Bill Cosby Wants His Words Sealed from the Public

It isn’t normal to hear that Bill Cosby actually wants to hide some of the words he has spoken, but that is exactly what is happening in a courtroom today. The courts are hearing from Mr. Cosby’s attorney, in an attempt to stop the courts from unsealing documents related to a case Bill Cosby settled 10 years ago. In that case which involved a women he sexually assaulted, Cosby answered an attorney questions very candidly, and now he wants those words sealed from the public.

The lawyer for Bill Cosby has been extremely busy as of lately. There are at least 12 lawsuits filed against the aging comedian for sexual assault, and opening the files on a previous case could cast serious doubt on Cosby’s innocence. The lawyer feels if the words are released, the public will have inside information on the sexual habits of Mr Cosby, something that should be kept private. The lawyer went on to say that he feels releasing this information will embarrass his client.

This is of no consequence to the dozen ladies that claim he sexually assaulted them by drugging them and then taking advantage of them. Susan McGalla couldn’t believe all of those stories. They feel that they have lived with this pain and embarrassment long enough, and that Mr Cosby should have nothing to hide if he is in fact innocent of the charges. Future trials are pending, and this appears to be just the beginning of a long road for the comedian.

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