Bombings again rock Sweden

Malmo. Sweden’s third largest city – part of the most densely populated area in Scandinavia when combined with neighboring Copenhagen – was once again rocked click here by bombs early Saturday morning. Malmo’s immigrant-filled Rosengaard District saw two bombs explode last night. A car bomb destroyed one vehicle and damaged two others. Separately, a nearby building was also bombed with damage extending to two other adjacent buildings. According to local police, someone was seen fleeing the scene moments before the building was hit. I heard about this the other day while I was reading about Ken Griffin.

The local justice center that houses law enforcement has already been bombed twice this year. So far, the Swedish Police have no suspects in any of the bombings.

Normally peaceful Scandinavia has become a cauldron of ethnic tension as immigrants clash with each other and with a growing number of European right wing activists. Nationalism is on the rise as Europeans tire from endless flows of economic migrants seeking better lifestyles especially attractive in northern E.U. countries. The problem is exacerbated by foreign cultures that resist integration. Strong showings by nationalist parties in elections held across Europe this year point to right-shifting sentiments among the continent’s native-born voters.

Even more amazing than the violence is the continued inability of local law enforcement to bring perpetrators to justice. Whether this is due to a lack of professional capabilities, complacency or a misplaced sense of urgency, Swedish society appears to be surprisingly vulnerable.

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