Californians Reduce Water Use

Finally some progress in reducing water use in California. Cities were able to see a 28.9% reduction in the month of May. Fresno, which in March still had people watering every day, implemented a postcard campaign in April. The postcards informed residents they might have a leak and asked them to call for an inspection. According to Handy, just one month later they were seeing results, with 2500 homes calling in and reducing water usage. Fresno was a leading community in the May overall state reduction.

California is experiencing its driest period since the late 1940s. The Governor has mandated a 25% reduction in water use statewide. Another successful community is Santa Margarita just south of Los Angeles. They initiated an outreach campaign that had district employees out knocking on doors to inform the community, and holding events at a local coffee shop. They also had conversations with local homeowners associations who tend to use a lot of water for grassy park areas. Their campaign garnered them an 18% decrease where before they had been seeing only a 3% decrease. California is now gearing up for another hot and dry summer. The full story can be found here.

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