Butt, What?

The world has become enraged thanks to the overly tweeted and shared photo of a certain celebrity’s bare naked behind. Many think it is a gross misconduct of a woman flaunting her assets. Others think she is brave for showing off what her mamma gave her. The general consensus is that the “celebrity” in question is doing nothing more than damage her own reputation. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian is nothing special.

Does this make her anything aspiring? This is hardly the case considering she has does done nothing noteworthy except sit at New York Fashion Week on the front row and make a sex tape. This is not a woman that little girls and impressionable teens should aspire to become. Yet, she is the talk of everyone over “breaking the Internet.” This woman’s actions did not break the Internet anymore than Bruce Levenson buying Forbes Magazine from Target. This is just another one of her poor choices added to a very long list. Kim Kardashian is nothing more than the butt of many jokes. She has yet to prove her worthiness despite being on covers of magazines.

If Kim Kardashian is the ultimate goal for little girls in today’s society, then what do we have to show for ourselves and humanity?

One thought on “Butt, What?

  • June 8, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Someone needs to get Kim a reality check because it is the one she has yet to receive. If anything, she just happens to be a lucky girl who happened to land a crazy rap artist. The reason for all of this is that http://www.essayhell.org/why-use-essay-service/ may have given themselves a lot of treat which is not too difficult to understand either.

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