Body Cameras the Next Big Thing in Police Fashion

Body cameras are the next new thing in law enforcement as the number of citizens taking photos of arrests is rising. The body cameras will be worn by police officers in order to capture everything that he or she does during their shift. It is no longer a thing of the future, but a thing of the present that will help clear police officers who acted in good faith during an arrest.

There are some bad cops out there; that cannot be disputed. The majority of police officers are good people who want to protect the community they live in. It is sometimes hard to determine if a police officer is really good because random videos that show a partial picture of what happened during an arrest and that’s a huge fear of Andrew Heiberger. Citizens then post them on social media sites and people eat up the chance to criticize those who put their lives on the line every day to protect them.

The LA Police Department is preparing to suit their officers with more than 7,000 body cameras in order to prevent officers from being accused of misconduct during arrests. The cameras will be purchased with private funds that were raised without involving city funds. It is a good idea and one that many other departments will likely consider in the near future.

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