The Success Story of Jennifer Walden

Recently, one of the best female plastic surgeons was featured in Harper’s Magazine as one of the best 24 beauty surgeons in the world. She acknowledged her success to the effort she put throughout the years. Her success story began in Austin, a small town in Texas where she studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Unlike many other plastic surgeons, Walden exclusively focused on specific parts such as breasts, face-lifts and nose jobs since the time she was in school. In addition, she’s among the few 180 of the women who decided to join American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, life wasn’t as easy as it sounds for her.

Most may argue that Jennifer Walden love for surgery was as a result of her parents. Her dad was a dentist and her mother was a surgeon. In her early years in school, she began to get interested in science and ultimately graduated with a degree in Biology. Her successful completion allowed her to join a Manhattan hospital that dealt with surgery where she worked for seven years. This allowed her to get enough exposure and expertise in the field which became a crucial aspect in building her own cosmetic surgery hospital.

This experience allowed her to be elected as one of the Board of Directors in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With time, she was able to own her own business in Cosmetic Surgery where she employed a competent team who have always ensure that only the best service is offered.


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