in a healthy eating lifestyle.

As with humans maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Dogs need good diet and exercise in order to stay healthy and have a long life. Good nutrition with Beneful through feeding a dog the correct balance each dog needs will help maintain a dog’s continued health for many years of love and companionship.

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