EOS Is A Tasteful Taylor Swift Treasure

The evolution of smooth, more widely known as EOS, has been around for well over a century, popularizing itself by acknowledging an array of different flavors, having it be endorsed by the ten Grammy award winner singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, as well as taking themselves global. EOS’ flavors go beyond what is inside the eggshell shaped pod. The developers of the lip balm seem to know which proper notes to hit, in an era of over-priced beauty products.

The first flavor introduced is most notably the Summer Fruit. The burgundy shaded casing is certainly the most eye-catching feature, but that is just the beginning. According to Style Craze, it is a concoction of strawberry, blueberry, as well as peach. This particular balm is gravivtated towards due to its unique color in addition to the notes piled into a flavorful lip balm that is to be sure to last all day and stylish when used in public. Check this here on ebay.com

Furthermore, a much celebrated flavor that sits high on the EOS reprotoire is Medicated Tangerine. It is a blend of vitamins and natural minerals inside of a sunshine colored casing. Not only is this balm easy on the lips in terms of flavoring, but also socially appropriate in the spring time.

Correspondingly, another sweet refreshing flavor offered is Sweet Mint. The hue of the packaging rightfully harmonizes with the name, meaning if you own several balms of EOS, this flavor will stick out immediately to you. This is perfect for morning time when mint is most preferred. Interesting article on canon.ca

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Very lastly, introducing the popular cherry flavor. This one is quite different, due its unexpectancy. It seems like a wild card from first glance, but given that it is cherry, it makes the contact on dry lips worthwhile.   For more, follow EOS on facebook.com.

To learn about EOS products, hit on https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html