Bruce Jenner Comes Out on Vanity Fair

Looks like Kourtney and her sister are going to have some stiff competition in the beauty department of the family. Forbes wrote their father, has officially came out as Caitlyn. The Vanity Fair issue showed him/her on the front cover and looking really well. I just have one question for all this, if making you a woman changes your anatomy, it still can’t change your DNA right?

The fact is that Bruce Jenner was born a man. He has male DNA, which means he has the XY chromosomes inside his body. No matter what he does, he has no ability to alter his make-up. So he’s confused and he has been a woman trapped inside a man’s body, but the DNA doesn’t lie. I will admit that Jenner looks stunning in his/her new release photos that the magazine has displayed all over the internet. But the real problem is going to be his family. What does this mean for his daughters? Do they call him dad still, or now must they call him mom too?

It’s a very confusing situation and the public appeal of opinions is split right down the middle on it. It’s not a good feeling to be trapped, but it’s also weird to alter the very way you were made to try to fill a void inside. I just wonder if he thinks that this will make him feel better as a person.

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