The Many Varieties Of Beneful

While many brands have come and gone, there has been one constant in the dog food arena: Beneful. A name that almost anyone, pet owner or not, is bound to recognize. Beneful is a brand that prides itself on quality, which explains why it is backed by many dog food nutrition experts and is considered a leader in the dog food industry. Rest assured that whether a pup is large or small, old or young, Beneful has a full range of products to fit every dog’s nutritional needs.

Starting with dry food, which is the most common food variety on for pet owners, Beneful offers Dry Food Original with Real Salmon which is rich in omegas that promote brain health and a soft, shiny coat. The recipe includes sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots, ensuring that each bite is bursting with flavor.

For small dogs, there is Incredibites, which provides crunchy food in bite-sized proportions. Incredibites will give small pups everything they need to flourish, meeting an impressive 100% of a dog’s daily nutritional needs. The recipe features beef, peas and carrots, delivering a taste that dogs love all in a minibite package.

Intended for hounds that prefer wet food, Beneful on has no shortage of options, starting with Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends. This particular selection comes in a convenient plastic tub with a removable top for easy sealing. The food is finely chopped for a succulent texture and is full of vegetables that you can see. Peas, carrots, wild rice, chicken and a delicious sauce are combined in a mix that is sure to have any pup licking his bowl clean.

Every dog loves a good treat, and Beneful has every need covered with Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These treats are accented with real barley, lending the treat a coil of vibrant green. Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists aid in reducing plaque and tartar buildup while supporting strong teeth and bones. Dogs will savor these delightful treats and beg for more each day.

As can be seen, Beneful offers a wide variety of products that will meet any dog lover’s need. Beneful products are high in nutrition and even higher in taste, giving many piece of mind that they are giving their pets the very best. With an assortment of foods and treats that surpass industry standards, it’s no surprise that Beneful is still running at the head of the pack.

I’m Caring For My Brother’s Three Dogs, And I Feed Them Beneful

I was very angry at first when my brother dropped off three dogs and told me that he would be back in a week. I became even angrier when the whole month passed, and he never came back. Two months passed, three months, four months, and then a year, but my brother never came back. I did worry about my brother, but when I saw pictures of him on social media having fun with some lady he met, I decided I had nothing more to say to him. I cared for those dogs to the best of my ability because I know it wasn’t their fault that they were abandoned. My brother has always been irresponsible, and this is just another one of his antics.

When I first got the dogs, I went out and purchased some Beneful because it’s something that I had always seen my brother feeding the dogs. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t leave any money or food for the dogs, but I made sure that they were taken care of. I saw some cute toys when I went back to the pet store a few days later, so I bought the toys and Beneful. This went on for the entire year, and every time I went to the pet store, I would buy additional Beneful food, dog toys as well as treats. After a while, I really began to fall in love with all three dogs.

I took the dogs for veterinarian visits, and I let the dogs have play dates, and I walked all three dogs every evening on I didn’t think that caring for dogs would be something that I would enjoy, but I also didn’t think that I could have three dogs love me as much as these three do. It’s difficult knowing that my dogs have been left behind by their original owner, but they don’t seem to mind because they love me, and I love them in return. Every day the dogs are getting bigger and stronger, and I feel that I have Beneful on petco to thank for that.

Purina Celebrates America’s Best Dog Food With Incredibly Touching “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” Commercial

The creators of America’s super dog-food “Beneful, ” recently launched a compelling marketing campaign “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful.” Purina couldn’t have thought of a better marketing strategy to educate everyone and show compassion for animals. PR Newswire released an official story that gave Beneful fans a sneak peek into what happens every day at the Atlanta-based Purina factory. The campaign focused on enlightenment, which captured a series of interviews. The proud Purina family gave inspirational testaments about feeding their dogs “Beneful.” In light of unfounded allegations voiced against the dog food giant earlier this, Purina isn’t wasting time to put Beneful out there. They’re focused on keeping a positive disposition to dismiss any misconstrued feelings about Purina’s flagship dog-food brand.

Millions of America’s healthiest dogs are eating Beneful meals daily. Purina associates spoke about the selfless act of gratitude put into creating each meal and the delicately supervised processes of making premium-quality, healthy dog food. Each associate addressed the audience in the company of a loveable pet companion. With ranks ranging from production line workers to operations management, everyone’s testimony expressed profound, personal sentiments. The question that everyone’s asking is, why? Purina’s marketing VP (vice president) Juli Plassmeyer shed light on the subject, that the “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” campaign wasn’t intended for public release. She described the dog formula as being nutritious and safe for all pets. The outcome of the proposal, which started as a motivational effort evoked sincere feelings and inspired a public release.

Purina’s “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” campaign advertisement appeared in the NY Times (New-York-Times) Sunday issue. It took a full page to cover all the exciting stories shared by Atlanta’s proud Beneful staff. The commercial has received national exposure with Purina releasing multiple versions of “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” in print, media, and digital advertising. Purina introduced healthful Beneful dog formulas in 2001. Nestlé-Purina PetCare, the parent company focuses on animal nutrition, wellness and health. Read the full PR Newswire version about “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” right here.