Sparks writes A Book As A Tribute To The American Dream

Marc Sparks’ recent blog post about why he wrote his book caught my attention for a couple of reasons. I related on several levels as I am a writer and at times have tried starting businesses.

Marc Sparks is an American businessman who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has started a lot of businesses and had great success in many areas. He is now head of Timber Creek Capital, and is also involved in many humanitarian projects.

The book is entitled “They Can’t Eat You – My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.” In the book he writes about his background as a “C” student in high school and started out with no money. He examines questions like, why is it he is a great success, but people with Ivy League degrees and a lot of money are not successful. His basic reason is that one must be confident, but in the book he explains it in greater detail.

As a writer myself, I was drawn to the title as I also wonder why anyone would write a book. As Marc Sparks notes, only about one tenth of one percent of the books published even make any profit at all, and there are more written that are never published.

Marc Sparks says two of the main reasons people write books is money and ego. It is easy to see that book writing rarely makes money, so that leaves the question of ego. He admits everyone has an ego, but how big of an ego is the question. Once he got into writing a book, he realized how difficult is is, and decides ego may not be a good enough reason either.

He said he did 11 drafts over about three years. Several times he thought about quitting, and thought that he did not want to be a quitter was what kept him going.

Marc Sparks said he wrote to give back to the community that made him wealthy. He wants to help those people who are entrepreneurs who have not yet achieved their dreams. He explains in the book how he found such success, and he believes other people can do the same thing.

He said he wrote the book as a “high five to the American Dream.” He is passionate about his story, and that perhaps is the reason why anyone would write a book, or perhaps it is the only good reason to write one.