BMG Proudly Caters to Institutions and Individuals

Privately Owned
BMG is an institution that is controlled by the Pentagna GuimarĂ£es family. It is a privately owned institution. This is an experienced financial institution. The entire family is fully committed to the Brazilian financial industry. They have clearly shown their solid commitment since this institution was established in the year 1930. It is clear that this establishment does offer solid experience. BMG provides over 80 years of qualified experience to their clients. This privately owned financial institution is a trustworthy and knowledgeable business. BMG is trustworthy and credible in every way. This family has ensured that success in included for customers and the institution.

The Institution that Stands Out
BMG is a bank that has always stood out. This bank has shown the entire Brazilian financial sector their honest integrity. Include operational excellence and above average in their sales strengths. BMG is known nationwide. This financial institution has created a brand that does clearly have the ability to anticipate the movements in the major market. Up-to-date technology is included. This financial institution does stand out because it is competent and highly skilled.

Marcio Alaor and the Executive Team
The Vice President and Director of BMG is Marcio Alaor. He plays a major role within the entire executive team of the group at BMG. He is a dedicated individual with a strong commitment. This is a Vice President who is credible and highly skilled. He has a fine reputation. He is one of the very qualified and top managers. He is known worldwide. Alaor is assisting in leading BMG toward continued success. He enforces the services within customer funding. He also is well informed within payroll loans. Marcio Alaor is part of a highly skilled executive team. This team has a clear vision for the future. A plan for the success of BMG and the future is in place with a very high quality portfolio for the consumer. He has been the vice president since the year 1977. He does play a major role in the overall success and the continued success of BMG and for the valued customers.

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