Cassio Audi Is Very Musical

Cassio Audi is a very musically talented person. He first rose to fame as the drummer and leader of the Viper Rock Music group. As a little boy, he identified his interest in music and sang in small groups. He also joined the school choir and learned instruments so that he would further grow his talent. However, his instrument of interest was the drum; he used most of his time practicing to play the drums.
Viper Rock Ban
Viper Rock Band was formed by the coincidental meeting of the five members. The two brothers Yvet and Pit enjoyed playing music together in their parents’ house. Consequently, when they reached 18, they decided to move out of their parents and rent a room together to keep playing music. They also added another roommate, Felipe Machande, to reduce the cost of the room. The three practiced music together not knowing that they were attracting their neighbors outside. Andre Mates, one of their neighbors, was very interested and he often joined them in their practice. He also happened to know Cassio Audi the drummer and he would sometimes bring him along to practice. The puzzle was now complete and they felt they could do commercial music.
Cassio Audi, the drummer, often pitched the ideas of the songs, which were formed by the group. He also constantly urged the members to be self-motivated and attend all practice sessions. Since none of them had another job at the time, they made music their full-time career, and they spent almost all their time practicing. Casio told them that passion and consistency are the keys that would take them to the top. Sure enough, their first album sold all over the world and made them famous. The second album was even more successful as it was launched in several continents and sold many copies.

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