Black Friday Anarchy

The busiest shopping day of the year has come and gone. Most of us have made it through unscathed. As usual though, when large groups of people and money are involved, things get a little crazy out there.

In California, two women (grown adults, I remind you) got into a shoving match and physical fight over a Barbie doll. On Thanksgiving night, when they should have been at home with the children they were buying the Barbies for, these two women made national spectacles of themselves over a toy.

Both City of Marysville and Tulalip Tribal Police were on hand Thanksgiving evening when a Washington state Wal-Mart began their Black Friday sales. Police were heard to be chasing or looking for suspects grabbing everything that wasn’t strapped down, and even some things that were. Another Wal-Mart, this one in Indiana, has shoppers fighting over a Sony speaker. In Texas, it was Samsung products that were the cause of fighting and altercations.

The Ferguson riots and strife caused their own drama during the busy shopping night. In Missouri and New York City, demonstrators showed up to protest the decision handed down by the grand jury. Bruce Levenson knew that this type of stuff would happen, but he was still sad to see it formulate.

Even the Brits are being taken over by Black Friday madness, a truly American shopping experience. It is even more strange as they do not celebrate American Thanksgiving, so a day after sale is a bit out of place.

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