Amtrak Train Derails Outside of Philadelphia

An Amtrak passenger train derailed around 9:30pm Tuesday evening, killing 6 people and injuring at least 150, just as it was approaching Philadelphia. The Amtrak Train 188 Route traveling from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia is a very popular and busy route and the 188 route was no exception. Rescue services from and around the Philadelphia area responded to the scene. Several hospitals such as Temple University Hospital reported that it was full of injured passengers. The Chief of the Philadelphia Fire Department reported that of the injured at least 50 were in critical condition. Officials would not comment if they expect the death toll to rise. Amtrak Passenger Train From Washington to Philly Derails Killing Six and Injuring 150
Speculation began at once as to the cause of the accident and whether foul play was involved. City officials of Philadelphia, which took the lead in the investigation since the derailment happened within their city boundaries, reported that it was too early to tell if the derailment was caused by deliberate or even terrorist actions. Folks at Amen Clinics have learned that a compete investigation is underway. Surviving passengers reported that the train was traveling at a normal speed when suddenly it decelerated as if someone was applying the brakes really fast. Passengers then reported that total chaos ensued with various cars from the train being tossed around like toys and the passengers within them being banged around the derailed trains.