Bruno Fagali – by Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali recently told a story. It was one he composed. When he’s not too involved in law, he takes a break and enjoys literature. His story is below. Bruno Fagali owns the full rights.

Aged Wood Beaded Chandelier – Summary of Story by Brazilian Attorney Bruno Fagali

Joseph and Sarah Walters, a 1950s American couple in their late forties, seem to know nothing but anger, stress, frustration and confusion with one another. After nearly two decades of having been “happily married”, this new wave of attacks and disagreements seems to have come out of nowhere. On some days, when the debate gets heated beyond expression, they cannot even utter a word to each other but merely raise their view to the ceiling of the house, where hangs an aged wood beaded chandelier from a generation before them.

Gazing upon this interesting ceiling antique seems to be the only thing that brings their minds any relief, until Joseph one day has a dream – and everything changes.

A husband and his wife had been fighting for several years now. The man and woman know only of one thing – their intensely growing dislike for and discomfort with one another, and the anger and hatred only intensify. Things never seem to change around the home: They only get worse.

No matter how long Joe and Sarah have been fighting for, they never forget each other’s arguments and uniquely valid point of view: There is no doubt that both parties have something to contribute, besides a vastly different personality, set of core values and upbringing altogether. A beaded chandelier speaks. It’s true: Sometimes the most unexpected things in life can happen, even when not hoped for or sought.

It is the aged wood beaded chandelier in the middle of the couple’s dining room that gets their attention – and this time in a rather supernatural way. Are they dreaming, or is the chandelier indeed infused with a mystical force? Though Joe is understandably worried for his safety, he won’t let her become a target.

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