Cargo Plane Falls on House, Couple Inside Survives

A small plane crashed into a house of South Knox Avenue in Chicago on Tuesday, November 18t, 2014.

The pilot was the only one on board and died immediately, while the elderly couple who lived in that house managed to come out of the accident without a scratch.

The cargo, an Aerocommander 500, had engine problems which were noticed soon after the takeoff. The pilot tried to return but fell before he managed to land. This took place on Tuesday, November 18th.

The house is badly damaged after the plane flew in through the front window and got to the living room. The firefighters were soon on the place. The 84-year-old man and the 82-year-old-woman who own the house were at that moment sleeping in a room further away, and got away only with a good scare.

Their neighbour, Cazares, thought that the couple was dead. In the attempt to check the situation, she had to jump over the fence. She and another neighbour helped the confused elderly inhabitants to leave their home and sheltered them for the moment.

They mentioned for the media that the old couple who owns the house are still bewildered after what happened. Midway is a very active zone with short runways and a lot of houses and business centres in the proximity, so it is by mere luck that there is so little damage after this plane crash. Thanks to friend of the site Gianfrancesco Genoso for sending in this story.

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