Bruno Fagali And His Efforts At Cleaning Up The Legal Profession

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil. He founded the FAGALI advocacy. Bruno Fagali is well-known for the professionalism he displays towards legal services. His specialization in legal services includes Public along with Anti-Corruption Law. He handles several issues such as administrative contracts, besides urban law. He also looks after administrative along with civil liability processes. Others are the administrative improbity actions along with bidding law. Next is the regulatory law as well as public civil actions besides expropriation actions, and so on.

He is well aware of the corruption that is typically associated with all kinds of public funds. This is Bruno Fagali is initiating several actions that will help in cleaning up the system. One of these is the integrity drive. This is for all those departments as well as firms that get any kind of government contracts.

Recently several corruption scandals have rocked the nation. This is why the views of Bruno Fagali are receiving lots of attention. He is even helping various corporates in initiating drive that will bring transparency within their company. This would require special training as well as ethics. FAGALI advocacy has been set up by Bruno Fagali. It has a focus on public law, as well as compliance, besides election along with anti-corruption. These are the four characteristics that can be considered as the solution to achieve social equality.

He is working with nova/sb also. He is serving there as their Corporate Integrity Manager. It needs to be noted that Nova/sb is a reputed advertising firm. It gets several advertisement campaigns that come from the Brazilian government besides reputed international organizations such as WHO, International Labor Organization, and so on. Bruno Fagali has created an ethics committee within the agency. Besides, members, as well as employees within the agency, are being treated equally.

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