Become A Part Of A Reliable Banking Institution To Secure Your Financial Future

Banking with NexBank has gotten easier with their online banking services, committed to over 569,000+ customers nationwide. They are based in Dallas, Texas and spearheaded by CEO, John Holt. Holt was the keynote speaker at a recent National Banking Convention Conference that was designed to improve their banking services, assist financial corporations, and get feedback from their customers. NexBank is helping their customers secure their financial future, by providing ways for your money to do other than sit in the bank. After a few months, you can watch your money grow interest while saving more than ever before.

You can save on your college tuition with over 1,700+ college savings programs through a partnership with College Savings Bank. NexBank acquired College Savings through a acquisition that will allow them to resume business under their trade name, allowing them to extend their services to NexBank customers. Thousands of students are complaining about their huge amount of student loan debt and their parents have been unable to help because of the incurring debt of college tuition. NexBank is committed to helping more students afford the cost of college.

NexBank Banking Features Include

– Free direct deposit
– Online bill pay
– Free checks
– IRA accounts
– Mortgage accounts
– Car financing opportunities
and much more…

Habitat For Humanity and NexBank has partnered to provide low income individuals with the opportunity to buy their first home. In fact, they can receive low mortgage payments and interest costs associated with their new home. NexBank has provided finances and resources to make home ownership a reality. They have been proudly serving the community for over 30 years with experience and expertise in banking services. You’re invited to visit their website and learn more about their programs, services, and promotional offers.